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Jul 13, 2011

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Press Release
News Corp's Hack Shows a Double Standard
Palin Hack Had O'Reilly Calling for Criminal Prosecution


The explosive allegations about widespread illegal voicemail hacking by British tabloids owned by Rupert Murdoch are getting very little coverage on Murdoch's Fox News Channel (TVNewser7/12/11). But Fox's top host took a very different view when a Republican politician's email account was hacked, calling for the prosecution of the website that published the emails.

When Sarah Palin's email account was hacked during the 2008 presidential campaign,Fox host Bill O'Reilly was outraged that anyone could publish such material. On September 17, 2008, O'Reilly said:

Now, it is a felony, a federal crime, also a state crime in Alaska to hack into people's private correspondence. And what I want to know--and I'm not going to mention the website that posted this, but it's one of those despicable, slimy, scummy websites that in a free society we have to tolerate, but I'd like to see the website prosecuted, arrested, put in cuffs, all the people who run it.

He added:

Look, we know, everybody knows, the Feds know, the state authorities in Alaska know, everybody knows where the stuff is, OK? And they know the people who run the website. So why can't they go there tonight, to the guy's house who runs it, put him in cuffs, and take him down and book him?

The following night (9/18/08), O'Reilly interviewed Fox legal pundit Megyn Kelly, and expressed outrage at the idea that a news outlet could evade prosecution.

O'REILLY: Well, that surprises me, because they're trafficking in stolen merchandise.

KELLY: They are.

O'REILLY: This information was stolen. It's just like anything else. You steal somebody's car, and you give it to a fence to sell or a chop shop to chop it up. They've got stolen merchandise. They get charged.

KELLY: You would think that, but it's different here, Bill, because it's the First Amendment, Bill. It is the freedom of the press.


KELLY: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

O'REILLY: Stolen--no, it's like mail. It's like mail. It's email.

KELLY: It's not, it's not.

O'REILLY: But it is.

KELLY: Let me tell you, the Supreme Court has said that when a news organization -- and like it or not, this website qualifies -- obtains information that is newsworthy, even if....

O'REILLY: Not if you steal the letter...

KELLY: Let me finish.

O'REILLY: See, I know what the Supreme Court says. I'm trying to get it across to you that this is wrong.

KELLY: If it's newsworthy and you get it, even if you know it's stolen, you can publish it, as long as you didn't have dirty hands in actually obtaining information. You didn't help hack.

O'REILLY: But that is ridiculous, because if you go to somebody's mailbox, and you take out their mail, and it has something newsworthy, and you give it to somebody, you're charged with tampering with the U.S. mail. It's a crime. There's no difference between taking a person's letter out of their mailbox and taking somebody's e-mail off their Internet sites.

KELLY: I agree.

O'REILLY: So the law doesn't make sense.

What doesn't make sense, actually, is why O'Reilly gets so exercised about a news outlet publishing illegally obtained information when he lets similar activity by the corporation he works for pass without notice.





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Posted: Jul 13, 2011 8:09am
Apr 28, 2010

"Last week, Arizona passed a new law that makes racial profiling legal and, in effect, requires police to stop people based on their race and ethnicity.

Arizona's new law, SB 1070, says that police must question anyone they have “reasonable suspicion” of being an undocumented immigrant.1 Translation:police can now stop and harass people for no other reason than that they are brown-skinned or speak Spanish.

Black folks know all too well what it's like when police treat an entire community of people as potential criminals because of what they look like. It's demeaning, and it actually makes communities less safe by sowing distrust between police and community members.2,3,4

While ColorOfChange members have a variety of views about immigration, we hope we can all agree that racial profiling is wrong -- period.

Please join us and in condemning racial profiling, no matter whom it targets. We'll present your signatures to Gov. Brewer of Arizona, as well as to President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano. It takes just a moment:"

Thanks and Peace,

-- James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Milton and the rest of the team
   April 28, 2010 



1. "AZ Gov Signs Immigration Bill," TPM Livewire, 04-23-2010

2. "Why Racial Profiling is a Bad Idea -- Top 7 Arguments Against Racial Profiling,"

3. "US weighs court challenge to Arizona migrants law," Reuters, 04-27-2010

4. "Phoenix Mayor: City May Sue AZ Over Immigration Law," TPM Livewire, 04-26-2010 [-84

My comment; This whole country is made up of immigrants. Are we now locking up the door and bolting it closed? Why are immigrants the new boogie man? These are mostly hard working, poor people who do jobs in this country that no one else wants. They mostly work for people who hire them and pay them very little, plus mistreat them. These same employers sometimes end up not paying them at all.. because they are not citizens and have no 'rights'. They know that these poor workers will not complain to the law enforcement agencies.. 

What about the employers? What is happening to them? They are all breaking the law, by hiring 'illegal aliens' and these laws are already on the books, TODAY. Why ignore those laws, which protect American workers? 99% of the law enforcement budget is aimed at punishing these 'illegal' workers, but not their employers? Why?

Why are so few rich business owners who prey on 'illegals' getting fined or going to jail for HIRING these immigrants? Again, this may be seen as a classic case of the top 1% Income earners who make more than 95% of the rest of US citizens. Could they be creating a scapegoat, thereby deflecting blame from the very people who import this cheap or free source of labor?

The media and the rich corporations blame the poorest of the poor, the most helpless and downtrodden.. They say; Punish them. By saying this and pointing the finger, they are also saying; ignore the REAL lawbreakers, which are the ones who hire these workers illegally, for a huge PROFIT.

It is fairly easy to create fear of these 'illegals' by pointing at a few criminals and lawbreakers among them.. That sets up a situation to just deport everyone with brown skin, and ignore the law... Can't happen? Think again.. 

During WWII, it happened to the Japanese. These were all US citizens, and they were all sent to internment camps. They had all of their property taken away illegally, by FORCE. 

Before that, many Chinese were here 'illegally'. It was fine when things were good, and we needed them to build railroads, tunnels and the like. But then the first Depression that came along, all of them were sent back home, en masse, by FORCE. 

Going back further, black 'illegal' slaves (The Constitution at the time said all men were equal) were imported and put to work on plantations that made many people rich. Slaves back then were treated legally as animals, which I guess bypassed the illegal part. If one can call another human being a slave and treat them like an animal, that makes it all ok. That wealth is now in the hands of just a few, as this illegal immigrant profit was passed down and multiplied over the generations. 

When this country was first 'invaded', the 1st Nation people who had lived here for thousands of years were removed by force, lies, deceptions and PROFIT motivated new immigrants... Those new, often religious minded immigrants claimed this land as theirs, and removed the real citizens to worthless 'reservations' and desert lands. Those immigrants reserved the worst and most worthless land for the 1st people tribes, or what was left of them, after they committed genocide on millions of them.  Now some of those same settlers/illegal immigrants, are trying to keep other newer illegal immigrants out, using the argument that is land is theirs, and no one else can come in... Is this not ironic? Illegal aliens telling other illegal aliens that they are not welcome? 

What is the statue of Liberty for? On it are inscribed the lines; "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door." Should we change the wording to; No one else welcome, go home, the light has been turned off, there is no more room for you here?

If things get worse, watch and see, more fear mongering will happen, and the invitation will be to scapegoat these 'illegals' and send them all home, US citizens included.. Stand up for your rights and start fighting now, or it will be a done deal, led by a racist, bigoted, fear filled minority.

Meanwhile, the largest monopolies continue to prey on US citizens with mostly no accountability, and no punishment. They continue raping and stealing pension funds, savings, and more. They are too big to fail and too big to punish. The say they own Congress, the White House and Senate. In my view, they illegally occupy and invade Congress with an army of lobbyists and millions of dollars in 'bribes'. When their gambling ways fail, they get bailed out with social welfare taxpayer funded Trillions of dollars. You guessed it, their FREE TRILLIONS in tax money comes from the poorest of the poor and the middle class. 

Luisa F. (113)

Saturday May 1, 2010, 9:33 am; copied from Luisas post elsewhere...
 "In essence, the neoliberal economic policies of the so-called Washington consensus, including NAFTA, have plunged Mexico into an economic crisis in the countryside. More than 2 million agricultural workers have been forced off their land and have moved into urban areas that can’t absorb them. The undocumented workers from El Salvador and Guatemala, the two other main sources of migration into the U.S., are fleeing dysfunctional and oppressive social and economic systems maintained by U.S. military power and funding since Ronald Reagan and CIA director William Casey turned these small countries into demonstration projects for Cold War power. As a result of these interventions, the U.S. has blocked democratic social change in these countries, sustained the exploitative legacy of the conquista and kept the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of rich, uncontrolled oligarchies. In other words, Arizona is facing “blowback,” the natural consequences of failed economic policy."



At the same time that Arizona has a law AGAINST illegal aliens, the US military ENCOURAGE illegal aliens by hiring them immediately, to fight all of the global imperial wars that the US is involved in.. What is the carrot? Every illegal alien willing to fight for the military industrial complex gets automatic US citizenship... I see this as discrimination pure and simple.. 

A US employer can hire an illegal alien, and that alien gets no benefits, no citizenship. The military complex can 'hire' that same illegal alien, and confer on them special benefits that no one else can. Hmmmm.... does this seem strange to you? What happens if all 10 million illegals now here sign up for military service? Would that solve the problem? How would all of the anti immigration folks feel about that? 


In Europe, they partially solved the 'illegals' problem by eliminating all borders and creating a European Union. While this did not solve all of the problems, it did unify many small countries into one larger economic force... while doing away with artifiicial manmade borders. 

What if we did the same thing here? What if we created an American Union, stretching all the way from Alaska to the tip of South America, eliminating all manmade borders in between?.. It would eliminate all arguments about illegals, etc... We are all ONE people, living on ONE planet, under ONE sky...On a soul level, we are all brothers and sisters. Killing your brother or sister will not solve the problems created by artificial mind created divisions. 

Trying to create mine and yours pieces, separating one group from another is based on ego, misperceptions and fallacies that will not stand long term. 

To support this 'We are the best' system, the US must continually commit genocide, torture, jail millions of people (more than any other civilized nation) and destroy the economies of all other Third World nations, plus assassinate democratically elected leaders and install military dictatorships...all while at the same time excluding people from coming here.. 

Read 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' to find out why the US is the 'greatest' and 'most powerful' nation on Earth... There is a dark underbelly to the US, and forcing the Indians out while using black slaves to accomplish becoming the greatest nation on Earth is just the tip of the iceberg of darkness, greed and corruption, that this empire is based on.. Will it stand for much longer? I think not...


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Posted: Apr 28, 2010 11:52am
Oct 11, 2007

Newsweek recently reported that the nation's biggest phone companies, "working closely with the White House, have mounted a secretive lobbying campaign to get Congress to quickly approve a measure wiping out all private lawsuits against them" for helping the Bush administration illegally wiretap innocent Americans.1

Yesterday, President Bush weighed in publicly, promising to veto an upcoming bill dealing with our nation's wiretapping policy if it doesn't give corporations retroactive immunity for their lawbreaking.2

Pending lawsuits could be the only way Americans ever find out how far Bush went in breaking the law—Bush's threat yesterday is an attempted cover-up.3

Some Democrats like Sen. Russ Feingold immediately said no to Bush.4 But House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said retroactive immunity "is not off the table."5

Can you call your Congressman  today? Tell him to oppose retroactive immunity for phone companies' lawbreaking

Yesterday, the American Civil Liberties Union summed up the situation well:

Why is the president of the United States trying to get the telecommunications companies off the hook for their illegal activity? He is supposed to be upholding laws, not encouraging companies to break them. Businesses that break the law should be held accountable. We expect these companies to keep our personal information private, and if they break the law, there should be consequences—not a re-write of the rule book.6

After September 11, the Bush Administration began working with phone companies to monitor the private phone calls and emails of millions of ordinary Americans without legally-required warrants. A former AT&T employee says the company even let the government set up shop right in their office—a charge AT&T has refused to confirm or deny.7

Since then, lawsuits have been filed against these companies for breaking the law—and these suits could allow facts to surface that the Bush administration has so far refused to give Congress. Retroactive immunity for phone company lawbreaking could prevent the truth from ever coming out.

That's why we need lots of members of Congress to oppose the idea of letting these phone companies off the hook for past lawbreaking. Can you call or email your Rep?

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Adam G., Justin, Natalie and the Political Action Team
  Thursday, October 11th, 2007


1. "Case Dismissed? The secret lobbying campaign your phone company doesn't want you to know about," Newsweek, September 20, 2007

2. "Wiretap laws face new static," ZDNet News, October 10, 2007

3. "Congress Stand Firm: America Deserves A Legal Decision on Warrantless Wiretapping," Electronic Frontier Foundation, October 10, 2007

4. "Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold In Response to the President's Remarks on FISA," October 10, 2007

5. "Wiretap laws face new static," ZDNet News, October 10, 2007

6. "ACLU Response to President Bush's Request for Telecom Amnesty, Civil Liberties Group Lauds House Committee Vote to Reject Telecom Immunity," ACLU Press Release, October 10, 2007

7. "Wiretap laws face new static," ZDNet News, October 10, 2007

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Posted: Oct 11, 2007 2:05pm
Aug 28, 2007
Focus: Drugs
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States
Please take a minute today to email, fax or call your Senators and help build momentum against draconian drug laws that are unfair.
Take action now. Find your senator at link below;

Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are different forms of the same drug, and have similar effects on the brain and nervous system. Federal law, however, sets a 100 to 1 sentencing disparity between the two forms.
This disparity, enacted in the 1980s at the height of drug war hysteria, was based largely on the myth that crack cocaine was more dangerous than powder cocaine and that it was instantly addictive and caused violent behavior. Since then, copious amounts of scientific evidence and an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission have shown that these assertions were not supported by sound data and were exaggerated or outright false.
Regardless of why the disparity was enacted, its impact is clear: tremendous racial disparities in the criminal justice system, wasted tax dollars, and a less safe America.
The solution is clear: Completely eliminate the disparity. Raise the amounts of crack cocaine it takes to trigger long sentences to equal those of powder cocaine, and reprioritize federal drug war agencies towards violent drug cartels.

DPA is launching a major grassroots campaign to boost support for reform, including holding town hall forums in key Congressional districts. We've already held one forum in Alabama in conjunction with the ACLU; and we're planning forums in California, New York, and Texas. Additionally, we've teamed up with The Sentencing Project, the ACLU, and the Open Society Policy Center to launch a public relations campaign (you can view the campaign's really cool print ads here).
Three U.S. Senators have already introduced reform bills - Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and Senator Joe Biden (D-DE). The Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), has pledged to have hearings on the issue in September. There is growing bi-partisan support for reform.
The Sessions bill (S. 1383) would reduce the crack/powder sentencing disparity to 20 to 1 by lowering penalties for crack cocaine and raising penalties for power cocaine. Since Hispanics are disproportionately prosecuted for powder cocaine offenses, the practical effect of the Sessions bill would be to reduce racial disparities for blacks, while increasing them for Hispanics. The Hatch bill (S. 1685) would reduce the disparity to 20 to 1 by lowering penalties for crack cocaine and leaving powder penalties unchanged (it is, thus, significantly better than the Sessions bill). The Biden bill (S. 1711) would completely eliminate the disparity by lowering crack penalties to equal those of powder.
Of the three bills, Senator Biden's bill is the only one to completely eliminate the disparity; and it would accomplish this without subjecting more Americans to draconian mandatory minimum sentences. His bill is the one the Senate should pass. Please take a minute to fax your Senators and urge them to co-sponsor Senator Biden's reform bill (S. 1711).
Hotmail has replaced this image to help protect your privacy.  Click 'Show images once  or  Add sender to safe list' above to display images if you trust the sender of this message.Hotmail has replaced this image to help protect your privacy.  Click 'Show images once  or  Add sender to safe list' above to display images if you trust the sender of this message.

If you live in Delaware, please take a moment to call Senator Biden's Wilmington office and thank him for introducing a bill to eliminate the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparity. The office number is ">">">">302-573-6345">.
Bill Piper
Director of National Affairs
Drug Policy Alliance
More Information:
While it takes just five grams of crack cocaine (about two sugar packets worth) to receive a five-year mandatory minimum sentence, it takes 500 grams of powder cocaine to receive the same sentence. 50 grams of crack cocaine triggers a ten-year sentence, but it takes 5,000 grams of powder cocaine - 5 kilos - to receive that much jail time.
Even though 66% of crack users are white, blacks make up more than 80% of federal defendants sentenced for crack cocaine offenses. No other federal law is more responsible for gross racial disparities in the federal criminal justice system.
And although the crack mandatory minimums were enacted to punish major traffickers, the vast majority of people subjected to them are low-level offenders. A recent report by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found that almost 70% of federal crack cocaine defendants had only low-level involvement in drug activity.

Contact the Drug Policy Alliance:

Drug Policy Alliance
70 West 36th Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10018
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Posted: Aug 28, 2007 1:31pm
Sep 18, 2006
Focus: Government
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States
This week, the Senate is planning to quietly hold a vote that would pardon President Bush for breaking the law by illegally wiretapping innocent Americans without warrants. According to Senator Leahy, the bill would "...immunize officials who have violated federal law by authorizing such illegal activities."1

President Bush broke the law, and courts are starting to agree. Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter once said the program was illegal "on its face." But he has now caved to pressure from Vice President Cheney, and introduced legislation that marks a new low: the bill justifies everything the president did. Worse, it makes it legal to wiretap Americans, in secret, without warrants or oversight, whenever the administration wants to.2

So far, Democrats and some Republicans are holding strong against the bill, and there are good chances to stop it if enough of us speak up. Can you sign the petition opposing the Republican move to pardon President Bush for breaking the law?

Many legal experts agree that the president's program to wiretap Americans who have nothing to do with terrorism violates the law. President Bush already has the authority to wiretap suspected terrorists—and we support that. In fact, his administration can tap anyone it likes as long as it gets an OK from a court a few days later.

Congress should be trying to hold him accountable—that's their job. Instead, some Republicans are trying to let President Bush off the hook completely. In fact, the legislation would give the president even more unchecked power.

Here are some quick facts about the Cheney-Specter bill:
  • It allows President Bush—and every president after him—to wiretap Americans indefinitely, in secret, without a warrant and without any oversight. 3
  • It effectively pardons the president for any illegal behavior by forcing Congress to concede that he has the inherent authority to conduct the program4—something federal courts, numerous legal experts and many leading Republicans disagree with. 5
  • It completely guts FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) which has protected the privacy of Americans against illegal wiretaps for close to 30 years.6
  • It prevents any legal challenges from taking place in the public court system. Instead, it moves all cases to a secret court, where only Bush administration officials can argue it. 7
  • It would help "immunize" any officials who broke the law in this program from being held accountable in the future. 8
Since the program was exposed in December of last year, we've learned that President Bush personally blocked a Justice Department investigation of the program, Vice President Cheney also personally intervened to stop telecom companies from testifying to Congress about it, and a federal court recently ruled the program unconstitutional.9 In an effort to protect himself from further consequences, the president is pressuring Congress to let him off the hook.

This is an important issue and it will help remind Americans, in an election year, what Republicans are all about—accumulating power for themselves, and trampling the system of checks and balances designed to stop that. Can you sign the petition today?

It's the Senate's job to act as a check on the president's power. If they can't do it, they shouldn't be in Washington.

Thanks for all you do,
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Posted: Sep 18, 2006 5:22pm
Jul 24, 2006
Conyers v. Bush

I wanted to update you on the lawsuit I have filed against George W. Bush and members of his administration, referred to in legal parlance as Conyers v. Bush.

You are likely familiar with a number of steps I have taken to challenge the legality and constitutional grounds of the Administration's actions. From the lead up to Iraq, to the Downing Street Minutes, to the outing of a CIA agent, to warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens, I have called loudly for the Bush White House to explain itself.  
Donate Now and Help Me Fight Back and Work Toward a New Democratic Majority

Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Bill

Legal Filing at Talk Left

I decided to file suit against the President in Federal Court in Michigan, along with 11 Senior Democratic Members of Congress.  This suit was necessary because of a clear violation of the constitution.  When the President signed the Deficit Reduction Act (which "reduced" the deficit by cutting taxes, health care benefits, and student loans), he signed into law a bill that had not passed the House and Senate.  A different version of the bill passed each house of Congress with a multi-billion dollar difference in funding for life-saving medical equipment.

Anyone who ever watched Schoolhouse Rock knows this to be a problem.

Given the stakes involved I felt it was imperative to aggressively take this fight to the courts. The President's lawyers tried to get the bill dismissed, but late last week I responded with legal filings that stand up for the rule of law and the Constitution and hope to bring the President, and our United States government, back under the rule of law.

I wanted to email you this news today to update you on our efforts and to thank you for your help and support.  Thank you also for your continued dedication to a better democracy.


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Posted: Jul 24, 2006 3:37pm
Jul 9, 2006
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
July 9, 2006

Insist Malaysian authorities respect native customary land
rights and boundaries of Penan's last remaining ancestral
rainforest reserves

Malaysia's indigenous Penan peoples are again resorting to
logging road blockades to protect their native customary land
rights and last remaining ancestral rainforest reserves. Logging
workers of Malaysian Interhill logging have already dismantled a
Penan logging road blockade near Ba Abang in the Middle Baram region of Sarawak on the Island of Borneo. Now the Police and
Federal Reserve Unit are reportedly moving into the Baram region to break at the behest of Samling logging a long-standing second blockade erected by the Penan to protect the boundaries of their last remaining large rainforest expanse. There exists great potential yet again in Sarawak for deadly violence against indigenous peoples striving to protect their way of life and rainforest habitats.
Malaysia's government must be held accountable for the conduct of Malaysian logging companies there and throughout the world.

Sign petition now at:
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Posted: Jul 9, 2006 9:00am


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