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Sep 26, 2013
Buffalohair: As Prophecy Comes To Pass / Plastic People Party
Little Running Deer on September 25th, 2013
As Prophecy Comes To Pass, Plastic People Party

frank zappa

Government is the Entertainment Division of the               Military-Industrial Complex”                                        –Frank Zappa

‘Ambivalence and Ignorance’ is bliss and nothing proves this more than watching people pray and cheer at the all mighty stock market. Ironically, as they watch with joy while markets climb to new heights they are still loosing their jobs and homes. If you did not notice, the ever achieving stock markets has only benefited an absolute minority of the population while tossing crumbs to the desperate masses by comparison. ‘The Nick of Time’ will never come to those who need it the most no matter how high the market travels. The bitter irony is that profiteering from foreclosures was partially responsible for the market uptick. In essence people are celebrating profits made from their own demise in many cases and not only in real estate. Life on Planet Pavlov…


Good thing this minuet but wealthy population controls the presses and media because reality sucks for the vast majority of us carbon based life forms. Ambivalence and ignorance should actually be called ‘Stupidity and Political Blindness’. The shear magnitude of fraud being perpetrated by trusted  and beloved government officials is ‘In your face’ and their corporate cronies are laughing all the way to the bank. But like starving chickens in a coup, people scramble to gather the scratch and corn from the farmer. And all the while the farmer is selecting the next fat bird to butcher, just like a Banker. Talk about George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ becoming a Reality TV Show. Someone please hand me the ‘clicker’.

Is this the ‘Renaissance’ of the aberrant and repugnant behavior of corporate hooligans that would dine on their young or start a war if it meant corporate profits? Right off the top it is clear that Renaissance is out of the question since vested corporate interests have already ruled the nation untethered since the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You remember JFK, the guy who chose to stand against the Military Industrial Complex and planned to stop the Vietnam War. Well they whacked his brother Bobbie to. Oh well, screw that story, so much for a happy ending for it goes down hill from there.

With corporate dolollies, and the suckers who feed on them, at the helm of the socioeconomic pulse of a nation it should be of no surprise that all is not actually well in Lilliput or the EU for that matter. If all is well then why are cities and townships waging war on the rising tide of homeless people by passing legislation to criminalize their poverty? Sad enough China is buying up all the American’s foreclosed homes. The real criminals are walking the streets waging land grabs & wars for natural resources at the expense of innocent people around the world, some call it murder while others call it genocide. Just label villagers and freedom fighters terrorist, Muslim or Al Qaeda, if they oppose your land grab, then its OK to slaughter their families and community they lived in. Screw trials and the cornerstone of liberty and justice, it’s only collateral damage. That is just messed up.

Sadly its the US citizen that must bare the brunt for the crimes against humanity committed by western corporations in their quest for resources or simply a picturesque place to build a resort or casino, screw the villagers who’ve resided there for eons. They wear grass skirts and eat fish so who cares? Haiti should have been a major red flag in exposing non governmental and governmental corruption of donated emergency relief funds. Billions flowed into this disaster stricken nation only to finance the building of 5 star luxury resorts, just ask Bill ‘Monsanto’ Clinton and George War for Profits’ Bush. Ask these corporate stooges where they spent the money donated to their Haitian charity. America and its leadership were supposed to put the nations best foot forward in Haiti’s hour of need, not a pigs cloven hoof covered in feces. And you wonder why we are spate upon by the world. Dodging loogies, the next Great American pastime.

National leaders have chosen to trump the mortal concerns of innocent civilian populations (even their own) on every continent for vested corporate interests, except Antarctica. Give ‘Global Manifest Destiny’ and its architects, the global vermin elite, time and soon the South Pole will be covered in Walmart bags, penguins would be forced to live in ‘colonies or reservations’ if their meat and hides are not marketable. But chances are corporate thugs would simply have them exterminated like their ancestors did to the noble buffalo in America. Come to think of it, they almost exterminated my people. Fortunately I come from the ‘Dog Nation’ and like our brother the coyote, we still returned. “Arf”, I say as I pee on your Gucci Horsebit Loafers.

‘Plastic People’, circa 1965, is a term I adopted from the late great musician ‘Frank Zappa’ and his band, ‘The Mothers of Invention’. Surely you remember The Mothers of Invention. After all, in the 60′s and throughout their career they were harbingers warning us of the encroaching corporate fascist agenda, the destruction of civil society and basic freedom. So did President Dwight D. Eisenhower but he did not have a rock band. Besides, The Mothers of Invention had a Cheyenne drummer/vocalist, Jimmy Carl Black and us Dog People do stick together. Just remember, it was only a few years since JFK was whacked when Zappa coined the phrase ‘Plastic People’. Kennedy stood in the way of massive corporate profits from the Vietnam War. Fortunately Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson took the helm after the horrific assassination. A vise president and wife who were financially invested in the Southeast Asian War only added intrigue to this tale, especially since JFK was in the midst of ending the war or maybe it was all just a coincidence.

Opps! Lyndon escalated the war, contrary to his predecessors intentions, to the chagrin of a nation and the joy of the *’Plastic People’; the folks who profited from the war through stocks and bonds. Was LBJ the father of Plastic People? And the funny part was the fact politicians on both sides of the isle were profiting from the war regardless of their public flatulations, just like today. Frankly speaking, the Plastic People of Zappa fame have taken over and the wars they’ve spawned are carbon copies of the Vietnam War with regard to profiteering from death through frugal investments in the military industrial complex. What pisses me off is that many idealist hippies ended up becoming Plastic People after all. They must have only been into all that protest stuff to score chicks and get free dope, now they rule corporations. Things have not changed since ‘Nam’ other than location and the excuse for a lucrative war for its all about the money, bada bing, bada bang, bada boom, capice?

Win, loose or draw, select investors always win with a stacked deck of cards as stocks soar and portfolios grow with every high tech multi million dollar rocket volley or shipment of vehicles to replace the ones destroyed by IEDs. The Plastic People party on the bones of their fellow countrymen & women who were in the military using expensive hardware, munitions and ultimately loosing their lives so elitists can have platinum toilet seats, eat GMO free food and frolic in blood money they acquired from crimes against humanity. The smell of absolute greed has become the stench that fills hallways where the sweet fragrance of liberty once wafted. In reality the Plastic People are nothing more than lemmings who will purposely march to their own demise for the corporate bottom line. They will follow their false G*D as he lures them along with a chunk of funny yellow metal, like a rat to cheese.

The cool part is the fact this is also a part of prophecy from dogmas and ideological principals from around the world. Its just a real suck time to be a good person and a frigging nice guy, gads! (Grits Teeth) If you had your ducks in a row spiritually speaking and comfortable with our true spiritual reality then all this stuff is ‘nothing but a meatball’ since you already know the deal. What deal? Surely if you’re spiritually inclined and already made that crucial spiritual connection with good guys and did not pee all over yourself praying to that cretin false G*D, you would know what I am talking about. Global vermin are supposed to have their heyday and languish in their ill gotten goods, blood money and stolen land for it is also a sign that their days, including the days of their false G*D, ‘Mork’ are numbered and there is nothing they can do to alter their destiny. Pay attention boys and girls for our technological Achilles tendon will soon be severed dealing a fatal blow to technocrats everywhere, including Mork and his merry band of buttheads.

Corporatist thugs watched in loathsome glee as innocent people were killed while being used as human shields in wars spawned by them but soon their false G*D will use them as shields when his mortality is reveled. Butt Cracker Mork and his paranormal chums are not G*Ds, just pseudo terrestrial douche bags who bedazzled some very ignorant people a zillion years ago. These dummies have been killing in the name of their false G*D ever since, how far beyond stupid is that eh? Don’t matter, who, what, when, where, how and why, their days are numbered and it will manifest itself in absolutely every aspect of life we all enjoin. We have blood on our hands and are guilty of complacency at the very least, and I sure was no cherry during my ‘goon’ years. So don’t feel like the ‘Lone Ranger’ writhe with guilt & ‘Original Sin’ and I don’t mean that lame movie, holay! What were you thinking John? Tonto means ‘moron and fool’ in Spanish. Or was it your intent to berate natives for your corporate handlers? Jump through the hoop Johnny, jump through the hoop, gads.

Everyone will get a taste of the crap sandwich retribution will muster as nature flexes her might in ways yet to be discovered or ignored by our collective of alchemists and politically motivated fraudsters with pocket protectors. Agenda based environmental shenanigans by all parties, good and bad, will disappear as survival takes center stage in our daily activities while we scrounge for food and warmth just to stay alive. Nature will reign supreme over all of life like a dominatrix with a dungeon full of slaves. The measure of pain we endure will be reflective of the pain we’ve distributed in our lifetime. Gads, that’s going to leave a mark, in my case anyway. Yup, like they say on the streets, “What comes around, goes around”. Mans existence will be known for what it actually is, a tiny hemorrhoid but a royal pain in the ass none the less.

There is no way man or false G*D can physically prepare enough for what is in store for them and their lack of a positive spiritual connection or conduit to the spirit world is their death nil regardless of all the toys money can buy and gizmos Mork and his team try to conger to line their underground habitat. Funny how ‘False G*D Mork’ needs technological devices, advanced as it is, to putter around and stuff. He and his fat head chums are just as screwed as us when it is all said and done. Hmm, funny how prophecies foretell of these boneheads and how they would be diametrically opposed to spirituality, prophecy and its ultimate conclusion. Guess they have issues foretelling their demise for some reason. The Plastic People will know in their hearts my words are all poppycock and their Frisbee Flying, B.S. Artist, False G*D, ‘Mork’, is ‘Da Man’, how far beyond stupid is that? Actually it’s not stupid, it’s prophecy…

For all you spiritual types who walk your talk with absolute faith within your respective dogmas and ideological principals, yup it’s all happening and its not your imagination. You know, spirits buzzing around, but just remember they were always there, only now some people are beginning to see them. Others will follow and eventually spirits will be hard to ignore. So don’t get your panties in a bunch because some plastic spirits are talking smack in your ear. They are just pissed that you are aware of their lameness and the fact they are all mouth who needs fear to control spiritually challenged humans.

Absolute faith within your respective dogma or ideological principal is the impenetrable bond between you and what ever you call the creator. Its a spiritual 911 x 10 since you don’t need to dial when an emergency occurs. You’ll get used to the whole spiritual being deal in a practical sense provided you don’t pee all over the furniture in the process and actually follow the tenets of your respective dogma or ideological principal. If not, buy some plastic furniture protectors and get over it or you’ll end up with the Plastic People.

For all you Plastic People and your Plastic Galactic Chums; enjoying your plastic party while you still can but watch out where the huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow.

*Plastic People Lyrics


Your Devil’s Advocate


© 2013, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Posted: Sep 26, 2013 1:34pm
Aug 2, 2012
The Kachin People Bury another One of Their Own

On August 1, 2012 in the tiny village of *Yi Hku in Pangsai (Kyokok) town, Northern Shan State, the mutilated body of a Kachin man, Galau Bawm Yaw, 26, was eulogized by his family and friends. He was tortured to death then tossed into a shallow grave. His body was almost unrecognizable and bore the marks of extensive torture from ghoulishly barbaric handlers, the Burmese Army. And Hillary Clinton celibates the lifting of sanctions, surely she is the Queen of Death.


Hillary Next To The Decomposing Body of Kachin Galau Bawn Yaw


Why are sanctions being lifted in the first place? Maybe it’s because of the ceasefire agreement Burma recently signed with the Shan Army. That would have been something to celibate but unfortunately that agreement was as worthless as the paper it was written on since the Burmese Army continues to rain death and destruction on the **Shan people. But it did make good press for the western media as US politicians like Senator Jim Webb promoted the lifting of sanctions on behalf of corporate interests. What’s a few murdered minorities anyway? It’s all about the money.


Unfortunately it’s the American taxpayer that will bare the burden of responsibility for the misconduct of their politicians. Hillary Clinton will have spilled the blood of innocent Kachin people onto the hands of US citizens but it will not be the first time. Chinese goods are contaminated with the blood of innocent slaves and indentured workers that made Bill ‘GMO’ Gates and other corporate vermin wealthy beyond words. Fortunately their curse will be a personal one. But Hillary made sure to share the shame with the American people for the sake of vested mining interests from both Canada and the US. South America and Africa are examples of this wicked agenda of death for resources. But we will pay a price for our stupidity, there is no question.


Corporations are eager to mine Kachinland for all the natural resources it possesses. We-the-people will bare the brunt of hatred by the innocent while corporate thugs reap the wealth of a stolen land whence those pesky Kachin’s are finally killed off. Now ironic the Kachin claim the Red Indian as their decendants and now suffer at the hands of the dencendants of those who tried to kill the Red Indian off. The media by and large also share in the blame for ignoring the cries of the innocent. But as we all should now by now, the mainstream media is only the mouthpieces of the corporations who ultimately own them. Greed will march forward in spite of public outcries to the contrary but their days are numbered. After all, this is the time of change and even though the innocent people of Kachin and Shanland are being ignored there cries are being heard.


For my Kachin brothers and sisters I offer them hope and to retain their absolute faith for change is coming and man is powerless to stop the inevitable. As the ole saying goes, “What comes around, goes around”. One day Than Shwe and all his global allies who follow a false prophet will suffer in ways we could not have ever imagined. It was prophesied that man and his greed would seek world domination but this push would actually be their death nil since it is the beginning of their end. The Kachin will prevail where man has failed even in the darkest days and those who tried to destroy her would live in infamy, if they survived. If only I could tell all that I ‘see’. But why ruin the surprise.


In my tribe it is said; ‘The top will become the bottom and the bottom will become the top” in Kachin ideological principles it is said; ‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth’. But this is only a microcosm for all of humanity will rise out of the ashes of greed & tyranny and there is nothing man and his false prophets can do to stop it. The sacred beings of the elitists will betray their fetid earthly followers, their empire will crumble before their very eyes for that is their destiny. Retribution draws near and it will not be easy but the good will survive as prophesied in dogmas throughout the universe.  That is the true destiny of humanity contrary to global aspirations of the greedy.


My prayers are to the family of Galau Bawm Yaw for they are the ones who suffer his passing. But rest assured he is in a place of great beauty and will be waiting for his relations whence they take their journey.


I Stand With The Jinghpaw!






Your Devil’s Advocate



© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Posted: Aug 2, 2012 6:24am
Jul 17, 2012

Sent to Buffalohair: I BEG YOU CHARITY FOR THE WEAK PEOPLE AND POOR ANIMALS IN EASTERN JAPAN I am a medical practitioner working in Miyagi, Japan. *contact information ; As you know , there was a great disaster in Japan last March 11th. Actually, I have been w…
Doomed: A massive tsunami engulfs stranded homes aon the coast of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, after the earthquake struckRaging seas: The tsunami pours through trees and engulfs homes on the coast of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, after the earthquake struckGone: The same scene just moments later shows how the entire residential area of dozens of homes is completely obliterated by the unforgiving waters which swept away anything in their path

The same scene just moments later shows how the entire area with dozens of homes is completely obliterated by the unforgiving waters which swept away anything in their path. Bobbing about on the surface is all the debris the waters have picked up along the way

Read more:




Debris: An eerie mist moves over the debris of destroyed homes and cars caught in the raging tsunami watersDebris: An eerie mist sweeps across the debris of destroyed homes and cars caught in the raging tsunami waters in Kesennuma in Miyagi, northern Japan

Read more:

Japan: Vast devastation
The vast devastation wrought by the earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, may only be matched by the destroyed lives left in their wake. Few survivors have been found, but families continue to search for their sons, daughters, wives, husbands and friends. Threats of a nuclear reactor meltdown and resulting disaster loom. — Paula Nelson (51 photos total)
The rubble caused by an earthquake and tsunami fill the landscape in Yamada, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011, three days after northeastern coastal towns were devastated by an earthquake and tsunami. (Associated Press/Kyodo News)

A soldier holds a four-month-old baby who survived the tsunami with her family at Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture on March 14, 2011. (Yomiuri Shimbun/AFP/Getty Images) #

A man cycles by a ship at Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011, three days after a powerful earthquake-triggered tsunami hit Japan’s east coast. (Shizuo Kambayashi/Associated Press) #

A member of Japan Air Self-Defense Force rescues a victim in Ishinomaki, northern Japan, two days (Sunday, March 13, 2011) after a powerful earthquake-triggered tsunami hit the country’s east coast. (The Yomiuri Shimbun, Makoto Kondo/Associated Press) #

Houses and infrastructures devastated by a strong earthquake and tsunami in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, Monday March 14, 2011. (Associated Press/Kyodo News) #

Vessels float on oil spilled water in Fudai, Iwate, northern Japan Monday, March 14, 201. (Associated Press/Yomiuri Shimbun, Hiroshi Adachi) #

An aerial taken on March 14, 2011 during an AFP-chartered flight shows an area destroyed by the tsunami in Sendai in Miyagi prefecture three days after a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami devastated the coast of eastern Japan. (Noboru Hashimoto/AFP/Getty Images) #

Houses and infrastructures devastated by earthquake and tsunami in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, Monday, March 14, 2011. (Associated Press/Kyodo News) #

Survivors of Friday’s earthquake and tsunami spend time at an evacuation center in Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture, northeastern Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011. (Park Ji-ho, Yonhap/Associated Press) #

People rest in an evacuation centre near Rikuzentakata, northern Japan, March 14, 2011. (Lee Jae-Won/Reuters) #

People walk a road between the rubble of destroyed buildings in Minamisanriku town, Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011. (The Yomiuri Shimbun, Tsuyoshi Matsumoto/Associated Press) #

A family rests in a shelter in Soma city, Fukushima prefecture, Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011. three days after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the country’s north east coast. On top of the losses of family and friends and property, evacuees in the area are now faced with the fears of radiation contamination from damaged nuclear facilities near by. (Wally Santana/Associated Press) #

Residents buy food at a temporarily opened supermarket in Sendai, northeastern Japan March 14, 2011. The supermarket set a limit on buying items at five per person. Japan battled on Monday to prevent a nuclear catastrophe and to care for millions of people without power or water in its worst crisis since World War II. (Jo Yong-Hak/Reu

A Very Sad Reminder
7 months ago


Two dogs in Okuma's empty streetsDavid Guttenfelder/ National Geographic Look: National Geographic Photos of Japanese Ghost Town
  1. Japan tsunami pictures: before and after – The Big Picture – Boston…/japan_tsunami_pictures_before.html

    Mar 7, 2012 – In this first of three Big Picture posts on the anniversary of the Japan earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster, we have a series of paired “then and

  2. Japan: earthquake aftermath – The Big Picture –…/…

    40+ items – Japan raced to avert a nuclear meltdown today by flooding a

    2 A fishing boat rests surrounded by debri in the city of Kamaishi in Iwate 3 Rescue workers search for victims from the rubble in Rikuzentakata
  3. Japan: Vast devastation – The Big Picture –

    Mar 14, 2011 – The rubble caused by an earthquake and tsunami fill the landscape in Yamada, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, Monday, March 14, 2011, three days

  4. Massive earthquake hits JapanThe Big Picture –…/massive_earthquake_hits_japan.html

    Mar 11, 2011 – The quake — one of the largest in recorded history — triggered a 23-foot tsunami that battered Japan’s coast, killing hundreds and sweeping

  5. Japan: One week later – The Big Picture –

    Mar 18, 2011 – A week after a 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami leveled large swaths of northeastern Japan, effects of the disaster are still rippling across

  6. Japan: Hopes fade for finding more survivors – The Big Picture…/…

    25+ items – affected by the earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan.

  7. Japan earthquake and tsunami: The moment mother nature…/Japan-earthquake-tsunami-The-moment-mot…

    The big pictures: The moment Japan’s cataclysmic tsunami engulfed a nation. By Daily Mail Reporter Created 12:48 PM on 11th March 2011. Comments (210)


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Posted: Jul 17, 2012 11:40am
Jun 15, 2012
Focus: Children
Action Request: Volunteer
Location: Texas, United States

Ann LRD on June 15th, 2012
Kachin Pastor Makes Plea for His People, Victims of Burmas Secret War

I am forwarding a letter my Kachin Brother La Seng sent me. If you don’t have any idea what Kachinland is I would advice you to read this message. La Seng is an elder in the Kachin community and works within his homeland for a host of philanthropic reasons. He is an eye witness to the atrocities being committed. In fact there are many people I know who are witnesses to the continued savagery being committed by the Burmese government against the Kachin people.

more »


Kachin Pastor Makes Plea for His People, Victims of Burma’s Secret War

I am forwarding a letter my Kachin Brother La Seng sent me. If you don’t have any idea what Kachinland is I would advice you to read this message. La Seng is an elder in the Kachin community and works within his homeland for a host of philanthropic reasons. He is an eye witness to the atrocities being committed. In fact there are many people I know who are witnesses to the continued savagery being committed by the Burmese government against the Kachin people.

more »


Kachin Pastor Makes Plea for His People, Victims of Burma’s Secret War

I am forwarding a letter my Kachin Brother La Seng sent me. If you don’t have any idea what Kachinland is I would advice you to read this message. La Seng is an elder in the Kachin community and works within his homeland for a host of philanthropic reasons. He is an eye witness to the atrocities being committed. In fact there are many people I know who are witnesses to the continued savagery being committed by the Burmese government against the Kachin people.


In recieving this message I can’t help but feel ashamed since my nations politicians have chosen to ignore crimes against humanity being committed by Burma’s junta. Senator’s are drooling like rabid dogs as ‘opportunities’ to exploit Burma’s natural resources, especially Kachin State. Their morality has become blinded by greed and hard fought alliances forged in blood simply are forgotten. Its like nothing ever happened in Burma, no election, no ‘civilian government’.

The Kachin are still earmarked for genocide under Than Shwe’s Burmanization Program. Horror stories continue to stream out of Kachin State but the west is deaf to the cries of humanity. The news of Kachinlands war may be silent to western ears but the war is very much alive to the humanity that fled their homeland in the wake of Burma’s insurgency.


My name is La Seng Labya, a naturalized American citizen born and raised in Kachin State Burma (Myanmar) and, currently serving the Lord as a Pastor at DFW Kachin Baptist Church. We are affiliated with Southern Baptist Convention through Southern Baptist Texas Convention (SBTC). I would like to present to you about Kachin people in China- Burma border and their suffering under current civil war. As a Brother’s Keeper in Christ, your prayer and support are needed and appreciated.

Kachins: The Kachin people are a group of ethnic groups who largely inhabit the Kachin Hills in northern Burma‘s Kachin State and northern Shan state. Kachin also live in Yunnan, China and in Northeast India. The Kachin mostly refer to themselves collectively as Wungpang. Kachin is the word that the Burmese and the world use to refer to them. The Kachin population is about 2.5 million people, of which about 1 million live in the borders of China-Burma today. Kachin is a strategically important state, lying between India and China, and also rich in resources including gold and jade mines, teakwood, rubber and banana plantations. They are frequently targeted by the military, partly for their ethnicity and partly for their faith.

Kachin Refugees (Internal displaced people in Sino-Burma border)

The violence erupted near the Taping River by the Burma -Chinese border in June 9, 2011 when a 17-year ceasefire between government forces and the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), which controls the territory, was broken. The fighting has spread to several parts of

Townships in Kachin State and northern Shan State, with systematic torture, killing, and rape by Burmese troops.  As fighting escalated between Burmese government forces and Kachin rebels, more than 75, 000 civilians Kachin civilians fled from the Burmese military’s tortures, interrogations and forced labors as porters, are sheltering in China-Burma border city Laiza and surrounding areas under Kachin Independent Army’s control. While Burmese military is saying that the cause of this war is to protect “the project and the public”, the public are fleeing from their soldiers in fears of tortures and rapes to KIO controlled Laiza territory.

Current condition of Kachin Refugees

The Burmese government does not want the international community that there is a political problem with ethnic groups, that there is fighting. To date, there are no international NGOs present at makeshift shelters. The Chinese government has not permitted UNHCR to provide humanitarian assistance to Kachin IDPs and refugees. No temporary shelters have been set up for Kachin refugees and no foods have been provided by China, the world’s second largest economy. At present times Kachin Refugees are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

Increasing shortage of food and medicine: Torrential rains during the monsoon season beginning form June to August will create unsanitary conditions, making it difficult to prevent the spread of diseases such as diarrhea, Malaria, skin diseases, etc.

Shelter: The ddisplaced refugees living in temporary camps in Kachin State are in desperate need for better shelter as the monsoon season nears. Many refugees have no mats, blankets or mosquito nets with them and they sleep on a ground and a concrete floor.

Education: Refugee children needs education as a new school year begins for school children.

Immediate Protection: Most of the estimated 70,000 people displaced by fighting in Kachin and northern Shan state have taken shelter in refugee camps along the China border in territory controlled by the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO). If threatened attacks against Laiza, the headquarters of the Kachin Independence Organization, there could be significant civilian casualties, and an even greater humanitarian crisis as people who have already fled their villages once, and are suffering from malnutrition and illness, try to flee again.

 Proposal and appeal for Kachin Refugees:

  1. Please protect the lives of Kachin Internal Displaced People from the hand of Burmese Military attack by recommending Burmese Troops to withdraw from the Kachin Independent Organization controlled areas. 
  2. Please Assist Displaced Kachins with temporary housings, foods, and medicines. Refugee children needs education as a new school year begins for school children.
  3. Please urge the Burmese government to end its attacks by withdrawing Burmese troops and engaging in a meaningful dialogue with Kachin Independent Organization and ethnic nationalities.


Please help reach Kachin Refugees as a “Brother’s Keeper in Christ.” Your prompt and careful attention toward Kachin Refugee in Kachin state, Burma is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


La Seng Labya                                                                                                                                               


DFW Kachin Baptist Church

1000 West Lamar Blvd

Arlington, TX 76012.



© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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a link via Carlos TheZilla.
Kachin youth mark one year of Conflict with Prayer service
shared a link via Carlos TheZilla.
Kachin youth group give health education workshops in IDPs camps
shared a link via Carlos TheZilla.
MYANMAR-SUUKYI:Suu Kyi warns investors off Myanmar’s state oil & gas firm..
shared a link via Carlos TheZilla.
Burmas Children, think of them!
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Posted: Jun 15, 2012 11:51am
Nov 21, 2009
Flyingman’s Can of Worms Posted in America’s with tags American Indian Sovereignty, Betrayal, Criminality, Elections, globalization, greed, Indian Country, Indigenous People, Oklahoma Indians, Southern Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, Traditional Culture, Treason, Tribal corruption, Voice of the People on November 21, 2009 by buffalohair
Have We Forgotten Tribal politics aside the situation in Concho is a very human crisis. On one side there is a tribal governor who consistently ignored many of his own constituents. On the other side are the elderly who took a major hit by Darrel Flyingman over the course of his tenure. In the case of my village the elderly were left to fend for themselves since funding for their only hot meal a day stopped. Other types of aid were also canceled with little or no notice as well. I personally know this for a fact since I was supporting some of my people in the interim on the assumption assistance would eventually come to my relations. I also funded meals for my elders with the same assumption. The only response to our needy from Flyingman was the sound of Gary Owen echoing across the grasslands.

 Eventually the proverbial well went dry as the economy assisted in draining my finances. Sadly no assistance ever came to my relations. Homes that were scheduled for repair were simply stopped. Tarps remained on roofs to keep the rain and snow out during the harsh Oklahoma winters. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes as my family struggled to find the basics to feed our nieces and nephews while trying to make ends meet. I would do all I could to ease the suffering but the magnitude of neglect my people had to endure was overwhelming and beyond my financial capability. I still felt guilty for not being able to contribute more especially when I look into the faces those chubby cheek babies.

 Why did these human beings have to endure such ambivalence while others lived in the lap of luxury? How could anyone be so callous as to simply ignore people from their own tribe? At the very least the US Cavalry gave the people flour and grease to weather the winter months. It boggles the imagination to think that someone could be so cruel to their own people. The politics behind such tyranny simply does not fit into this equation for we all are descendants of survivors of genocide. But what is most striking about this event is the over riding fact the US government has encroached on the sovereignty of this nation. Flyingman managed to side with outsiders in an attempt to regain control so he could finish robbing the coffers of the tribe. In a correction to the previous news report it was not the US Supreme Court Justice who granted Flyingman access to tribal funds and business. It was other usual government entities who willfully ignored the will and the traditions of the people by their obvious support of Flyingman. Is Flyingman a traitor to his people? That is up to the folks back in Oklahoma to decide but it is obvious he chose to use the power of the US Government to force his will on these humble people at the expense of tribal sovereignty. Invoking the powers of the federal government over tribal law can be viewed as treason in many opinions. My relations call him Veho.

 The issue that needs addressing is this nation’s sovereignty as well as the sovereignty of all tribes. Flyingman opened up a can of worms with his total disregard for the will of his people. Are we to expect the feds to march into any rez when there is an election that booted a corrupt politician? Frankly the USA has shown itself to be poor stewards of the ballot box with the Iraq’s hopelessly corrupt politicians which the US backed. President Zelaya of Honduras was ousted from power with little more than an impotent condemnation. It should be noted he was a favorite of the Indigenous people over industrialists who robbed land from the natives and murdered their chiefs. Burma is another classic failure of the US to recognize the duly elected officials in the case of Daw Aung Suu Kyi. Now this beleaguered nation is about to have another election regardless of the fact the people voted for democracy overwhelmingly. The US simply became an enabler of a corrupt military dictator (Gen. Than Shwe) who continues to murder the ethnic minorities within his nation. Gen. Than Shwe is Asia’s version of Gen. George Armstrong Custer for his soldiers rape and murder ethnics at their leisure while the free world looks on. Dare I mention that these villagers are being murdered for the natural resources that lay on their tribal land? To the joy of international corporations I might add. Sounds familiar eh.

 With a multitude of articles promoting a new policy dealing with the Indigenous population of America I fear that ultimately sovereignty will be on the chopping block in the near future. Just so you know, with the arrival of the new world order we all will loose our sovereignty regardless of treaties and national boundaries. Under the guidelines of these economic unions that are popping up around the world there is a clause that allows any nation or industry to go into sovereign soil and glean natural resources. The European Union and our NAFTA are to the benefit of international corporations not the nations who subscribe to this global initiative. The Indigenous populations are of absolutely no concern. Globalization is colonization and as we all know the Indigenous populations of the America’s were colonized hundreds of years ago. We are told that we must forgive the history of the past and to move forward but it is hard to forgive when we are still under siege.

Flyingman is only a microcosm of the cancer that is raging around the America’s and the world. Traditional people are placed in a position of ridicule in some cases while others are simply overlooked and live in abject poverty. Tribal officials drive around in Town Cars and Navigators while their electorates scrounge for spare change to buy Duct Tape. Those are the lucky ones since throughout Central and South America tribal people are murdered if they stand in the way of corrupt politicians. Africa is another holocaust in motion. It’s a pandemic of greed that has changed the landscape not only in Indian Country but around the world. And if for one second you believe that world politics is of no concern to Indian Country you are sorely mistaken. The culture of greed is a global initiative and we as Indigenous people and our sovereignty are on the chopping block.

Your Devil’s Advocate







As many of you know, I hale from a little village called Hammon Oklahoma. It’s also called “The Red Moon Agency” a sub-agency of the Darlington Agency, and named after Chief Red Moon. My people are very traditional in every sense of the word. We call this “The Last Stronghold” for we are still under attack in many ways.. It’s the dark side of tribal existence and I know other fellow Native’s know what I’m talking about, it’s our sad secret.

But there are innocent victims of this war of attrition and ambivalence and that’s the 40 or so senior citizens of my village. Well, to cut to the chase, I’ve been personally paying for all my seniors’ meals for the last 6 months. I adopted all the elderly of my village. So they are all my grandmothers and grandfathers. Somehow in the matrix of politics our center has been without funding and my elders have gone without their daily meals. In most cases these elderly people only get one hot meal a day since our village is so impoverished.

I only discovered this situation when my aunt, who is on a walker, was making her way to another relatives home one day. I asked my aunty why she was “strolling” down the street. She would not tell me at first but then she broke down and told me. You have to realize these elderly people are a very proud people. In fact, they are the direct descendants of the survivors of the Sand Creek Massacre, conducted by Chivington and ultimately the Washita Massacre conducted by Custer who was sent to finish us off. Sadly Chief Black Kettle was finally killed and so were most of my ancestors.

My aunt was ashamed to tell me that they have not received hot meals for months. And that all our elderly were going from house to house getting meals. That was for the fortunate ones who were not invalid and bed ridden. I could not understand why she was ashamed to tell me though. So to retain their dignity, I adopted all our seniors and have been paying out of pocket for the last 6 months. Well, I’ve tapped into my production development funds now and I simply can’t afford to pay much more, so I need your help.

Since the Senior Center in Hammon is a multi-racial one. I’ve decided to adopt the non-Natives who depend on these hot meals as well. Why?? That’s a no brainer eh. The non-Natives are the descendants of the good White folks at Fort Supply and other places who hide my people from Custer’s troops who were scouring the countryside executing the stragglers. Remember “knits make lice” and Custer cutting out babies from the mothers womb? It was a most brutal part of history that does not seem to make all the history books. Custer also executed White people who harbored any Natives, another piece of dark history. It might not be a big disaster but to us, “It’s our Holocaust”. If it were not for these beautiful White folks who truly were heroes in our eyes, we would not be here. So I must honor them and their ancestors as well.

I’ve contacted the City Manager of Hammon, Shirley Walker, a very nice and caring non-Native woman. I told her of my plan to generate funding for the Senior Center in our village since this is in her jurisdiction. She told me she has the tax info for others who would adopt our elderly, the “502. Whatever”

So if you can, give me a hand with this situation.

I named the fund after my family:

BOX 218



Just tell Shirley you heard about it from “That Big Injun Dude”
Believe me, she will know who you’re talking about since I champion many other causes for my people.

It’s not a big village but it’s all I have and to us it’s a catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions. We love and honor our seniors and basically, our village is very impoverished. And well, my people look to me for solutions and this is what I came up with. I just don’t have enough money to pull it off anymore or I would not ask you in the first place. Maybe after I win an Oscar I’ll have the dough-ray-me, but for now its commode cheese and green beans for this film maker.

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

Jul 7, 2009
More Dark Secrets from China

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Hillary and Ugyhur

Predictably China is coming loose at the seams these days. It would appear they are having trouble silencing the Uyghur people in Xingjiang. Racism is the key issue since China has treated them like second class citizens. Accounts of being forced to work for poor pay and horrific working conditions has circulated for years. During a peaceful demonstration the paranoid Chinese government took drastic measures killing scores of innocent people and arresting thousands. The death toll is rising as the mounting violence continues. Sadly the government has given Chinese civilians a green light to harass this persecuted ethnic group.

What will be interesting to see are the international corporations who’ve capitalized on these people. China already has a dismal track record with their Gulag System or slave labor camps. The Falun Gong sect has been targeted for years with harsh and inhuman treatment. Members have been tortured to death, forced into slave labor camps and ultimately used like cattle in the organ transplant industry. This has proven to be a goldmine for the corporations that relocated to China. Small wonder Walmart and other corporate turn coats are profiteering in China. How could anyone else compete with no labor laws and an endless supply of slave labor? Bill Clinton’s “Favored Nation Status” has really given China the racers edge for sure. Maybe Hillary will “hurt” her other elbow so she does not have to address this issue either. That would be “   provocative” of her.

You really have to thank Gen. Than Shwe of Burma and Kim Jong II of North Korea for giving Asia the proper attention it needed though. Now we can appreciate China’s dark secrets and possibly focus on the international corporations who capitalize on slave labor. Chances are these corporations will also be involved in other acts of tyranny around the world as well. Notorious for padding the pockets of tin horn dictators throughout Africa and South America, corporations have been the root cause of wars and civil unrest in the third world for years. Now they are coming to a country near you. Small wonder China did not want to impose any sanctions on Burma, they were as guilty as Than Shwe for the wholesale murder of ethnic minorities, the Uyghur people being one of them.

But it’s not over for China by a long shot. I saw this one coming and I see other groups readying their assault. Wonder how these international corporate executives would feel knowing they are in mortal danger from the very people they’ve enslaved and allowed China to torture. They may have hid all this from the US press but there are millions of witnesses to the atrocities they have committed. China will undoubtedly lower the boom on these Uyghur demonstrators but others will soon be popping up. The cat is out of the bag though and China will be under the microscope like Burma is. Compound the fact natural disaster will soon paint a different financial picture on China’s corporate bottom line and China’s future looks dismal at best. Maybe Chinese officials are using the same astrologer as Than Shwe.

The Xingjiang riots themselves show China’s racial bias if anyone was paying attention. When the Uyghur people were peacefully demonstrating the Chinese government killed scores of them while making mass arrests. But when the Han Chinese, armed with bats, lead pipes and shovels marched down the Uyghur district towards a mosque beating people and destroying shops the Chinese military only pleaded with them to cease and desist. It’s an old fashioned race riot and it’s only the beginning since China will soon be powerless to stop them. Racial inequities prevail throughout China. Soon it will not be safe for any foreign investors. Just so we get those discount prices is all that matter anyway.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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