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Jun 23, 2009

Hey, y'all.  While the higer-ups continue with their cover-ups, I am pushing ahead with my manuscript.  I joined Facebook and will join other online sites in serch of an agent/publisher for my manuscript, "The Cochran Firm Fraud."  Here is my introduction

Mary Neal "The Cochran Firm Fraud" is a manuscript that is near completion. I am looking for an agent for this true story of an American family whose weakest member - a lifelong mentally ill heart patient - was secretly arrested and returned as a corpse, like some of the Guantamo camp detainees. Larry Neal's 2003 death was followed by an elaborate conspiracy of secrecy and cover-up involving Shelby County Jail, the USDOJ, and the family's wrongful death attorneys. Just as the Bush administration's DOJ secretly issued orders to torture Guantanamo detainees and promised military personnel and doctors there would be no accountability demanded of them for their acts, similar secrecy and protections are in place regarding Larry's death. Ours is the only American family in 21st century to have a member secretly arrested and returned dead with no explanation, excuse, full autopsy report, no arrest records, and DENIED any investigation - or are we only the first? Cochran Firm Fraud videos are on YouTube.


I am still awaiting a definitive response from the USDOJ, under our new Washington administration that believes in open disclosure and equal justice for all, regarding my Freedom of Information Act request to answer this:  WHY DID THE DOJ ALLOW TESTIMONY FROM SHELBY COUNTY JAIL IN FEDERAL HEARINGS WHEREIN THE JAIL OMITTED REPORTING LARRY NEAL'S DEATH AFTER THE DOJ ALREADY KNEW ABOUT LARRY'S SECRET DEATH AND THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD?

USDOJ notified me by letter dated 5/28/09 that our FIOA regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal in Shelby County Jail on August 1, 2003 has been referred to the two offices below.  The USDOJ indicated that these offices have 20 business days to respond timely: 

Federal Bureau of Prisons          
(202) 514-6655                        

Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys
(202) 616-6757

My goodness!  We ought to hear from them this week.  Unless they must wait to get my directions where to look in USDOJ files for records pertaining to USA v. Shelby County Jail.  They seem to have forgotten how to find their records suddenly!

From USDOJ - dated June 9, 2009

The files and records of US Attorneys are maintained in over one hundred separate offices throughout the U.S.  Please identify the specific U.S. Attorney's office(s) where you believe the records may be located.  This would be primarily the district(s) in which a prosecution or litigation occurred.

I kind of thought they would look in the same place they looked to answer our FIOA Request in 2007, after an 18-month delay and intervention by a senator.

Hope the DOJ does not respond by saying that there is no such thing as Shelby Co. Jail in Memphis or no such person as Larry Neal.  That may sound silly, but it is exactly what some folks have done in this case - claimed non-existence.  Stay tuned.  Let me know you know any agents or publishers interested in a true story with:

- secret arrest, intrigue, and death
- collusion in high places
- government cover-up
- car chases
- threats and endangerment of victims' survivors
- human interest (a family coping with wrongful death, attorney fraud, theats, cyberstalkers, cyberterrorists, and in-person stalking)

This is how Larry Neal's family wound up almost six years later with no accountability whatsoever about Larry's secret arrest and death - denial of due process of law and intimidation to Larry's family for daring to ask "WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?"

The managing partner of The Cochran Firm Memphis office did not tell Larry's family that he was a 20 yr member of the Shelby Co. Commission, which owns and operates the jail.  When Shelby County Govt. knew The Cochran Firm had our wrongful death lawsuit, Shelby Co. did not send a mandatory report to the USDOJ about Larry's secret arrest and death.  The Cochran Firm did nothing in 10.5 months it was under contract with Larry's elderly mother to get records or sue the jail, and TN only has a 12-mo. statute of limitations.  Larry's family was tricked into believing we had legal advocates following Larry's demise in order to prevent the jail having to account for Larry's death and pay damages.

When Shelby Co. Jail applied for release from federal overview after lawsuit by the USA for abuse to inmates, the USDOJ allowed Shelby Co. officials to enter perjury into federal court release hearings by omitting Larry's death in their testimony and records submitted.  When Larry's family sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud - holding their lawsuit inactive while pretending to represent them - the firm claimed to have NO law offices in Georgia, where the suit was filed.  Based on that LIE, Judge Wendy Shoob of GA Sup. Ct. then dismissed the fraud case against the law firm. 

The Neals then sued The Cochran Firm in USDC under the Diversity Rule (which cannot legally be used unless defendants have no office in the state with plaintiffs).  Judge Batten allowed Shelby Co. Jail to refuse to honor the federal subpoena to release records on Larry's incarceration, and allowed Cox Enterprises (owner of Atlanta Journal Constitution and Channel 2) to ignore a federal subpoena to release records on The Cochran Firm's advertising that attracts African Americans and Latinos to that firm.  Judge Batten then gave The Cochran Firm summary judgment, calling their breach of contract and fraud against Larry's family "immaterial." 

Mainstream media sells ads for The Cochran Firm across America, and keeps the news of Larry's death and the firm's fraud out of the news.  Guantanamo-type conspiracies are used against Larry Neal's survivors to prevent open disclosure and accountability about his death.  Since this writer began reporting about it on the Internet, I was subjected to cyberterrorism and in-person stalking as reported in The Cochran Firm Fraud videos 1 and 2 on YouTube, but police did not respond to my 911 emergency call when trapped at an area Chevron station surrounded by four cars of men and a US DOT truck, and they will not investigate any of my stalking events that were witnessed by many people.

Death and abuse of inmates and extreme measures to prevent public disclosure are NOT limited to Guantanamo.  Americans who seek justice in civil court have U.S. Code 18, 242 and 245 to protect them from illegal harassment and endangerment, but do we have a justice deparment that will actually uphold the law?

I have mostly remained home since being waylaid at the neighborhood Chevron station on September 27, 2008.  It wasn't hard for my mom and me to stay indoors after that, especially after Duanna Johnson was executed on Nov. 9.  She was the transgender person who intended to sue Shelby County Jail after her beating there was viewed worldwide on video.  The deadline neared to file Duanna's lawsuit, but she was murdered a few weeks after my family helped me escape four vehicles and a US DOT truck that accosted me at the Chevron and police did not respond to my 911 emergency call during the hour that concerned store patrons and I waited for them. 

I write about this a good deal hoping that there is increased safety in disclosure since the police refuses to help.  Mainstream media won't cover it, and sometimes I have to fight cyberstalkers for hours just to post a few lines.  The media finally started covering the Guantanamo deaths and tortures, I understand.  The Bush administration's DOJ was something, wasn't it?  I sure hope Holder's is better.

Feel free to send any literary agents to this post.  Having to stay sequestered in my home, I need to write for a living. Thanks for your interest.


Mary Neal

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Posted: Jun 23, 2009 6:02pm


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Mary Neal
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