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Oct 23, 2008


     I just watched the entire documentary Torturing Democracy. It is chilling, horrifying, and makes me, as an American trapped in the ugly web of this government's administration for the past 8 years, want to crawl into a hole and hide my face in shame.

      Starting with how planes were sent to fly over Afghanistan, with Psy-Ops personnel dropping leaflets all over the country promising riches to warlords and peasants alike for every Arab turned over to the US government, right through to the hellhole that is Guantanamo and missing no horror along the way, this documentary outlines the deliberate, knowing, coercive steps taken by members of the US government to ensure that the CIA and the military were covered by a "golden blanket" protecting them from national and/or international prosecution with memos and legal opinions cooked up by Cheney's Gang of Five, endorsing illegal and immoral treatment of prisoners in CIA black sites, in Iraqi prisons such as Abu Ghraib and at Guantanamo.

      You will see how Cheney's bootlicking toadies used every trick they could conjure to get around the prohibitions against torture contained in the language of both the US military code and the Geneva Convention treaty.

      You will see George Bush stand before the country, blatantly lying, denying the use of torture, pretending to be appalled by what was revealed about Abu Ghraib, all the while knowing that his Defense Secretary at the time, Donald Rumsfeld, had visited Abu Ghraib and approved everything he saw and heard.

      You will see some of the prisoners who suffered the physical torture and psychological indignities telling of their ordeals. You will see an attorney who represents prisoners and also an attorney appointed to prosecute a prisoner, who, after hearing of and witnessing the brutality of Guantanamo, refused to prosecute because he could not in good conscience perpetrate such misery for fraudulent purposes.

      In the end, you will realize the lengths that soulless, conscienceless individuals will go to, see the evil and cruelty they will embrace and perpetrate, to cover their tracks while pursuing an agenda of domination by terror.

      If you believe, as I and many millions of others do, that 9/11 was an inside job, a false-flag series of acts of death & destruction perpetrated by elements in our government, this documentary is especially disturbing when you realize that these criminals were/are psychologically and physically torturing innocent victims to avoid their own guilt.

      When you see the dark machinations concocted by Cheney's Gang of Five, by Rumsfeld, by Alberto Gonzalez, by George W. Bush - who, while not bright enough to plan any of this, gladly went along with the scenario presented to him - then how can you doubt that our government would destroy its own people to serve their dark and secret purposes?

      hope that people from other countries who see the undeniable proof of this administration's deliberate contraventions of the Geneva pact and its own military code will realize that until very recently, the American people had no idea or proof of how far the criminals, sadists and psychopaths in charge of our government would go or had gone in their desperation to "prove" who was responsible for 9/11.

      I hope the world realizes that any American who openly dissents by participating in demonstrations or other legal methods of criticizing this government for its crimes is subject to arrest, to being sequestered without charges just as the victims at Guantanamo and all the unknown CIA black site facilities are held.

      I hope that everyone realizes that Cheney inserted a proviso into a piece of legislation that preemptively forbids any member of this administration being retroactively held responsible for war crimes.

      I hope everyone realizes that no matter what is said publicly, there is no doubt that PBS was threatened with funding cut-offs or perhaps worse if they slotted Torturing Democracy for nationwide broadcast before Bush and Cheney are out of office.

      Most of all, I hope for forgiveness from the people my country my country shamed, my country harmed - some irredeemably - in the name of protecting America from "terrorists," all the while knowing that the true terrorists were in the White House wearing three-piece suits, eating lavish lunches and laughing and joking as they crafted a regime of unspeakable inhumanity.

© 2008 RC deWinter


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Posted: Oct 23, 2008 5:25am
Jul 29, 2007
9/11 was the Bush regime's perfect excuse for invading Iraq (which takeover was planned well in advance of the actual invasion).

Do you know how Hitler "justified" invading and occupying Poland? He had troops massed on the Polish border and had several Polish soldiers killed. German SS troops put on the Polish uniforms over the Polish border, then came back over the German border and attacked a German radio station. Hitler then pointed out the "Polish" aggression, marched in and took over.

Not so different from 9/11, is it? Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I know that for millions of Americans, the thought that our own government would set us up like this is inconceivable.

But I have known ever since the Ohio National Guard shot those students at Kent State that our government will stop at nothing to quash dissent and achieve whatever nefarious aims the ruling regime has in mind.

P.S And in hindsight, I know the same thing happened with JFK and RFK. I was too young at the time to wrap my my mind about sophisticated political chicanery, but it makes perfect sense now.

© 2007 RC deWinter
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Posted: Jul 29, 2007 4:37pm
Jan 15, 2007
Thanks to Mary R. for emailing favorite is #27. I remember living through (and protesting in the streets against) the Viet Nam War very well...and Iraq is a high-tech clone of that Viet Nam, there was profiteering by the military-industiral complex, the CIA and other rogues in the Iraq, there is profiteering by the military-industrial complex, the CIA and rogues in government...PLUS the addition of pacifying the House of Saud by making sure Iraqi oil doesn't reach the world market to lower prices!

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Posted: Jan 15, 2007 6:56am
Jul 13, 2006

Thanks to Ratty for the link.

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Posted: Jul 13, 2006 5:17am
Jul 12, 2006
Iraqi Death Squad

From Regina’s Lair
Dateline:  July 12, 2006 - Middletown, CT

Donald Rumsfeld visited Iraq today and met with Iraq leaders to discuss the major escalation of civil violence in that country.

Well, guess what the outcome is?

General George Casey, the US commander in Iraq, is talking not only NO major troop withdrawals anytime soon, but also about the possibility of recalling and increasing the number of US soldiers there. The sectarian violence is so terrible that over 100 civilians have been killed in Iraq in the past couple of days by feuding factions of Iraqi citizens. Shia “death squads” are roaming freely, especially in Baghdad, killing other Iraqis with impunity.

Rumsfeld described the solution to the increasing civil violence as: as much a political as a security issue. Apparently, however, the pitiful puppet government we’ve installed in Iraq just isn’t ready to make decisions necessary to permit the United States to reduce US troop presence there. Iraq Prime Minister Nouri Maliki told lawmakers today that the government has one last chance to avert all-out civil war – the national reconciliation plan he rolled out in June.

Naturally, good ol’ Don has no prediction as to when Iraq might be able to take control of its own country. He claims that the Iraqi government is busily engaged in reviewing the entire situation as well developing and implementing ways to stimulate broader support from Sunnis and Shiites alike. To me, this is Bushspeak for “This government doesn’t know what the F**K it’s doing - so we’re going to have to stay here until officials figure out how to effectively lead a nation.”

 My take? I don’t know that there is any group in Iraq that can lead that country away from civil war – Bush’s brags to the contrary, the Iraq people have NO EXPERIENCE with democracy and no idea how to proceed to establish and nurture it. No country that is fundamentally a theocracy – again Bush’s claims to the contrary – is educated enough in diversity and freedom to understand the workings of a democratic republic. Of course, Georgie-Porgie doesn’t understand how to nurture a democracy either…hence the cursed mess we Americans are caught in.

IMHO, this latest crisis in Iraq pretty much seems to doom the chances of most of our brave and overtaxed troops returning home anytime in the near future. In fact, Iraqi war veterans may be recalled and sent out to the hellhole that Bush & Company, in their arrogance, hubris and deceit, has unleashed on the world.

© 2006 RC deWinter
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Posted: Jul 12, 2006 3:51pm


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