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Nov 3, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: Spain

Our taxes are being used to subsidise Bullfights. Please copy and send this letter:


Please add a message and send it to the members of the European Parliament  you will find in the links.


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 Dear Sirs,
 I, the undersigned, do not want my tax money to subsidise the abuse and  torture that happens during bullfights and 'blood fiestas'. Bullfighting  is based on stressing, exhausting, injuring and/or killing bulls and  results in over 40.000 bull deaths per annum in the EU.Opposition to  bullfighting is mounting both in Spain and elsewhere. In April 2004, the  Barcelona City Council declared Barcelona an anti-bullfighting city in  an effort to eventually ban this primitive blood sport. Since then, 38  other Catalan municipalities have followed suit. I call on the  Commission to take further steps to ensure that EU farm subsidies cannot  begiven to farmers who breed bulls to
be used in bullfighting.
I urge  the Commission to work toward an EU-wide ban on bullfighting.

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Posted: Nov 3, 2008 9:09am
Feb 1, 2007
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write Letter
Location: United States

Go to the bullfighting campaign homepageUrgent Action Needed to Help Ban EU Bullfighting

On January 14th 2007, London MEP Robert Evans tabled a motion in the European Parliament calling for a complete ban on bullfighting and an end to EU subsidies for farmers who breed bulls for the 'sport'.

This 'written declaration', entitled 'Written declaration on the EU-wide ban on bullfighting', must be signed by the majority (394) of EU members of Parliament by April 14th 2007 in order to be adopted as the general position of the European Parliament towards such cruel activity.


This is an amazing opportunity, so we desperately need people to write to their MEPs asking them to sign the written declaration.

1. Experience tells us that MEPs tend not to read emails. Therefore, the best way to contact your MEP is by good old fashioned snail mail! In order to do this follow the steps below:

  • A bull and a matador face each other in Lima in November 2006. Download the letter to send to your MEP. Feel free to add your own thoughts and comments before printing it out.
  • Click here and then select the country (and then region if necessary) that you live in.
  • Click on the name of your MEP and scroll to the bottom of their page to find their postal address.
  • Send the letter to as many (or all) of your MEPs as possible.

2. If you are unable to post a letter to your MEP, then you can always email. Click here to email your MEP, asking them to sign the written declaration.

Please forward this email on to your friends and family and ask them to contact their own MEPs and help put an end to this outdated and barbaric 'sport'.

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Posted: Feb 1, 2007 12:08pm


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