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Oct 30, 2011

Dear NaturalNews readers,

There is much more coming out now about Adya Clarity. This is a substance that was marketed as a miracle cure of sorts, with popular online webinars and email campaigns that pushed it as being "more valuable than gold" and making wild, unsubstantiated claims about its health properties.

What is Adya Clarity? It's essentially a bunch of rocks mined out of the ground near Fukushima, Japan, then diluted intosulfuric acid and water. It contains relatively high concentrations of both iron and aluminum. It was widely marketed through videos and webinars for internal use that recommended people swallow "super shots" on a regular basis in order to treat their health conditions.

We sounded the alarm on this with a hard-hitting article posted early Friday. Since then, I have been called by doctors, naturopaths and biochemists who are absolutely beside themselves that anyone would market such a product for internal use. They are extremely concerned about iron and aluminum toxicity in those who have been instructed to ingest this substance.

I was viciously attacked, of course, by some of the very people who were making money hand-over-fist in selling this product. A typical bottle that retailed for $149 on the internet has a hard cost of about five bucks, I have been told. Obviously, there's a whole lotta profit to defend on this product.

The trolls who attacked me on Facebook told me I should "get educated" about these metals, and they proclaimed that their aluminum "mined from Mother Earth" is completely safe because it's "natural!" Oh wow. Are these people really that ignorant? Really? Would they also eat mercury and cadmium, too?

I politely pointed out that uranium is also mined from the Earth, and I wouldn't want to swallow that anytime soon, although I'm pretty sure some of the more extreme Adya users out there would eat almost anything if they were told it was magical and "magnetic." Or "ionic" and "trivalent" and (insert your favorite chemical jargon here to befuddle the masses). It's hexavalent magic, by God! Suck it down!

So I took their advice and I got educated about the metals in Adya Clarity. I compared their concentrations of iron and aluminum to upper safety limits recommended by the EPA for safe drinking water. What I found rather shocked me:

Drinking a "super shot" of Adya Clarity exposes you to 5,450% higher concentrations of aluminum as are allowed in drinking water.

Drinking a "super shot" of Adya Clarity also exposes you to 6,666% higher concentrations of iron as are allowed in drinking water.

I suppose Adya Clarity might actually be a really good way to radically increase your intake of iron and aluminum if you were a metallic being of some sort, like an intelligent robot from an advanced civilization that somehow lacked these common metals. Maybe Transformers could benefit from drinking this, huh? Or Iron Man, if he were really made of iron.

All joking aside, I'm thinking about getting even more educated about all this, actually. It's sort of a hobby now. So I've decided to interview top-notch people with expertise in metals detoxification and biochemistry. Those interviews are coming up soon on NaturalNews, and they will absolutely astound you, as you'll soon see.

I've also been doing my homework on aluminum toxicity and I discovered that aluminum is a potent brain poison(well, actually I already knew that), and that people with impaired kidney function can very easily accumulate toxic loads of aluminum in their bodies. I also confirmed that aluminum toxicity can make you go crazy and erupt into violent emotional fits. (Seriously.) As you talk with people online, you may in fact notice this very behavior among some individuals.

I also discovered that taking four shots of Adya Clarity each day would expose you to a whopping 240+mg of iron sulfate. This is a level of daily iron consumption that is extremely dangerous. No wonder some of the Adya Clarity users out there who are taking daily shots describe their "healing effects" as things like "black stuff" coming out of their ears and their finger tips turning dark colors (I'm not kidding).

People, think before you drink!

Don't swallow some acidic metallic liquid just because some clever marketing webinar told you it was good for you. Read the dang labels. Ask some intelligent questions. Protect your health, folks, because you can be darn sure nobody else is going to protect it for you. Especially not when there's money to be made hawking stuff like vaccines, which also contain aluminum, by the way. That's one of the reasons we think vaccines may be linked to neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and autism.

I find it truly astonishing -- I mean just slap-your-face mind blowing -- that the VERY SAME PEOPLE who insist on avoiding vaccines, avoiding BPA in plastics, and even avoiding aluminum cookware are drinking aluminum sulfate out of shot glasses! It is nothing short of truly bewildering. Can you figure it out?

Want to read more? Here's the rest of this story, including a must-see chart of metals toxicity that will help you determine safe limits for exposure to iron and aluminum:

Copyrighted; copied with permission by Natural News 

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Posted: Oct 30, 2011 7:10am


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