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Aug 17, 2013



Native Storytelling at the Movies and Apples Top Trailers


Come on in! Stop by the Snackbar to get your Hot Buttery Popcorn, drinks and other goodies Then pick a Theater room and enjoy the Movies! Check the Movie/Film Reviews and Read our other News from around the World.. Just kick back and relax! See You soon!

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Posted: Aug 17, 2013 3:23pm
Jul 8, 2010
Ann Little Running Deer Jillian helps improve the health of an entire tribe when she moves in with two cultural leaders of the Yavapai-Apache Nation.
Video description: Jillian helps improve the health of an entire tribe when she moves in with two cultural leaders of the Yavapai-Apache Nation. 

Jillian is rough on everyone of any race of people she works with !!!!
Her get rid of Fry Bread the white mans food????? This part is funny.... get rid of fry bread. She brings out good points of our not using this killer for our diet.

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Posted: Jul 8, 2010 5:47am
Jan 15, 2010
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Protest
Location: California, United States
The California Valley Miwok Tribe Fights Eviction

Posted in America's with tags American Indian, BIA Crimes, Broken Treaty, California Valley Miwok Tribe, Government Fraud, Miwok Tribe, Native American, Tribal Sovereignty on January 15, 2010 by buffalohair

CALL US 209 931-4567 day or night!!! Fax us at 209 931-4333
Please join us. We need your support!!! Alert the Media!!! We need singers, dancers, drummers, sweat leaders, story tellers, flute players, etc…. Come by and show your support. We will also have a candle light vigil after sunset.
Help us stop the Eviction!!!

Most Sincerely,

Silvia Burley, Chaiperson
California Valley Miwok Tribe
10601 Escondido Pl
Stockton, CA 95212


The California Valley Miwok Tribe

“The official and legitimate Tribe”



Help the California Valley Miwok Tribe

Keep Their Land — Stop The Eviction!


California Valley Miwok Tribe – Tribal Land

10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212


Friday, January 15

th, 2010


Gathering at the Tribal property throughout the day followed with a

Candle light vigil to be held after sunset

I hour Press Conference starting at 3:00 pm


We humbly ask that everyone please bring your medicines, drums, candles, lighters,

wood, lawn chairs, and sleeping bags. Please dress warm. We are asking for singers,

dancers, storytellers and drummers. Also donations of water & non perishable foods,

flash lights, batteries, etc… (Need a portable generator with propane).

All Individuals, Media, Tribes, and/or Organizations are welcome

Our Tribe is facing the threat of a forced eviction on Jan 15 th1 2010

Please join us! We need community/public support!

For more information contact the

California Valley Miwok Tribe at (2091931-4567



California Valley Miwok Tribe (physical address) 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212


Stockton, California, The California Valley Miwok Tribe once again is facing the

threat of eviction off its Tribal Property located at 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton,

CA 95212.

Stockton is in the top 5 across the nation regarding homes being foreclosed upon.


Miwok territory covers 10 counties and our Tribe is fighting to retain its 1






of land. It is our homeland, our history here in San Joaquin. We do not want to

lose our land. Our people are being threatened to be thrown out in the street (by

the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Dept.) on January 15, 2010.

We are asking for the community to join us. We are asking for One West Bank to

hold off on moving forward with the eviction. We have a lawsuit against the

California Gambling Control Commission that will be heard on February 9, 2010 in

which we anticipate our Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Money being released. That

means, the Tribe can pay to keep its property.

We are asking that One West Bank give us the extra time to have our day in court

and to have the chance to save our land. We (the “Tribe”    have had so much

taken from us in the past that it may only be 1 1/2 acres of land but it means

everything to us.

You may help by contacting Governor Schwarzenegger and tell him that the

California Valley Miwok Tribe (a federally recognized Miwok Tribe) is fighting off

being thrown out in the street due to foreclosure of their Tribal Property because

of the California Gambling Control Commission illegally withholding their Revenue

Sharing Trust Fund Money for the past 5 years. Tell the Governor that the Miwok

people are in a dire situation and that CGCC will not release our funding because

they say they are waiting for the local BIA to say who the Tribal leader is, but the

BIA says they have no jurisdiction or mandate to tell CGCC anything.

President Obama needs to intervene on our behalf and put a stop to the abuses

the local BIA has been inflicting upon our Tribe. RELEASE OUR FUNDS!!!

For more information, contact the California Valley Miwok Tribe Tribal Office:

209.931.4567 Fax: 209.931.4333

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Posted: Jan 15, 2010 4:34am
Jan 10, 2010
Besieged Miwok Nation Petitions Ken Salazar
Posted in America's with tags American Indian, Barbara Boxer, BIA, Casino Gambling, Department of the Interior, Harry Reid, Ken Salazar, Miwok Nation, Nancy Pelosi, Native American, Obama Administration, Tribal Sovereignty on January 10, 2010 by buffalohair

Struggling for their very existence, the California Valley Miwok Tribe sent a letter to the Department of Interior’s Ken Salazar in an effort to save their nation from extinction. Almost penniless and bankrupt, this tribe faces criminally corrupt BIA officials and a wealthy casino mogul who are trying to steal their lineage. Their intention is to replace the legitimate tribe with non-Natives who will allow for a casino to be build under the Miwok Nation name. 

The tribe sent me a copy of the letter sent to Mr. Salazar. Officially, the federal government has been made aware of the crisis in Central California. Sadly there are members of the Obama administration that may be part of the problem and not the cure. It would appear Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a financial interest in this fraud either directly or triangulated.

At this juncture it is a matter of public awareness since there is little to no coverage within the mainstream media about the crime being committed in California. The innocent victims of greed and identity theft (Miwok Nation) must fend for themselves with the cards stacked against them since the BIA has discontinued their tribal funding. It’s a classic case of big money and politics verses federally recognized tribal nation. Is this another case of broken treaties and promises being perpetrated by the current administration? Or is this a secreted attempt by a few unscrupulous politicians and businessmen to hoodwink the public while stealing the identity of a sovereign nation just to build a casino?

OK Ken Salazar, the cat is out of the bag. As the tribe moves forward within the court system other filings will be posted on this and other sites for the world to see. The Miwok Tribe may be a small nation but they do deserve justice and protection under the law. Race and creed should not be the determining factor in the distribution of rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no such thing as selective justice but in the case of the Miwok Nation, justice actually means, “Just Us”.

Your Devil’s Advocate




January 6, 2010   Secretary Ken Salazar U.S. Department of the Interior 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20240 Re: California Valley Miwok Tribe

Dear Secretary Salazar; In light of the correspondence that was submitted to you on November 12, 2009, by Elizabeth Walker regarding the California Valley Miwok Tribe (“Tribe” , I believe it is important, as counsel to the Tribe, to not only address the numerous inaccuracies in Ms. Walker’s letter, but to also set forth a thorough and accurate account of this federally recognized Tribe’s encounters with government officials and their collusion with non-Indian casino developers. Because neither our firm nor the Tribe was copied on Ms. Walker’s correspondence and it was only recently that we happened to discover this letter on the Internet, we could not provide a response until now. As set forth below, over the course of ten years, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIN’  ) during the George W. Bush Administration colluded with non-Indian casino developers and acted deliberately to: (I ) cease all stale and federal government funding and benefits to Tribal members, resulting in foreclosure of the Tribal office and residence and the impending bankruptcy of Tribal members; and, (2  ) manipulate the legal system with frivolous and unauthorized actions, resulting in years of wasted judicial resources at the expense of the Tribe. I Introduction: Brief Background In 1979, the Sheep Ranch Rancheria of Me- Wuk Indians of California (subsequently known as the California Valley Miwok Tribe) became a federally-recognized tribe listed on the Federal Register. At the time, Yakima Dixie, son of Mabel Hodge Dixie, to whom the federal government attempted to transfer land pursuant to the California Rancheria Act, served as the sole member of the Tribe. In 1998, Dixie adopted Silvia Burley and three of her relatives into the Tribe. On September 24, 1998, the WA provided correspondence recognizing that Dixie, Silvia Burley, and three other individuals possessed the right to organize the Tribe. Soon after, the Tribe received correspondence from the 13IA formally recognizing Silvia Burley as Chairperson and Yakima Dixie as Vice-Chairperson. In late 1999, Vice-Chairperson Dixie entered into a development contract in an effort to develop a casino on the Tribe’s land with Chadd Everone, a non-Tribal member and non-Indian. This contract would give  Mr. Everone fitly percent (50%  ) of proceeds of any casino developed on Tribal land. During the next six years, the Tribe operated with a functioning government and received federal benefits pursuant to P.L. 93-638 contracts with the federal government as %veil as state Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (“RSTF”  ) benefits through the California Gaming Control Commission (“CGCC”  ) However, these benefits were terminated based on the BIA’s determination that the Tribe was unorganized with respect to its governing body.

In a letter dated December 12, 2008, Edith Blackwell, Associate Solicitor of Indian Affairs at the Office of the Solicitor, Edith Blackwell, acknowledged the adoption of Silvia Burley into the Tribe, and stated that in this situation “the only answer is for the BIA to wait for the Tribe to organize itself.” However, as elaborated below, through the deceptive, unnecessary and illegal conduct of BIA officials and non-Indians with a monetary stake in the destruction of the Tribe, the Tribe was prevented from exercising its most fundamental right to self-governance.

II The 814’s Fraudulent Scheme in Collusion Chadd Everone to Destroy the Tribe Chadd Everone recognized that a cohesive Tribal body with Silvia Burley as Chairperson would impede his efforts to take advantage of and reap financial gain from the Tribe. Thus, with the assistance of BIA officials, he created a web of deception, conspiracy and fraud for the sole purpose of destroying the identity, culture and membership of this federally-recognized Tribe and establishing a new tribe that he could control and manipulate for his own selfish benefit, with no accountability to others.

In 2000, Yakima Dixie entered into casino-related agreements with developers by the name of Bill Martin and Lr Roi Chapel. After these developers discovered that the casino development process would be more complicated than they anticipated, as the Tribe had a functioning government and leadership in place, they enlisted Chadd Everone for the purpose of devising and implementing a scheme to take over the Tribe with the assistance of government officials.

Despite the outrageous actions the 13IA took over the next six years, the Tribe did not sense foul play until it observed the BIA’s inconsistent actions and correspondences with regard to the ‘Tribal government and the CGCC’s sudden cessation of IISTE funds. In 2006, the Tribe hired a private investigator to examine the extent of Chadd Everone’s interference with Tribal affairs, as well as his involvement with government officials. During this investigation, Chadd Everone (as documented in entails and tape recordings, which are publicly available on the Tribe’s website   ) made numerous statements outlining his scheme, which included an extensive conspiracy on the pad of local BIA officials.

Specifically, from 2000 through 2006, Everette described his scheme of “turning fiction into reality [by  ] using the court system, Idle  ] BIA and the [CGCCI to agree with his requests.”    (Exhibit A.  ) Everone explained Ile “learned the system and used it” by re-filing or appealing every decision that was adverse to his monetary position. (Exhibit A, page 2.  ) Further, Everone slated on numerous occasions that Arlo Smith and Pete Melnicoe, who served as former CGCC Commission Members (Smith   ) and CGCC Chief Legal Counsel (Melnicoe   ), were instrumental in convincing the CGCC to cease the Tribe’s IISTE distributions, and that he had hired them to do so.   (Exhibit A, page 2, Exhibit C.  ) Mr. EVCITM1C also seemed to take pride in the fact that he “controlled” Yakima Dixie with respect to all Tribal affairs.
(Exhibit A, page 3.  ) At no time did Everone ever specify the needs and desires of Mr. Dixie with respect to the Tribe or how any of these deceptive activities would even benefit Mr. Dixie or the Tribe. Instead, Mr. Everette spoke of Mr. Dixie only in passing, as if he were a mere tool that Everone was using to implement his strategy.

Chadd Everone also provided details regarding the collusion and involvement of DIA officials, namely Troy Burdick of the Pacific Regional Office, in assisting Everette with his fraudulent scheme. Mr. Burdick advised Everone to not challenge Silvia Burley’s Pt. 93-638 application on behalf of the Tribe, but rather, to file his own 638 application.    (Exhibit B.   ) Mr. Burdick told Everone that the action of filing a competing 638 application would have the effect of    “    pushing the 81/1 to make a determination on Tribal authority, and, therefore, who should receive Ithe state and federal monies’? (Exhibit E, page I, emphasis added  ) Mr. Burdick then warned Everone not to mention their meeting or his advice and labeled their meeting as a “secret or private meeting.”    (Exhibit 13.   )

Furthermore, based on assurances front B1A officials, Everone stated with certainty that the BIA would make a determination on the Tribe’s leadership in his favor and that his group would be the recognized authority over the Tribe. (Exhibit C.  ) Most shockingly, Mr. Everone made the blunt statement that former CGCC officials Smith and Melnicoe “do not deal with Burdick — he is my jurisdiction,   ” indicating that Burdick is not only in collusion with Mr. Everone, but that FATIMIC has control over BIA actions through Burdick. (Exhibit E, page I, emphasis addled.  )

The BIA’s actions and statements, as well as those of Chadd E.verone, demonstrate how easily government officials under the Bush Administration and non-Indian casino developers can openly and overtly circumvent federal Indian law to abolish the well-established history and defined membership of a federally recognized Indian Tribe.

 III Frivolous Legal Proceedings In addition to colluding with government officials to ensure the cessation of Tribal benefits, Chadd Everone, without any approval or authority from Yakima Dixie, has filed countless baseless and meritless legal documents with the IBIA, forcing the Court to expend judicial resources and delay decision-making in order to respond to such nonsense. Among the numerous nonsensical filings are: filings pertaining to current events; requests for documents; a “Request or Calendal (   sic   ) Position and Timing; and, a “Response to the MIA’s Notice of Non-Receipt of Appellant’s Response to [an IBIAI Order.   ” In addition to being wasteful of time and judicial resources, not one of these documents has ever been signed by Yakima Dixie himself. EN/crone claims to file them on behalf of “Interested Patties,   ” though it is never demonstrated how these alleged individuals have any right to or claim in connection with the Tribe. The BIA and the Solicitor’s Office, during the Bush Administration, have received copies of all of these filings, yet they have never questioned why a non-attorney and non-Tribal member with a financial stake ill the outcome of this case was actively filing legal documents before the agencies’ own legal tribunal, in violation of state and federal law.

Recognizing that the BIA would continue to ignore Chadd Everone’s illegal activities, on November 25, 2009, the Tribe filed with the IBIA a Motion to Institute Disciplinary Proceedings Against Chadd Everone. Through this Motion, the Tribe seeks to have Chadd F.verone prohibited from filing any additional pleadings in cases related to the Tribe before the IBIA for the unauthorized practice of law.

In July 2009, Chadd F.verone, through the guise of Thomas Wolfrum, filed another frivolous legal proceeding, this time in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California. After reviewing the pleading, the Court granted the Tribe’s Motion to Dismiss, as well as its Motion for Sanctions, ordering Mr. Wolfrum to pay $3,000 to the Tribe and requiring Mr. Wolfium to report the sanction the California State Bar. In its order, the Court recognizes Clinch! Everone’s tactic as a ‘frivolous lawsuit that resulted in a waste of judicial resources and unnecessary costs to Defendants. ” (Emphasis added  )  . While the Court here was able to astutely recognize the Rand and irresponsibility being perpetuated by Everone, it is disheartening and disconcerting that United States government officials from the Department of Interior, despite the abundance of supporting evidence, have not only refused to make a similar determination, but have gone so far as to recognize

Chadd Everette has an authoritative figure with decision-making power over the Tribe. In 2009, despite the efforts of the Tribe to hold a neutral mediation with Yakima Dixie, the BR, again in complicity with Chadd Everone, thwarted any mediation opportunity. Although Elizabeth Walker sent correspondence to the Department of Interior, declining mediation on helm If of Yakima Dixie our firm later discovered that neither Ms. Walker nor Thomas Wolfrum ever represented Yakima Dixie. In fact, when asked whether he was aware of the most recent mediation opportunity, Mr. Dixie suited that he had never heard about it and had he known about it, he would have participated in such a process. Mr. Dixie also signed an acknowledgement stating such as well as his desire for a renewed mediation offer from the BIA. (Exhibit F.   ) Thus, one of the Tribe’s most promising opportunities to date to resolve its internal dispute was once again deliberately and forcefully obstructed by the subsequent actions of a casino developer in collusion with the DIA.

IV. Conclusion: Final Request for Assistance On December 14, 2009, the bank that owns the Tribal residence and office (the address that is listed as the Tribe’s official address in the Federal Register and on all previous and recent government correspondence    ), served the Tribe with a notice that eviction proceedings will be initiated on January 15, 2010 and that all Tribal members must evacuate the premises on that date. Despite the fact that the two members of this federally recognized Tribe  ; Yakima Dixie and Silvia Burley, were and are still ready and willing to participate in 3 mediations to finally resolve this long-standing and wasteful dispute, and even though government officials were well aware of this fact and were in a position to prevent the pending homelessness of the Tribal members, these government officials, including those from the local BIA, the CGCC, as well as the Department of Interior, have allowed a non-indian casino developer with no authority whatsoever, to hijack the entire dispute resolution process, manipulate an elderly man with limited resources, and now, force the eviction and impoverishment of a federally-recognized Tribe located on American soil.

The Tribe is now just days away from eviction and the Obama Administration is now, as it has always been, in a position to prevent and/or delay this eviction in order to allow the Tribe to resolve its dispute and ultimately restore federal and state Tribal benefits. Now that the Tribe’s full story has been accurately relayed and the facts of deception, manipulation and fraud have been thoroughly outlined, the future of this Tribe is now, once again, in the hands of the federal-government. The only question is, whether the federal-government will finally revive this Tribe and attempt to save it from the brink of death, or if it will continue its prejudice and provide the final nail in the coffin?

Sincerely, ROSETTE & ASSOCIATES • Robert A. Rosette, Esq. RAR/sb Enclosures cc: Larry EchoHawk Silvia Burley Yakima Dixie Trade Stevens Del Laverdure Jerry Gidner Pilar Thomas Troy Burdick Pete Melnicoe Chadd Everonc Office of Inspector General 4
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Posted: Jan 10, 2010 11:37am
Nov 20, 2009
Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes in the Grips of Tyranny Posted in America’s with tags Darryl Flyingman, Dennis Banks, Native American Sovereignty, Russell Means, Southern Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, Supreme Court Injustice, Supreme Courty Authority, Tribal corruption on November 20, 2009 by buffalohair

Nothing like getting a call from home only to discover that corruption has taken a nasty toll on your elders. That is what happened with me the other day when my cousin called and described what I thought to be the most reprehensible act of government meddling in tribal affairs. Imagine having an election where clearly a person was voted out of office only to discover the Supreme Court has decided to side with the looser. In this case the person was hopelessly corrupt, Darryl Flyingman of the Southern Cheyenne Arapaho Nation.

I know first hand about all the lack of care for my elders for this person canceled hot meals for the elderly as well as other critical aid for my clan as well as our village. This was the case across our rez as this person played favorites at the expense of our elderly and the suffering. I personally was paying for meals for my elders since the tribal government had ignored my village on more than one occasion. My other cousin with a big family was constantly denied aid and assistance for his kids forcing him to scrounge to survive. But on our own rez? Flyingman along with his select crew always pointed aid in the other direction. It was unbelievable that my cuz would be forced to come up with proof he was a tribal member by people he was blood related to. This was nothing more than an excuse not to give him aid.

What really torques my shorts is the fact this Flyingman refused to relinquish his position as chief even though the tribe voted him out of office. My elders went down to Concho Oklahoma to complain when they were forced to turn around at Cherokee. It is unclear if they were forced off the tribal bus or that they were told to turn around. The news is just breaking as of this writing and I was just informed that Dennis Banks, Russell Means and the Crazy Dog Society from Lame Deer were heading down later this morning in a show of solidarity for our plight. With CNN heading down as well I hope the issue of sovereignty is addressed since I believe the Supreme Court over stepped its authority. And if they get away with this they will pull the same crappola on other reservations.

One thing is for certain, there will be a peaceful demonstration held at Concho today (Nov 20) and the world wide press will be there to cover this event. Senior citizens from my village will be there so I can only pray they will not be ruffed up by this corrupt and morally bankrupt politician and his goons. Hopefully with the press there things will not go violent hurting my elders. But what was the Supreme Court thinking anyway? With what authority did they have to cancel legal election results from a sovereign nation? Truly this is an abuse of the bench and should raise some major questions about the ethics of the court. It’s been long since rumored that Flyingman had this federal judge in his pocket for quite some time.

Is this change we can depend on or more of the same old crappola from the non Native community? Why is it that the government would rather do business with corrupt and shady criminals rather than the traditional folks in the first place? This is more common than not in Indian Country and maybe this will offer more focus on the plight of us and other tribal nations across the US. Canada shares in this travesty as well I might add. The have’s continue to have while the have not’s continue to live in abject poverty. The outside world makes nice with examples from people who have all the loot saying all is well in Indian Country when in actuality it is not. There is greed and abject poverty on many nations and it is perpetrated by corrupt officials such as Flyingman. At least this dark secret of tribal life is out in the open now. But to be fair, not all tribes suffer this kind of corruption and there are honest and moral chiefs who actually do the bidding of their respective nations. Sadly this is not the case on my rez though.

With regard to “Turkey Day” my cousin had a more appropriate title for the coming holiday, he simply calls it, “Dog Day” since we will theoretically eat dog again for the holiday season since tribal funds were squandered leaving our village with only the dogs on the streets to munch on. Thanks Giving? Forget about it since what do we have to be thankful for? A US Government who sides with corruption? Oh boy. In any event I will have a blow by blow accounting from my people later on today. Hopefully peace will rein on my rez but truthfully I fear things will get much worse before they get any better. Hey Obama, how about fighting for human rights here in Oklahoma?

Your Devil’s Advocate

Oct 1, 2009

The Fabulous Andrea Menard

Posted in Entertainment with tags Andrea Menard, Canada, Evergreen by Andrea Menard, Metis Native, Native American, Robert Walsh, Saskatchewan, Tony Hrynchuk on October 1, 2009 by buffalohair


In an era where greed and hate prevail it is comforting that one can find solace, peace and tranquility. Through the velvety voice of the ever so talented Andrea Menard I found myself transported to a place where my mind can be at ease. Andrea and Robert Welsh wrote a beautiful song called “Evergreen” the first song of her new album “Sparkle”. Produced by Big Soul Productions and directed by Tony Hrynchuk, this piece is well worth experiencing.

Andrea, a Métis Native from Saskatchewan Canada, has become the ambassador of everything wholesome and pure in Canada. With the magic that Andrea is famous for she pierces the dark shroud of gloom that has engulfed both Canada and the U.S.A. with her beautiful voice in this wonderfully crafted video. I was whisked away from the harsh realities of contemporary life and placed on lush amber and green fields filled with blue skies. In some way I was given hope for the future for she reminded me that there is still beauty and joy in the tumultuous world we live.

Andrea is a magical creature gifted beyond words. Album after album of her wonderful music has proven to be enriching, endearing and well worth the wait. So take a moment of your time to enjoy this well crafted video and escape into the beautiful world of Andrea Menard. Maybe you will find solace and a little piece of mind if but for only a moment. Discover why she one of the top artists of all time.

Evergreen, the video;

For more information and how you can aquire her music contact;

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Posted: Oct 1, 2009 3:57pm


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