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Dec 21, 2006
Capricorn – the Tenth Sign

The Sign of Social Status

22 December – 19 January

Ambitious, cautious, disciplined, humorous, patient, practical, reserved

Envious, fatalistic, pessimistic, unhappy

Firm grounds, knowing about what you discuss, professionalism, purposefulness, reliability

Being ridiculed, fantasies, ignominiousness, wild ideas, work that does not lead anywhere

Capricorn is the most stable and serious character in the Zodiac. You are often self confident, determined and calm, keen on working, cold, sly, practical, responsible,persistent and cautious, and often also shy and reserved. You are rational, logical, witty and sharp. You are good at concentrating, you are deep, and you think things through carefully before making a decision. And surprisingly, you are often also interested in the supernatural.

You have an ability to endure as long as it takes to reach the goal that you have set up for yourself. You are a reliable worker, honest and disciplined, and you always finish what you start. You are a determined leader, setting up high goals for yourself as well as for your employees. And in your own methodical, harsh, stubborn manners, you always put your family or your work over yourself. You are carefully planning how to reach your high goals and you have got the ability to reach fantastic results with minimal resources. With your excellent organizing ability, you are capable of working on many different projects at the same time. You have a great respect for authorities, but when you are in a leading position yourself, you are not very keen on listening to other people’s opinions. You are a very demanding but fair superior. You are very traditional and not very innovative, and you have got a tendency towards melancholia and pessimism, and even sheer unhappiness, especially if you feel like you have failed. In extreme cases, you might become very depressed, with extensive happiness suddenly turning into extreme, destructive unhappiness.

You are interested in music and you fit well in professions concerning money or mathematics, for example as an economist, financer, banker, speculator, contractor, general manager or broker. You might also be an excellent bureaucrat, teacher, headmaster, or a skilful politician. Otherwise you might be a scientist, engineer, farmer or construction worker. And sometimes, because of your wittiness, you might succeed excellently in the entertainment business.

You are often low and unhappy, and also somewhat self-centred, and careful and tense among people you do not know very well. You do not have very many friends, but you are very loyal towards those you have got. You might, however, also be very a bitter enemy. You are very careful when it comes to love, but in marriage, you are most often very faithful, if yet with a tendency towards jealousy.
You are most compatible to
Taurus – You and Taurus has got a lot in common. You are both responsible and practical. You understand each other very well, and you are very compatible emotionally. Taurus’s calm personality is just about what your cold and distant-keeping nature need to open up. It is, however, very important that you two heavy-hearted personalities try to have some fun, too, now and then.
Cancer – Even though you and Cancer are each other’s opposites, you do actually have a lot in common. Cancer’s understanding and compassionate nature fits excellently with your heavy-hearted nature. Cancer appreciate your never-ending strive, and is happy to be in the background as support.
Virgo – You are perfect for each other. There are many similarities and great mutual understanding between your two personalities. You are both of you proper and accurate, so there would not be much to get irritated on from either side. There are great chances for a very close relationship, where you are everything to each other, and where nothing else matters any longer. You are both of you somewhat distanced, but this does not matter, as you know anyway how much you mean to each other.
Libra – There is a good chance for a stable and long-lasting relationship between your two committed personalities. There is small a risk, though, that Libra as a person in constant need of being shown appreciation, might find you a bit too restrained and cold.
Capricorn – Your two similar personalities fits excellently together. You have deep understanding towards each other’s assets and shortcomings. And given your high ambitions, there are great prospects for a very long and happy relationship. The biggest risk
with this relationship between two very serious characters might be that it could become a bit boring by time. But on the other hand – this is not anything that neither of you care very much about.
Pisces – There is a lot of sympathy and understanding between your two personalities, which completes each other in an excellent way. Dreamy Pisces admires your practical nature, and your calm, stable and down-to-earth personality gives insecure Pisces the comfort it needs. And just like the dependence of Pisces increases by time, so does your desire of feeling needed.  
You are not as compatible to
Aries – Your patient and meditative nature is just not hot-headed Aries’s type.
Gemini – Gemini is too restless and impatient for your calm and patient nature.
Leo – Your pensive nature has a got difficult time with impulsive, outward and easy-going Leo.
Scorpio – Your two stubborn personalities risk to very fast getting on each other’s nerves.
Sagittarius – You and Sagittarius are all too different. Sagittarius is an open and optimistic nature who lives one day at the time, while you are a sealed and pessimistic nature who needs to have everything under control. You will not be able to stand each other for very long.  
Aquarius – Aquarius is all too freedom-loving and unorganized for your home-loving and structured nature.
Your opposite

Depression, knee problems, rashes, rheumatism, skeleton diseases, skin problems


Saturn – the God of Fertility

The Goat


I utilize

Yin (feminine, dark, soft, passive)




Black onyx


Tulip (pimpernel, ivy)

Pine, elm, poplar

All animals with cloven hoofs

2 and 8


Afghanistan, Bulgaria, India, Mexico

Brussels, Chicago, Montreal

The sign of Capricorn portrays the goat-like fertility god Pan. He is the son of Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and according to legend, it was Pan who came up with the pan-pipe, hence its name.

In the sign of Capricorn, Pan has got the lower body of a fish. This derives from an event in the war between the gods and the titans, a conflict which made Gaia – Mother Earth herself – so to the degree furious that she brought on the horrific monster Typhon. The Gods were surprised by the monster. In the very last moment, Pan saw it coming, and shouted out a warning, suggesting all the gods to turn themselves into different animals to hide from the monster and by thus escape its fury.

Pan himself intended to turn himself into a fish. But in the confused hurry, he did not succeed to complete the transformation – only his lower body became fishlike.

Jesus of Nazareth, Rudyard Kipling, Anthony Hopkins, J.R.R. Tolkien, Mel Gibson, Isaac Newton, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Richard Nixon, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Janis Joplin.  
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Posted: Dec 21, 2006 1:01am


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