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Mar 7, 2008
While being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Democratic political strategist and media analyst James Carville offered to put up $15 million dollars if Barack Obama supporters would do the same. However, it was his closing remarks that really captured my imagination. As the interview was ending Carville casually mentioned that CNN might consider financing a redo of the Florida and Michigan primaries.

Now, to borrow a phrase, "that dog might hunt". I would take it a step further and suggest that CNN & MSNBC, who I'm sure have both greatly benefited from the advertising revenue generated by their debate and election coverage, could finance the redo.

What do you think?

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Posted: Mar 7, 2008 10:29am
Mar 6, 2008

The US presidential primary campaign is on it's way to Pennsylvania and for the first time in a very long time the votes may actually make a difference. So now that a spotlight is shining on the Keystone State every political junkie, political pundit and anyone with a vested interest in the US presidential election will be trying to dissect the electorate of this new battleground.

Of course, anyone who is old enough to vote should know that Pennsylvania is known for its historic battlegrounds like Valley Forge and Gettysburg. In fact, anyone who has taken an immigration and naturalization test knows about as much Pennsylvania history as many of the state's residents. But not everyone is aware that Pennsylvania has always been and still is a political mine field.

By the way here's a little trivia --
the "Keystone State" is actually a Commonwealth. But I'm sure that you knew that.

When most people, who live outside of Pennsylvania, think about the state they think of it's two largest cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. That's as big a mistake as thinking that Los Angeles and San Francisco are representative of California.

If you remove Pennsylvania's two urban centers, this politically "blue" state turns bright "red" and nobody knows that better than PA Governor Ed Rendell. As the Governor pointed out during a recent appearance on "Real Time with Bill Mahr" there were many who didn't believe that Pennsylvania would never elect a Jewish person as Governor.

Here's a clip of the interview:

There has always been a duality to Pennsylvania. For many years it was a agriculture economy inside and industrial one, with steel mills in Pittsburgh and Bethlehem, shipyards in Philadelphia and, everything from corn to tobacco farms in the heartland. And while the steel giants and the tobacco farms are all but gone the spirit of those eras still resides in the hearts of the area residents. Much of the heartland of Pennsylvania could be transplanted in the "bible belt" and never miss a beat.

So if you're interested in what will happen when Pennsylvanians vote in April brush up on our history. It will tell you a lot and you'll have as much chance as the media pundits at getting it right. And for
a humorous and pretty accurate peek into Pennsylvania politics check out Michael Smerconish's article "Welcome to Pennsylvania".

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Posted: Mar 6, 2008 6:54am
Feb 29, 2008

From Pam's Coffee Conversation:

CNN has just announced that they have learned that Senator Jay Rockefeller, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has endorsed Senator Barack Obama's candidacy.

Is Jay Rockefeller endorsing change?

This news should set the blogosphere abuzz. Stay Tuned.

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Posted: Feb 29, 2008 12:13pm
Feb 5, 2008

an excerpt from Pam's Coffee Conversation:

Now that John Edwards has withdrawn from the 2008 Presidential Race I've received a few emails asking me which candidate I'm supporting now.

Well, since I was originally hoping for an Edwards/Obama ticket I am now supporting Barack Obama.

When I compare the positions and voting records of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton I could find reasons to go either way. I don't doubt either candidate's sincerity, ability to perform the duties of the office or their passionate desire to do the right thing for the American people. Both campaigns have had their high and low moments, thrown a few cheap shots but, as of today, tried to rise above the muck.

Sadly, members of the media have taken more cheap shots at Hillary Clinton than anyone in the Obama campaign. I expected this from the GOP but from people like Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer it's been a bit hard to take. If the media thinks that Hillary Clinton's moments of emotion are less flattering than a Vice President standing on the Senate floor telling a Senator to go f**k himself, John McCain's rants or Mitt Romney choking back the tears during a second place finish in the Florida primary, it says more about their personalities than Hillary's.

As a woman, I could not be prouder of the grace and strength that Hillary Clinton has shown. And even if I disagree with her conclusions I always have to admit that Hillary Clinton has a command of her facts. If there was ever a doubt that a woman could hold the office of President of the United States of America she has dispelled that thought.

I once accused Hillary Clinton of pandering to her audience and trying to sound like Bill during a visit to a southern African American church. Let's face it, on her best day Hillary isn't going to sound like a Southern Baptist preacher. However, during the course of the past year. I believe that she has found her voice. Hillary Clinton and today, Maria Shriver, have shown that you can be a strong woman, married to a strong man, and still have your own ideas and your own voice. For that alone, a generation of women will be better off.

Yet, there are a few factors that swing my vote to Barack Obama, if only slightly.

Yes, Obama was against the war from the beginning and I applaud him for his stance. However he wasn't a Senator at the time and I'm not naive enough to believe that he wouldn't have been affected by the same political pressures that affected virtually every other sitting Senator post 9/11. I don't have amnesia and I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't admit that I too, was convinced back then that Saddam might have had WMDs. I'm sure that many in the House and in the Senate had that gnawing feeling in the gut that things were moving too fast and the US should have given the inspectors more time but who wanted to be accused of being unpatriotic or soft on terror? I remember the political atmosphere in this country at the time of the initial Congressional vote on Iraq even if everyone else wants to pretend that they've forgotten. Remember, George W. Bush had Americans convinced that an Al Qaeda operative was hiding under every bush, that every letter in the mailbox could contain anthrax and that they needed to run to the hardware store to buy tape and plastic sheeting.

In light of that, I forgive Hillary Clinton for her original vote on Iraq just like I forgave John Edwards. Even though many of us had our suspicions about Bush and Cheney, we had confidence in Colin Powell. I doubt that most of us could have foreseen the lengths that Bush & Co. would go to manipulate us into a war that they were eager to wage before 9/11. If Hillary was "naive" for believing that Bush/Cheney wouldn't abuse the power that they were given what does that say about the media, the fourth estate, which bought the Iraq story without question and in turn sold it to the American public.

What I cannot overlook is Hillary's "Yea" vote on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment. Yet, even though I totally disagree with her stance, I admire Hillary Clinton's courage for taking a stance. Barack Obama and John McCain did not return to Washington for this critical vote, which is disappointing.

(read the rest ... )

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Posted: Feb 5, 2008 7:47am


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