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Feb 16, 2012

For the next few weeks, in our LIVE teleshow and via our online discussion group we will be talking about a book written by the Dalai Lama; Introduction to Ethics for the New Millennium, as well as general discussions about peace, success, happiness, spirituality and where we are going in this world.

To register for this Teleshow and receive reminders send your email to Invite your friends! Next LIVE Teleshow is Sunday 3/11/2012 Teleshow Mode Dial-in # (712) 432-1001 Listener Access Code: 493710146# (This is a listen in show only, feel free to turn on speakerphones so everyone in the room can hear it) Time/Dates:

Call in on Sunday, using telephone number. Then enter pin code beginning 8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST, 6 p.m. MST, 5 p.m. PST, or any other time zone internationally. Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson who has continued worldwide work in nonviolence, is confirmed to join us for an upcoming Teleshow. Other guests will also be announced as confirmed. Join us... tell a friend. Join us online for discussion in between telephone 'shows' at the Interfaith Forum;

Facilitators and hosts of Interfaith Forum: Karli and Eric Optional Support Material: Book (Optional): Ethics for the New Millennium According to the Dalai Lama, our survival has depended and will continue to depend on our basic goodness as human beings. In the past, the respect people had for their religion helped maintain ethical practice through a majority following one religion or another.

Today, with the growing secularization and globalization of society, we must find a way that transcends religion to establish consensus as to what constitutes positive and negative conduct, what is right and wrong and what is appropriate and inappropriate. The conversation is addressed to a general audience and presents a moral framework based on universal rather than religious principles.

It rests on the observation that those whose conduct is ethically positive are happier and more satisfied and the belief that much of the unhappiness we humans endure is actually of our own making. The ultimate goal is happiness for every individual, irrespective of religious belief. More about…Introduction to the Season for Nonviolence (video):

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Posted: Feb 16, 2012 11:58am
Jan 16, 2012

Low Dose  Radiation Dangers To Children

A Green Road Blog -


Summary of Negative Health Effects Of Low Dose Radiation On Children Around Chernobyl. 


Many children are dying and suffering from terrible diseases caused by low dose radiation around the world. Low dose radiation effects on children have been extensively studied by many independent scientists globally, but especially around Chernobyl . Children are negatively affected by low dose radiation in many ways. The following is a brief summary according to scientists who have studied this extensively after  Chernobyl :


Increase in spontaneous abortions and stillbirths

Increase in mortality

Increase in number of ill and feeble newborns

Increase in number of genetic defects and diseases, total of over 2,000 possible

Increase in number of congenital malformations

Increase in incidence of cancers of all kinds

Increase in impaired mental development of babies and children

Increase in psychiatric diseases among the children

Increase in alterations of immune system, weakening of constitutions

Increase in abnormal hormone balances

Increase in diseases of the cardiovascular system

Increase in abnormal slow growth of children

Increase in abnormal exhaustion of children

Increase in delayed recovery from diseases

Increase in premature aging effects


The results above were presented by Mr Yablokov at an international conference of nuclear experts regarding Chenobyl, including officials from the UN, IAEA, WHO, etc. 


Children’s Radionuclides Syndrome Explained


Yuri Bandazhevsky, a scientist and medical researcher, discovered and proved that a new radiation disease exists, which he calls; Long Term Incorporated Radionuclides Syndrome. 


This is a totally new disease that did not exist before manmade radiation came onto the scene, due to ‘accidental’ releases from nuclear power plants and atomic weapons testing.


Radionuclides Syndrome is a disease of the heart, due to a toxic loading of Cesium in the heart muscle. As the Cesium collects and concentrates in the heart muscle, it causes problems there. (It is well known that radioactive cesium is absorbed by muscles, including the heart muscle, because the body thinks that radioactive Cesium is potassium) 


The normal level of cesium in children is ZERO Bq per kilogram of cesium. This ‘safe’ level of cesium was established by Nature over millions of years of evolution.


An internal radiation load of 50 bq per kilogram means that for ever 1 kilogram of the child's weight, 500 atoms disintegrate every second, above the normal background rate. The disintegration effect from cesium, (inside the heart muscle) has a negative effect on children’s health..

10,000 radiations are thrown out every second for children with 10,000 Bq per kg of internal radiation. Children around Chernobyl exposed to low dose radiation have been measured with 10,000 Bq of cesium internal radiation.


After about 50 Bq/kg, a child’s heart will have lesions developing.  At a rate higher than that, he found that the child can die suddenly for no obvious reason, or have heart attacks, strokes, or other health problems around the heart.


Yuri has presented over 400 scientific papers, and has been honored with five awards. After he formally announced to the world his research results above, he was charged by the Russian government with corruption. No proof was presented at the military trial, ruled over by three military judges. Yuri was found guilty by this military tribunal and sentenced to eight years in jail and hard labor. This was later reduced to house arrest, after pressure was applied from human justice organizations outside Russia.

High Percentage of Children In Belarus Have Health Issues

Belarus is located near  Chernobyl  and was contaminated by radiation from the  Chernobyl  accident, much like Fukushima Province in Japan. The future in Japan may be predicted by what is happening in Belarus today.


Only 15 to 20 out of 100 children in Belarus are declared healthy at birth today, and the statistics are getting WORSE, not better.  According to a hospital nurse, the problems are getting WORSE and more numerous. Before  Chernobyl , 80 out of 100 children were declared healthy at birth. What is the explanation for this catastrophically high rate of deformities, health problems and infections present at birth? And why are the numbers of problems increasing, not decreasing? The studies and articles below will help to explain this.


ECRR:  Chernobyl  20 Years on. The Health Effects of the  Chernobyl  Accident

“………. Disorders of intellectual development in children irradiated in utero in the polluted territories are described as the most tragic consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe’s impact on health. Pathologies include neurotic disorders, asthenic syndrome, vegetative dystonia, CNS organic pathology, delayed mental development, EEG pathology, delayed development of speech, lowered psycho-emotional development, low IQ indices, deviations in mental development, memory impairment, immaturity for school, organic pathology of the brain, decreased and delayed psychomotor development, epilepsy and epilepsy-related conditions, and schizophrenia.”


 “Psychological diseases correlate with levels of radioactive pollution. There is a steep and continuing increase in diseases of the nervous system, e.g. congenital convulsive syndrome, brain circulation pathology, general neurological diseases, short-term memory loss, deterioration of attention function in school-children.”

“In adults there is growing evidence of a syndrome marked by deteriorating memory and motor skills, occurrence of convulsions, and pulsing headaches. This is caused by the destruction of brain cells and in the region has been dubbed  Chernobyl  dementia.”

“…….Sometimes the weakening of the immune system in these radioactively polluted territories is referred to as Chernobyl AIDS.”


Chernobyl Video


Chernobyl25 years later




How ‘Authorities’ Mislead The Public And Downplay The Dangers


The IAEA, UN, WHO, NRC and other pro-nuclear agencies, scientific experts and pro nuclear politicians representing the nuclear industry have NO EXPLANATION for this public health crisis, other than blaming the victims of this low dose radiation for causing their own illnesses with phobias, worries and 'stress'.


The pro nuclear monopoly believes that internal radiation causes absolutely no harm whatsoever, despite all of the scientific and medical evidence to the contrary. In most cases, they refuse to even talk about, much less present this information at their industry symposiums, association meetings, safety meetings and/or community meetings.


Ask a pro-nuclear industry ‘expert’ about internal radiation and it’s effects on health. The odds are very high indeed that they will either refuse to talk with you about this issue, dismiss all studies about it, or call anyone studying this issue a quack, charlatan or a fraud, no matter what their expertise, experience or industry reputation as a doctor, biologist, etc.


NHK reported the risk of internal exposure in June 2009



Yuri reported that statistics about children getting sick from radiation around Chernobyl have not been and still are not being shared with ANYONE in the nuclear community; not the UN, not the WHO, not anyone else in the nuclear community, not with the education community and not with the public, via the mass media, much of which in the US is owned by GE, a nuclear power plant builder. Could there be some bias or built in conflict of interest here?


The official final draft coming out of the nuclear conference never mentions that new research is being done on low dose radiation and does not recommend that any research be done in this area. The conference of nuclear experts never voted to accept any new research for low dose radiation, despite much evidence and urging from civilian doctors and scientists gathered there from around the world. Is this evidence of a coverup? Or could it be evidence of a very deep state of denial? Judge for yourself, and watch the video…


Helen Caldicott, MD explains how nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation dangers in this material.


"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Sir Walter Scott   


Following the publication of an article in the newspaper Mainichi Daily News, here is the reaction of Michel Fernex, professor emeritus at the Medical Faculty of Basel, former member of the steering committees of TDR (Tropical Diseases Research) in the WHO and President of the Association of Children of Chernobyl Belarus from 2006 to 2010.

“The central dogma of radiation biology, that biological effects of ionizing radiation are a direct consequence of DNA damage occurring in irradiated cells, has been challenged by observations that genetic/epigenetic changes occur in unexposed “bystander cells” neighboring directly-hit cells, due to cell-to-cell communication or soluble factors released by irradiated cells.” Italian research paper in Chinese translation about low level radiation will results in brain cancer.

English version

More Links TO Scientific Research Around Low Dose Radiation And Harm Caused To Humans


National Academy of Sciences Low-Dose Radiation Report


Data tables used, 12D-1 and 12D-2:


How to scale that data to unique exposure scenarios, Annex 12D, Example 1:


Cancer Risks Near Nuclear Facilities :Current methods of investigation inadequate

"From 1957 to 1978, scientists secretly removed bone samples from over 21,000 dead Australians as they searched for evidence of the deadly poison, Strontium 90 – a by-product of nuclear testing. The movie ‘Silent Storm’ reveals the story behind this astonishing case of officially sanctioned ‘body-snatching’. Set against a backdrop of the Cold War, the saga follows celebrated scientist, Hedley Marston, as he attempts to blow the whistle on radioactive contamination and challenge official claims that British atomic tests posed no threat to the Australian people. Marston’s findings are not only disputed, he is targeted as ‘a scientist of counter-espionage interest’. In 2001, tons of human bones were found in Melbourne, contaminated by Strontium 90, a toxic residue of nuclear weapon tests in Australia.


Low Dose Radiation Study In France


Study Finds that Childhood Leukemia Rates Double Near Nuclear Power Stations

“…The study by the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French Institute of Health and Medical Research, or INSERM) found a leukemia rate twice as high among children under the age of 15 living within a 3.1-mile radius of France’s 19 nuclear power plants….”


Iraq: Low Dose Radiation Effects On Children From Depleted Uranium Weapons


Only a small percentage of babies being born in Fallujah are healthy and normal, and the rest all have genetic deformities or health problems. Doctors and residents blame US depleted uranium weapons for catastrophic levels of birth defects in Fallujah’s newborns.


Seven years after the invasion of Baghdad, the Iraqi people are experiencing a devastating legacy. Babies are being born with severe deformities and cancer at a rate, which makes the effects of Hiroshima look tame.


Birth deformities in Iraq


Uranium and other contaminants in hair from the parents of children with congenital anomalies in Fallujah,Iraq

US TMI And Low Dose Radiation Effects On Children


The official figures are too low to account for the acute health effects reported by some local residents and documented in two books;[5][6] such health effects require exposure to at least 100,000 millirems (100 rems) to the whole body - 1000 times more than the official estimates.[7] The reported health effects are consistent with high doses of radiation, and comparable to the experiences of cancer patients undergoing radio-therapy,.[8] but have many other potential causes.[7] The effects included "metallic taste, erythema, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, deaths of pets and farm and wild animals, and damage to plants."[9] Some local statistics showed dramatic one-year changes among the most vulnerable: "In Dauphin County, where the Three Mile Island plant is located, the 1979 death rate among infants under one year represented a 28 percent increase over that of 1978, and among infants under one month, the death rate increased by 54 percent."[4] Physicist Ernest Sternglass, a specialist in low-level radiation, noted these statistics in the 1981 edition of his book Secret Fallout: low-level radiation from Hiroshima to Three-Mile Island.

Scientific work continued in the 1980s, but focused heavily on the mental health effects due to stress,[4] as the Kemeny Commission had concluded that this was the sole public health effect.[12] A 1984 survey by a local psychologist of 450 local residents, documenting acute radiation health effects (as well as 19 cancers 1980-84 amongst the residents against an expected 2.6[9]), ultimately led the TMI Public Health Fund reviewing the data[13] and supporting a comprehensive epidemiological study by a team at Columbia University.[8]


US Low Dose Radiation Deaths

An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services. This is the first peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal documenting the health hazards of Fukushima. Authors Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman note that their estimate of 14,000 excess U.S. deaths in the 14 weeks after the Fukushima meltdowns is comparable to the 16,500 excess deaths in the 17 weeks after the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986.  The rise in reported deaths after Fukushima was largest among U.S. infants under age one.  The 2010-2011 increase for infant deaths in the spring was 1.8 percent, compared to a decrease of 8.37 percent in the preceding 14 weeks.


Science Explores How And Why Low Dose Radiation Harms Children


It is important to understand how the body responds to ionizing radiation, natural or manmade. When a DNA strand is broken due to radiation damage, how does the body respond? From New Take On Impacts Of Low Dose Radiation;

“…”Humans evolved in an environment with very low levels of ionizing radiation, which makes it unlikely that a cell would suffer more than one double strand break at any given time. A DNA repair center would seem to be an optimal way to deal with such sparse damage. It is like taking a broken car to a garage where all the equipment for repairs is available rather than to a random location with limited resources.

Time-lapse imaging of DNA damage response to radiation shows that 1.5 minutes after irradiation, the sizes and intensities of radiation induced foci are comparable throughout the nucleus, but 30 minutes later RIF have clustered into larger and brighter regions called DNA repair centers. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), through a combination of time-lapse live imaging and mathematical modeling of a special line of human breast cells, have found evidence to suggest that for low dose levels of ionizing radiation, cancer risks may not be directly proportional to dose. This contradicts the standard model for predicting biological damage from ionizing radiation – the linear-no-threshold hypothesis or LNT – which holds that risk is directly proportional to dose at all levels of irradiation. ”

 The human body is adapted and has evolved over tens of thousands of years of being exposed to normal background radiation, just like all life on the planet, which is designed the same way. Humans and animals can handle the damage caused by this radiation exposure. But when a child’s body is exposed to chronic higher levels of low dose radiation for long periods of time, this repair mechanism no longer functions as well and can get overwhelmed. When the body is exposed to ionizing radiation from manmade sources that break multiple strands of DNA at the same time, the repair mechanism of the body gets overwhelmed. This results in DNA strands that end up being repaired incorrectly, or not at all.

 “It is the same as when dozens of broken cars are brought to the same garage at once, the quality of repair is likely to suffer,” Costes says.” Source: New Take on Impacts of Low Dose Radiation”

The world health Organization director says that radiation in any amount is always dangerous. There is risk to any increased amount of radiation. Radiation Is Always Dangerous, Says World Health Organization Director-General

December 1, 2011


"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Sir Walter Scott




Mutations caused by radiation are an abomination.


How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease And Stroke


“Radiation interferes with your body’s Chemistry…” (Dr Al Sears, MD)


Concern for Public Health International, Instituted Of Concern for Public Health

Cancer Cluster Studies; Children At Especially High Risk The Closer They Live To  Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear powered cancer clusters


Cancer Clusters And Nuclear Power Radiation Pollution


Downwinders Cancer Cluster Near Nuclear Power Station


Why Marin County Has The Highest Breast Cancer Rates In The US


Health Dangers of Tritium Emissions

~ Part 1 ~


Health Dangers of Tritium Emissions

~ Part 2 ~

Nuclear reactors blamed for Eastern PA cancer clusters

Study Reveals Eastern PA Cancer Clusters


Resort near nuclear plant is worst cancer cluster

Go Figure: How can you explain cancer clusters?


Geographic variation in U.S. thyroid cancer incidence and a cluster near nuclear reactors in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


Drinking Water And Radiation


Thyroid Cancer, Fracking, Nuclear Power, and Drinking Water


X-ray Radiation Dangers For Workers


Cancer Cluster Possibly Found Among TSA Workers

What does this study say about the children walking near or through these detectors?

Nuclear Bomb Testing And Negative Effects On Downwinders


Nuclear Testing and the Downwinders

Fukushima Low Dose Radiation Studies


Watch the video below about how and why radiation harms children and women more than anyone else, but the nuclear industry ignores this and does not inform the public. In Japan the evidence based on science is ignored and actually attacked as being false, quackery or does not exist at all. In Japan, the ‘safe’ dose of radiation has been established for EVERYONE at 100 mSv per year. Watch the video to find out what the effects of this amount of radiation are on children and women.


In this online audio interview and talk, Dr. Helen Caldicott MD (a pediatrician with deep knowledge of radiation dangers) continues to explain in an online audio interview with Arnie Gunderson that In Fukushima, 3000 kids were tested, and 1000 had thyroid 'lumps'. (Jan. 2012) To find lumps in children is extremely rare normally. The latent period for cancer is very short, 1 year. Children are very sensitive to radiation. To know if this is cancer, you need to take the lumps out. A cyst can have cancer cells in it.


A tumor is just a collection of cells. Probably quite a few of these are cancers. They are about 5 mm in size. Japanese doctors are just monitoring them, waiting for the cancer to spread through the whole body. They could do a needle biopsy to find out what they are. This is medically irresponsible. At least they are starting to monitor them. This is only ten months in.. This predicts a real problem in the future.


They should have evacuated 250,000 to 500,000 people, and only 100,000 people were actually evacuated. The rest were left in radiation contaminated areas. 80% of radiation went offshore. Only 20% of total went onshore to land. They were lucky. More than 1/2 of Japan where people live is contaminated.


Small girls are five times more sensitive to radiation than small boys. These girls are at great risk of getting cancer due to radiation doses of 20 mSv per year. A recent Frontline show about Fukushima claims this dose is 'safe' for kids and adults. They believed the nuclear apologists and did not investigate any further. One out of 500 people will get cancer at this dose. This risk is doubled every year, at this dose.


In five years, one out of 20 girls will end up with cancer during their lifetime. This process of increasing radiation risk and odds of getting cancer keeps going up, for each year that they are exposed to this level of radiation…. This cancer risk is ON TOP Of the normal odds of getting cancer in a lifetime; 1 in 3 in US.


A 35% Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest Cities Since Meltdown

Is the Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout?

Weekend Edition June 10-12, 2011

The health impact of Fukushima warnings and recommendations by Michel Fernex






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