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Jun 8, 2010
I'm finally here with my "gardening" blog... I got my hands dirty and I had fun.

My family went to 7 Mile Fair the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. We bought 3 tomato plants and a small 3 set of jalapeno pepper plants. The tomato plants were $1.00/each. The pepper planter, which was one little container but had 3 compartments was $1.50 for that. It was worth it.

So later that day, I sat outside and started planting my tomatoes, and in the mean time, re-potted my house plants too. Since I'm not sure if I'm moving or not, I had chose not to plant my tomatoes permanently, and because I had these ice cream buckets on hand, I used those as hanging planters. Here is how they turned out.

Here is the geranium plant that my son got for me about 3 years ago for mother's day. I took it in for the winter, and it stayed inside until just recently. It's bloomed about twice, once was around Christmas.

It used to be in a green hanger, but this pot was bigger. Anyway, here is a plant that I believe is called a "Mother-in Law's Tongue". It is hanging next to the dream catcher with wind chimes that my son gave to me just this last mother's day.

There is a story about this plant. This belonged to my mother in law. She got it from her mother in law. I guess I will pass it to my daughter in law when my son gets married. My ex didn't want to take it with him, even though it was his mothers. I'm glad though, I miss her. She passed back in March of 2003.

I am unsure what this plant is called, but this plant traded spots with the Mother-In-Law plant.

This too, has an interesting story... We moved into this other house back in 2002. This other family had the house before we did. They'd moved in when their son was 2, thinking they'd build their family there. She passed away, and the father son duo couldn't bear to stay. They left the plant behind. We'd moved in when my son was 2. We revived the plant, and named it after the mother, and it's still here today, after giving away clippings and having this one grow in a water bottle for such a long time. I hope it will keep growing.

Below are spider plants. I kept a different clipping, and the one in gold foil went to my mom & grandma, and the other one went to a church lady who turns 95 this Thursday. The clipping I kept is in the water bottle that housed the other plant above. My cats like chewing on it too much, so until I get a different hanger, it will have to stay in the water bottle. I'm sure it will be fine.

This was an Easter Lily. I cut it down, re-potted & watered, in hopes that it comes back up. Often you can take these after it blooms and withers, and plant them outside for enjoyment the rest of the summer. Cross your fingers!

Now, for the goodies...

When planting the tomatoes in ice cream buckets, make sure they are upside down. So, fill with dirt while still right side up. Flip upside down, cut a small round hole, just enough to get the root ball in there, and place plant in there. Fill up hole with more dirt, and then water. Let sit a few days like this until the roots spread out. It happens quick, and within a week, you can hang them. Like this:

There are my cats in my kitchen window supervising. They were out front too, making sure I'm doing it right. I could hear them chattering the whole time. Anyway, the tomato plant is the upside down one toward the back, and the jalapenos are in the green toward us. Because the tomatoes don't like being upside down, they will start growing toward the sun.

You can see, especially the one on the right, where it is curling up toward the sky. Like it KNOWS it's upside down. I'm hoping that they have enough sun. Anyway, this is a good way to do these when you either don't have room or what not. Because they are still in dirt, the flavor will be nice and hearty. Since they're off the ground, the critters won't go rot through them so much. But these are how you can do back yard gardening without spending too much money.

So, for $4.50 in plants that will produce, about $4.00 in soil, and planter pots sitting around the house, along with gifted plants, I got to do a lot of planting in the dirt. Thank you for visiting. I had fun getting dirty. Just remember, in this economy, many people don't have enough to eat. If you have extras, please donate them to your local food pantry. Most people love to get your outcasts.

Your recipes for today:

Stuffed Tomatoes:
6 beefsteak tomatoes, with tops cut off, and scoop insides out and reserve for sauce. (Or 5 green bell peppers, or mix and match - your choice).
1# ground beef. 1/2 cup raw rice. 2 TBS minced parsley. 1 medium onion, diced. 2 unbeaten eggs. 1 tsp salt. 3/4 tsp fresh ground pepper. Dash of garlic salt. Blend for smooth mixture. Stuff into your tomatoes, and place into a baking dish.

2 TBS flour. 3 TBS shortening. 4 cups tomato sauce (including the tomato pulp from tomatoes). 1 tsp salt. 1 TBS sugar. 1 medium onion, halved and sliced. 1/2 small bell pepper minced. Brown flour, onion & bell pepper in shortening. Add tomato, salt and sugar. Boil down to desired texture. Pour hot sauce over stuffed tomato. Cover, bake 45 min @ 350F. **For peppers, brown them on the outside first. It's okay for them to slightly burn. These may take an hour to bake.**

Now, food for your soul... Please keep passing around the Federal April's Law Petition as well as the state version called April's Law Wisconsin. This is a new innovative piece of legislation to help shut down legal pedophile sites as well as to protect our youth from sex predators on and offline. Youth Voice Initiative, or YVI is the only 501c4/non-profit PACT in the private sector to combat child abuse. Any and all of your help is greatly appreciated.

Another important petition to sign is Sean's Voice Petition, to ensure that our men and boys living in abusive situations to have shelter, support and services as we have for our women. This is in memory of baby Sean, who died at the hands of his mother.
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Posted: Jun 8, 2010 12:43am


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