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Aug 24, 2006
Dear Friends,

The following letter was posted to our group, Demanding tougher penalties for animal abuse!, by Jessica.  Thank you Jessica! 

It highlights an important need in the fight to end indiscriminate killing campaigns as the method used by governments in China for rabies prevention.
ACTAsia and CCAPN are local animal welfare organizations in China who are planning to take a stand against this barbaric practice and have asked the international community for support.  You may have seen their first letter posted in various groups here at Care2.  I know that Jessica and I have posted it, and maybe some of you have as well.

This is their second letter.  It says that they have received the backing of several organizations whose names they will publish in statements to the media and the Chinese government.  We should all be proud that Care2 is among the organizations of this list!

However, they need the support of even more organizations.  Most especially, they need the support of animal organizations in Asia.  And they need it soon.

The following link is a list of "organizations that act in the interest of Asian animals" published by the Asian Animal Protection Network.  My plan is to go down the list and email each organization.  I will provide a copy of the ACTAsia/CCAPN letter along with a personal message pleading for their support.

It is very important to support "on the ground efforts" that are working from the "inside", led and run by China's own citizens, to avoid the backlash from the governments in China who are being put on the defensive by "foreigners" and "outsiders" who "need to mind their own business".

China is not a democracy, and the Chinese people who are speaking out against not only this hateful abuse but many other violations of human and animal rights, do so at great personal risk.

So I am asking my friends to help me support them, whether it is by:

1.  writing an email to Pei and his colleagues at


expressing support of their efforts, condemning the practice of "dog culling" as unnecessarily brutal and completely ineffective, and calling for the implementation of affordable rabies prevention programs throughout the country;

2.  emailing as many Asian animal organizations as you can asking them to support the Chinese animal organizations in their efforts;

3.  spreading the word among your friends and groups here at Care2 and beyond;


4.  posting the HSUS websticker to your profile page or any webpage you publish (see my other share).

Any help would be most appreciated. 

I know so many of us have been looking for other ways to "do something" in addition to signing petitions and writing letters to our Ambassadors.  I truly believe that this is "something" we can do that can make a big difference.

Let's send a message to China: Vaccinate don't Eradicate!

Thanks so much to all of you!

Second Letter from ACTAsia and CCAPN

Update on lawsuit by Chinese Humane Societies 
Wednesday, 9:52 PM
Dear colleagues

Thank you for all of you who have sent your supporting statement to us for anti mass dog culling in China.  We received the supporting statements from the organisations in a
different part of the world.  Now, we need more support from animal organisations in Asia, in particularly.

If your organisation is condemning the mass dog culling and believe in human and effective alternatives for the rabies control, please send us the name of your organisation and the country of its location to us at <> and <> as soon as possible.

We will add it to the following list which will be presented to the media and government in China.

Thank you very much for your attention and we appreciate your

Best regards,

Pei F. Su

The list of all supporting organisations:

Princess Elizabeth De Croy, Refuge Thierney, France
The Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC)
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (ASPCA)
Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights, USA
The Animal Rescue & Adoption Society Denver, Colorado, USA
Blue Cross of India
Care, Inc.,
Cornwall's Voice for Amals.UK
EDEV, Netherland
Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali di Savona, Italy
In Defense of Animals, USA
India Visakha SPCA
Jane Goodal Institute (Beijing, China)
Humane Society of Baltimore County, USA
Humane Society of US & Human Society of International,
Hunter Animal Watch in Australia
Núria Querol, Fundación Altarriba, Spain
Paws for Thought Foundation, HK
Portland Inspection, USA
PRO Animals Finland
Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (RSPCA), UK,
Second Chance Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc., USA
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), UK
Volunteers in Defense of Animals USA & Bolivia

First letter from ACTAsia and CCAPN

Second Letter from ACTAsia and CCAPNFirst letter from ACTAsia and CCAPN
Dear Colleagues

I am sure that you are all appalled by the recent tragedy of the mass
killing of dogs in Mouding County, Yunan Province, in south west
China. Over 50,000 dogs were killed by inhumane methods, and although
they appear to have stopped, on Friday another city, Jining, in
Shangdong province, stated that it is planning to take the same
approach as a reaction to 16 rabies cases in the province over the
last 8 months.

I am sure that your organisation has been doing its best to help with
this tragic incident. I have been in close contact with the local
animal protection groups since the killings began, and I wanted to
inform you of the positive action being taken within China on this
issue, and also to ask for your assistance on behalf of the local

1) Local groups are working individually, and together through the
China Companion Animal Protection Network (CCAPN), and they are going
to issue a joint statement to protest the mass culling and send their
statements to the local and central governments.

The mass culling in Yunan Province is not a single incident, it
actually happens in China every year in different parts of the
country. The local groups recognise that they should use this
incident as an example to urge the government to have a humane policy
and methods for rabies elimination and dog control. They are
currently preparing a document for the government on this issue.

A peaceful anti-culling event will be held later this month in
China to condemn the mass culling in the country. The event has been
initiated by 28 local animal groups and will be attended by their
members and supporters.

4) The groups have said that international support is urgently
needed for local activities. However,
instead of directly contacting
the Chinese authorities, it would be very helpful if your
organisation could provide the local groups with a statement as
outlined below. This would help these groups in their discussions
with the authorities, and prevent any suggestion that the groups are
trying to undermine the Chinese government.
We would like to ask your group to issue a general statement
including the following points:

* That your organisation condemns the inhumane mass culling

* Why your groups do not believe mass culling will eliminate rabies

* Why China should have a humane dog control programme

* That your organisation supports the actions of the local
campaigning groups

Your statement would be used by local groups to constructively assist
dialogue with the authorities, and to generate animal-friendly media

Please send your statement to me (ACTAsia) at and Jia
Meng (CCAPN) at as soon as you can. Please
contact me if you have any enquiries. Your statement would be highly
appreciated by local groups campaigning on behalf of the animals.

Yours sincerely

Pei-Feng Su


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Posted: Aug 24, 2006 12:07pm


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