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Nov 23, 2013
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

I have just sent the following Message to President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and others:
We must absolutely STOP the privatization of our Prisons - and the QUOTAS for filling those Prisons and for Police making arrests! We must UN-privatize Prisons and go back to the previous status! We must start treating Prisoners as Human Beings and AGAIN go back to Rehabilitation as a Goal! not Revenge! We must get rid of all "Three Strikes You're Out" Laws. We must get rid of overly-long sentences. We must get RID of Solitary Confinement except for the most drastic cases! and NEVER for Juveniles! And speaking of Juveniles, we must STOP the School-to-Prison route! We must STOP using extreme punishments and Police measures, for what used to be considered minor infractions in Schools! We must STOP Police Racial Profiling and treating Black and Ethnic Minority kids - and adults! - worse than White people. We must STOP warehousing mentally ill people, and drug-and-alcohol-addicted people, and elderly sick people, in Prisons - they belong in compassionate care facilities! Facilities which we should BUILD, if enough of them don't exist! We DON'T need to build more Prisons, even tho these bring in huge Profit$$$ for their greedy sponsors! Our whole Prison-Industrial Complex is SICK! and a CRIME in and of itself. We must STOP exploiting Prison Labor for cheap Industrial manufactures. We must seek and institute ALTERNATIVES for Juvenile offenders. We must NOT jail Victims of Human Trafficking, of any age! We must RELEASE those in prison for minor Marijuana charges, especially as Marijuana is becoming perfectly Legal in more and more States. We must STOP the Militarization of Police; and we must STOP trigger-happy Police who must be reined in and disciplined, when they shoot unarmed Citizens and Family Pets, often KILLING them! I realize that a President doesn't have the ability to do ALL of this - BUT, if a President or Public Official SHOWS LEADERSHIP and starts a DIALOGUE on these Vital Topics, there is more likelihood of ACTION BEING TAKEN. Please CONSIDER CAREFULLY what is being recommended here. The Civil Liberties of ALL Citizens, are actually in deadly Peril, as things are and have been headed.

Nov 15, 2013
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Protest
Location: United States

I have just sent this message to the President of the United States.

And my Senators and Representative: [Please consider sending a SIMILAR message to YOUR Public Officials!]

It is time to get REAL, get SERIOUS about stopping Climate Change and Global Warming, leading to more Typhoons and devastation of Island Nations. We MUST make an ALL-OUT GO-FOR-BROKE EFFORT using EVERY SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCE at our command, like the Manhattan Project that made The Bomb. Otherwise, we are committing GENOCIDE, CLIMATE CHANGE GENOCIDE on all peoples who live on islands or by the seashore. Mostly these people are brown-skinned and they are POOR, and they have no way to escape when the storms and waves hit... They have done NOTHING to deserve this, and the Wealthy Nations have done EVERYTHING to inflict this upon them. Now we must COMPLETELY CHANGE OUR COURSE OF DESTRUCTION. Instantly. This is more important than any WAR could possibly be. We are NOT "defending the World" when our actions - OUR actions! - are really DESTROYING the entire World! If we immediately stopped ALL insane and innately wasteful "defense" spending on Military Hardware, and diverted ALL those funds to STOPPING GLOBAL WARMING - that would be REAL "defense", of Lives and of a Decent WAY to Live. DO. IT. NOW. You CAN. You MUST. With Leadership, we ALL can combine our Strengths into this great Effort.

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Posted: Nov 15, 2013 3:03am
Nov 10, 2013
Focus: Death Penalty
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Court Had Thick Russian Accent   video
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: BostonBombings, BostonMarathonBombings, BostonBombers, Dzhokar, Tsarnaev, Russianaccent, phoney, actor, faketrial )
BMutiny  -

Watch the video until it gets to the video where Dzhokar is playing with, teasing a young family member. He has NO accent! Also, the sketch DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HIM. His NOSE, his Bone Structure, is DIFFERENT. Not just puffiness. Draw your own conclusions!


Underneath this News Item, I've written a rather lengthy essay on my opinions, and on the UNDISPUTED FACTS of the matter.

I'm asking your patience to PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING when you have leisure to do so! This needs to get publicity. We need to be SANE about this act of Terrorism. WHO is the Guilty Party? ALL MY RESEARCH SO FAR - and I have done a LOT of it! - ALL MY RESEARCH SO FAR, has not uncovered ONE THING that Djhokar Tsarnaev can be accused of, NOT ONE! [NO video showing him planting any bombs - please read my Comments for much, much more. The govt HAS NO CASE AT ALL.]




By ANY means, TORTURE - or TRICKERY. Or both.

The jail time will be served by the REAL Djhokar - IF HE IS ALIVE STILL - and not by his surrogate or "double" - IF THERE IS ONE.
How about that "puffy face" and "apparent facial injury" - not to mention the "thick - THICK! - Russian accent". PLASTIC SURGERY OF THE SURROGATE???
The SURROGATE who will make the CONFESSION IN COURT for all to hear?????
[And then either be offed - or go into a govt witness protection program...]
Djhokar's Wrestling Teammates, say on the Video, that the - {?} surrogate's {?} - BODY LANGUAGE didn't "match" Djhokar's - and THEY SHOULD KNOW, right??? of ALL people...
Maybe the govt TROTTED THE SURROGATE OUT at this time, to see if he could "pass"... even if the coaching and the plastic surgery weren't quite completed yet...
I'm just speculatin'.
A CONFESSION BY SURROGATE, IN OPEN COURT would maybe be the ONLY way the govt could be SURE...
'cuz these Chechens, man, they are KNOWN TO BE VERY, VERY TOUGH.....!]

BMutiny TheCorporationsAreEvil     Barbara


Nov 5, 2013
Focus: Corporate Responsibility
Action Request: Protest
Location: United States

GMOs make laboratory animals STERILE - is there any reason to think it will be any different for Humans???!!!
GMOs cause Autism, Allergies, Diabetes in kids.
GMOs KILL POLLINATORS - bees, birds, butterflies, beneficial insects.
GMOs are GENOCIDAL POISON - for us, and for the entire PLANET.
Monsanto is a CRIMINAL OPERATION and its CEOs belong IN PRISON FOR LIFE.
Corporations no longer in the PUBLIC INTEREST should be, and MUST be, DISSOLVED. {They are NOT people. They should be KILLED, DEAD.}

That is this week's message that I sent to the President, and to my two Senators and my Representative. I write them just about each week - a Snail Mail letter, and an e-mail. I figure it will at least get the attention of a couple of people at the Office that handle the mail!

Oct 5, 2013

This is my Weekly Message I e-mail to the President, my two Senators, and my Representative. Of course, I am aware that there is NO-ONE THERE to receive this message! So it's a little different from the usual... [Heading, Veterans]

Sent to the President: [His Staff, of course]:
If this Communication is not processed, that is YOUR loss. This is like a WARNING. Ever hear of "The Law of Unintended Consequences"? The Repukelicans may be doing themselves in, in more than one way. There are now NO VETERANS BENEFITS, Educational, Medical, help for Families, help with PTSD, help with Housing, Jobs, NOTHING. {Not that there WAS all that much "help" - but it was at least SOMEthing!} But, the WAR CONTRACTORS AND WAR PROFITEERS, the Fat Cats and their Stooges in Congress, ARE STILL BEING FUNDED. But, now, under the circumstances, WHY SHOULD THE SOLDIERS FIGHT?!? WHY put themselves in harm's way? WHY kill and be killed? WHY? When there will be NOTHING IN IT FOR THEM, when they get back - IF they get back. {We downplay the DEATH STATISTICS.} Would SERVE CONGRESS AND THE WAR DEPARTMENT RIGHT, if soldiers simply REFUSED TO CARRY ON. Because, when and IF they get back, there's nothing for them but BEGGING ON THE SIDEWALKS and SLEEPING IN DOORWAYS. Soldiers aren't all that Stupid as you think. The cozy relationship between Military Contractors, the Pentagon and Congress, may just be CHALLENGED. This message is for the Presidential and Congressional STAFF. {The only ones who ever read this stuff anyway.} Again, if you don't get around to "processing this", then SO MUCH THE WORSE FOR CONGRESS. They can't say they HAVEN'T BEEN WARNED. Congress may have instigated A HORNET'S NEST OF RESISTANCE AND SUBVERSION OF THE ORDINARY RULES. The "Law of Unintended Consequences" can be a Killer-Diller.....

Sep 29, 2013

Each Week I e-mail President Obama, my two Senators, and my Representative. This is the e-mail I sent them this Week: [Headings of Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs or International Relations]:

With regard to War Against Syria - or anywhere else - whether bombing, drones, or "boots on the ground" - GIVE UP any idea of Reviving War Fever in the Public. We The PEOPLE are SICK OF IMPERIALIST WARS AND ENDLESS OCCUPATIONS. We DON'T want our Tax Monies WASTED on the Pentagon, not for "Defense", but to ATTACK Foreign Sovereign Countries. And for Contractor boondoggles, greed and bribery and corruption and enriching giant Corporations and War Suppliers! The ONLY ONES WHO WANT WAR, are the Corporations and Munitions Manufacturers that make BILLIONS in Profit$$$, off of the Death, Destruction and endless Suffering of Millions of Human Beings. These should NOT be rewarded, but should rather be JAILED AS WAR CRIMINALS, and as War Enablers for their own utterly SELFISH purposes. To be PATRIOTIC, to truly LOVE ONE'S COUNTRY, is to be AGAINST WAR AND AGAINST THE CORPORATIONS THAT BENEFIT FROM WARS. We The PEOPLE, KNOW, that War and Invasion and Occupation are all a GIANT FRAUD, HOAX, SCAM, and CON GAME. The curtain is drawn, the veil is off, the TRUTH is now known. We're FED UP, we're NOT BUYING IT. The WHOLE DIRECTION OF POLICY MUST CHANGE - TOWARDS DIPLOMACY AND DIPLOMATIC SOLUTIONS. The soldiers AREN'T GOING TO KEEP FIGHTING just so some Fat Cat can SUCK THEIR BLOOD for his living!!!!!

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Posted: Sep 29, 2013 3:59pm
Sep 23, 2013

This is a message I just sent to President Obama:

I hope you have a sense of how RELIEVED the people of the United States were - not to mention the people of the World! - when the decision was made, NOT to bomb Syria - to go for Diplomacy and International Controls instead.

In fact, WE ARE SICK OF WARS. And, we recognize War for the HUGE SCAM that it is. And, we have somehow LOST our enthusiasm for Invasion and Occupation - these exercises KILL PEOPLE, really MURDER PEOPLE, ONLY for the benefit of the WEALTHY.

This realization is GROWING. It is eclipsing "my country right or wrong". We do NOT celebrate or want to further the "WRONG". We are getting FED UP.

Soldiers in unprecedented numbers are COMMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE OF THEIR GUILT FEELINGS, at being asked to murder and torture in a POINTLESS WAR. This has not happened in previous Wars, not on this scale! Even those securely and safely directing the DRONES, are RIVEN WITH GUILT that won't let them go!

THIS HAS TO END. The GIANT SCAM, HOAX AND FRAUD that is aggressive WARFARE, has to end NOW! We the People are not going along with it. "You can't fool all of the people all of the time." Even Rightists and Leftists and Liberals, Doves and former Hawks, are coming together united on this.

The mega-wealthy Contractors who grossly fatten their Bank Accounts, battening off of Wars, fueling BOTH sides, they are coming to the end of the line. Let them rot in Hell! Ignore their screams and howls!

There is a POPULAR REVOLT AGAINST WAR - even among the Soldiers and Officers of the various branches of the Service! War is exposed as the NON-WORKABLE "SOLUTION" it actually is - again, as the SCAM OF SCAMS, nothing more and nothing less.

Accept that War is FINISHED. NO 9/11 "terrorist threat" is going to stampede the people into another one again.

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Posted: Sep 23, 2013 1:44am
Sep 13, 2013
Focus: GLBT
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

The first time I heard about legislation banning “homosexual propaganda“, I thought it was funny. Quaint. I thought the last time anyone had used those words in earnest I had been a kid and my girlfriend hadn’t been born yet. Whatever they meant when they enacted laws against “homosexual propaganda” in the small towns of Ryazan or Kostroma, it could not have anything to do with reality, me or the present day. This was a bit less than two years ago.

What woke me up was a friend who messaged me on Facebook: “I am worried about how this might impact you and other LGBT people with families.” This was enough to get my imagination working. Whatever they meant by “homosexual propaganda”, I probably did it. I had two kids and a third on the way (my girlfriend was pregnant), which would mean I probably did it in front of minors. And this, in turn, meant the laws could in fact apply to me. First, I would be hauled in for administrative offences and fined and then, inevitably, social services would get involved.

That was enough to get me to read the legislation, which by now had been passed in about 10 towns and was about to become law in St Petersburg, the second-largest city in the country. Here is what I read: homosexual propaganda was defined as “the purposeful and uncontrolled distribution of information that can harm the spiritual or physical health of a minor, including forming the erroneous impression of the social equality of traditional and non-traditional marital relations”.

Russia has a lot of poorly written laws and regulations that contradict its own constitution, but this one was different. Like other contemporary laws, it was so vaguely worded that it encouraged corruption and extortion (fines for “homosexual propaganda” are backbreaking) and made selective enforcement inevitable. But it also did something that had never been done in Russian law before: it enshrined second-class citizenship for LGBT people. Think about it: it made it an offence to claim social equality.

St Petersburg passed the law in March 2012. I no longer thought it was funny. I actually choked up when I saw the news item about the bill being proposed at the federal level. My girlfriend had recently had a baby and this, among other things, meant we needed to sell our tiny cars and trade up to something that accommodated three kids and a pram. I asked her: “Are we doing this or do we just need to get out of the country?” We decided we were doing it. We are fighters, not quitters.

So I launched the pink-triangle campaign. I went on TVRain, independent internet and satellite-based television and recorded a segment showing pictures of my family and explaining how the law would make it a crime to say my family was equal to other families. I explained the history of the pink triangle. I called on people who did not want to see fascism in Russia to put on pink triangles.

Though I have always been publicly out, I had never done what I did then – talked about my family and asked to be seen as a lesbian rather than a journalist first. It seemed to work beautifully. People wrote to me and came up to me in the street. I had had 6,000 pink triangles printed up and I got rid of most of them within a few weeks.

The public chamber, an extraparliamentary body formed by the Kremlin, scheduled a hearing on the legislation. I testified, as did a number of human rights activists I respected. The chair read out a draft resolution. I also received private assurances from highly placed officials present that the legislation would never make it to the parliament’s floor.

That was a year ago. The public chamber’s resolution never materialised. In January 2013, the Duma passed the bill in first reading. The protesters who came to the parliament building that day were beaten up. There had been anti-gay violence in Russia before, most notably when a group of activists had attempted to hold a gay pride celebration in Moscow, but never like this: brutal beatings in broad daylight as the police looked on – and eventually detained the protesters, not the attackers.

One of my closest friends took part in the protest at the Duma that day. The following day, he was fired from his job teaching biology at one of the city’s better schools. He was eventually reinstated after a public outcry – he was arguably the city’s best-known teacher, with his own podcast and television and radio series – but I knew one thing: if he had been a gay man rather than a heterosexual ally, he would never teach in the city again. Oh, and around the same time, Moscow City court banned gay pride celebrations for the next 100 years.

In March, the St Petersburg legislator who had become a spokesman for the law started mentioning me and my “ perverted family” in his interviews. I contacted an adoption lawyer asking whether I had reason to worry that social services would go after my family and attempt to remove my oldest son, whom I adopted in 2000. The lawyer wrote back telling me to instruct my son to run if he is approached by strangers and concluding: “The answer to your question is at the airport.”

In June, the “homosexual propaganda” bill became federal law. The Duma passed a ban on adoptions by same-sex couples and by single people living in countries where same-sex marriage is legal. The head of the parliamentary committee on the family pledged to create a mechanism for removing children from same-sex families.

Two things happened to me the same month: I was beaten up in front of parliament for the first time and I realised that in all my interactions, including professional ones, I no longer felt I was perceived as a journalist first: I am now a person with a pink triangle.

My family is moving to New York. We have the money and documents needed to do that with relative ease – unlike thousands of other LGBT families and individuals in Russia. — By Masha Gessen © Guardian News and Media 2013

Image – Masha Gessen (left) and other Russian gay-rights activists protest outside the lower house of Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, in Moscow. AFP

Aug 3, 2013

The case AGAINST a Boycott: as recorded in the Gay Press:
The Gay Community, including the Gay Community in RUSSIA, itself, is DIVIDED on this issue.
23 Russian LGBT activists have issued a statement calling for a boycott of the Games, scheduled to begin February 7, 2014, in the resort town of Sochi.
"Vladimir Putin's regime will not get away with anti-Gay violence. We speak out in favor of boycotting Russian goods and Companies, and the Olympic Games in Sochi."

Other Russian activists, however, are urging the world to participate in the games but use the occasion to protest Russia's anti-Gay policies.
The Russian LGBT Network, an NGO affiliated with the International Lesbian and Gay Association {ILGA}, called for athletes and spectators to attend the games but visibly display solidarity with Russia's LGBT population. [See entire statement, too long to post here, on the ILGA FACEBOOK PAGE.]
"Do not boycott the Olympics - boycott Homophobia! Stand in solidarity with people in Russia and bring LGBT pride and values of human rights and freedoms to the Games in Sochi!"
Moscow Pride leader Nikolai Alekseev announced his group would organize a "Sochi Pride" to correspond with the opening day of the Olympics.
"Join us! It will be much more effective to draw attention to official homophobia in Russia all around the world and expose the hypocrisy of the International Olympic committee, which went into discriminatory agreements with [the] Russian regime, and of the European Court of Human Rights, which still has not considered our complaint... Vive Sochi Pride 2014!"

Two of the most prominent Gay American Olympians also joined in opposition to a boyott of the Sochi games: Gay figure skater Johnny Weir.... announced that he would compete at Sochi. [Altho the Russian Hate Campaign] "is heartbreaking and a travesty of international proportions... I still will compete... I implore the world not to boycott..."
Olympic diver and AIDS activist Greg Louganis told the New York Times that "Boycotts don't work... boycotts hurt the wrong people," meaning athletes who lose their opportunity to compete rather than the host country.
Weir and Louganis are joined by Gay New Zealand speed-skater Blake Skjellerup, who announced he would compete wearing a rainbow pin while in Sochi. "For me it's less about taking a stand and more about just being myself," he said. "I have no interest in going back into the closet in Sochi..."
[Former Olympic Athlete] John Carlos, [who in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, made waves by raising his fist in a Black Power salute on the medal stand], said: "The bottom line is, if you stay home, your
message stays home with you... Don't let your message be buried and don't bury yourself. To be heard is to be greater than a boycott..."

The International Olympic Committee issued a statement... saying it had "received assurances from the highest levels" of the Russian government that athletes and fans would be exempt from arrest...
Nevertheless, Russian officials maintain that they will enforce Russian law. [!]
[Whom do you BELIEVE?]
[Also, if Olympians are "exempt", how about the innocent LGBT people who LIVE in Russia who are NOT "exempt"? How best to SHOW SOLIDARITY with them. An OPEN Question!]

This CONSIDERABLY CONDENSED from "A Debate of Olympic Proportions: Should the LGBT community boycott the 2014 Winter Games in Russia?"
by Mike Andrew, Seattle Gay News Staff Writer.
The Statements and Interviews in fuller detail, are available elsewhere on the Internet.

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Posted: Aug 3, 2013 2:40pm
Jul 24, 2013
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

Watch out for those ATTEMPTING TO PROVOKE VIOLENCE during November 5th demonstrations.
DON'T let them get away with it! STOP THEM physically, if you have to!
By either the cops, or the gun-toting "stand your ground" crazies, or BOTH.
Those urging on violence in the demonstrations, ARE ACTUALLY WORKING FOR THE OPPOSITE SIDE.

DON'T let agitators between now and Nov 5th - like on Faux News - don't let them DIVIDE THE RACES AND CLASSES, one from the other!
They will try to have us TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER, instead of against the 1%!
This often has worked QUITE WELL!
They will MANIPULATE YOUR PERCEPTIONS, play on everyone's fears...
WATCH OUT FOR, and EXPOSE, instances of this when you see them..

There are TWO "fault lines" where the 1%, and their agents, will TRY TO DIVIDE US.
[And they have almost the entire Media to do it with!]

You can see this starting NOW, with Right-wing media's reaction to the Trayvon Martin case.
They will TRY TO POSIT US, AS EACH OTHERS' ENEMIES - Blacks vs. Whites, "Dangerous" Blacks vs. "Racist" Whites - instead of us UNITING IN A COMMON CAUSE - as we DID do during the Civil Rights Movement!
That is ONE, very OBVIOUS way the 1% are trying and WILL TRY HARDER, to turn us against EACH OTHER rather than Unite against the Elite 1%!

The OTHER great fault line they will use, is MEN AGAINST WOMEN. One tactic of the AGENTS infiltrated into the Movement, is to DISPARAGE AND ATTACK WOMEN - AS WOMEN. Then the Women get MAD, then the Agents diss them even MORE, then the Movement Women get mad at ALL THE MEN {for not defending them}, and so it ESCALATES. Then the Women might even leave in a huff! or some of them... Mission Accomplished!!!
If you SEE A MOVEMENT MAN DISPARAGE AND ATTACK A WOMAN, OR WOMEN, *AS* WOMEN - then you are DEALING WITH AN AGENT, NOT with a "real" Movement person. {Same with Gays - but I have not heard of this tactic actually being used, yet. But, it is theoretically possible.}
I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE. Believe me!!! No Bullscheiss.....

I will try and post REMINDERS every once-in-a-while, to keep us READY AND ON OUR TOES...
Oh by the way, SOME AGENTS POSE AS GAY PEOPLE {when they're not} - for extra "street creds"...
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Posted: Jul 24, 2013 8:51pm

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