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Jun 15, 2006
I just saw Ann Coulter on the Jay Leno show. No fireworks with George Carlin; they barely noticed each other, let alone spoke.

 Ann Coulter DEFINITELY has a WEIRD VIBE. She is SO tall, and has long, lanky arms and legs -- just doesn't look like the way a woman is put together. A teenager, maybe; not a woman her age. {Late 30's?} And her features are not "soft" or "curvy"; the planes of her face are angular. Imagine her with no makeup! a man's short haircut! and wearing a man's suit! That wouldn't look like a person in "drag", at all!

You'd think, if she'd been brought up as one sex and changed to another, there'd be school records, etc. and she' d be "outed".

What I think it is: is this.
 Some babies are born "intersexed", not clearly male and not clearly female -- at least to look at. They used to call them, Hermaphrodites.  [From "Hermes" and "Aphrodite", Greek male and female gods.] A male child could have undeveloped sex organs and be mistaken for a female.

Doctors used to ASSIGN sex to such a child; based on definitely old-fashioned ideas of gender! If a child wasn't "masculine" enough, they'd figure he "wouldn't be happy as a male"; the doctors honestly thot that, if they "assigned" the socially proper gender to the child BEFORE PUBERTY, the child would grow up to be the "right" sex. In other words, the doctors thot they could play God!!! in "assigning" the gender they thot the child OUGHT to have.

So, again, if a child didn't have "all the right male equipment" right there, the child could be "assigned" to be a female! This was pretty UN-scientific; especially in this modern age! It was a purely SOCIAL construct, of what "proper" gender SHOULD be! So, the "unnecessary" stuff, was surgically whacked off!!! So the child could be a "proper" female and get married to a "proper" male! {Altho this child could never have children; having no womb!}

There is the horribly tragic and true story, of a little boy baby whose circumcision {for medical reasons} was botched and his penis actually burnt off! The doctor decided that, without a "proper" "masculine" penis anymore, this child would be brot up as a GIRL!!! even tho he WASN'T a girl!!! The doctor created the SURGICAL APPEARANCE of a girl and got rid of the little stub left!

The child was TOLD he was a girl, and his parents religiously followed doctor's orders in telling the kid this LIE. BUT, the KID ALWAYS KNEW SOMETHING WAS VERY WRONG. Later, the kid found out the TRUTH. The kid led a TOTALLY MISERABLE life, wrote a book about it that I've read, tried several times to commit suicide, {and to hunt down and murder the doctor}, and finally, just months ago, DID succeed in committing suicide.

So, you see where I'm leading. Maybe Ann Coulter WAS one of those babies "assigned the WRONG sex at birth"! Doctors were still doing that not too long ago!!! Maybe, I could very well see it, HER GREAT BITTERNESS COMES FROM BEING DENIED, NOT JUST A PENIS, BUT THE WHOLE TRUTH OF HER{HIS} EXISTENCE. That would explain why her school records, etc., would show her as a female. Not a pre-operative "tranny".

If she comes from a religious and conservative family, then THE WHOLE FAMILY WOULD BE IN DENIAL, ABOUT THIS ALL EVEN BEING A POSSIBILITY.  And HIDEOUSLY shamed and embarrassed to even discuss it! Their God, doesn't MAKE such mistakes! If GAYS are evil aberrations, then for God's sake what do you make of HERMAPHRODITES!!!!!!!! Of the Devil, for sure! Not OUR little girl!!!!!

Yes, I'd say she DEFINITELY was a MAN; but, in TOTAL DENIAL about it! but, somewhere DEEP AND HIDDEN AND BURIED inside, her heart KNOWS. She didn't CHOOSE to have a "painful mutilating operation" -- it was DONE TO HER before she had any say in the matter; and with the CONSENT OF HER PARENTS.

So, it is NOT SURPRISING she is so messed-up and -- SO FANATICAL! Only her "clearcut" religious belief, is probably what holds her together!

And the Far Right, they recognize NOTHING-- because they are IGNORANT -- and they DON'T WANT TO KNOW, OR EVEN HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Gosh, she's a MAN alright -- her VOICE -- a real "tranny " would put on a better ACT!!! and WHAT A WEIRD VIBE about "her"!!! {I almost, on some level, feel sorry for her.} {Sometime the truth must come out -- if even I can see it after 10 minutes!!!}

And oh, she said on the show she "dates only Conservatives" -- what a SURPRISE some of those homophobe Repugs are in for if the truth EVER is known!!!

I do feel sorry for Ann Coulter.

Barbara Tomlinson
[yeah, so SUE me for LIBEL!]

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Posted: Jun 15, 2006 5:47pm


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