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Apr 6, 2011

Brock Lesnar ate meat and got a disease called "Diverticulitis". His eating of meat resulted in infected intestines and nearly ended his career.

Lesnar's meat-based hunter-gatherer diet resulted in him getting stricken by diverticultis, a debilitating disease in which his gut became filled with white pus and fecal bacteria. Lesnar was hospitalized and his meat diet nearly caused his untimely death.

Lesnar had to withdraw and pull out of the scheduled UFC Heavyweight bout, and failed to be able to participate in the UFC or fighting for nearly 1 year due to his meat diet.

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Brock Lesnar's "paleo style" eating of meat nearly killed him and landed him in the hospital, bent over with horrible abdominal pain, where he says he nearly died.

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(Brock Lesnar as he was as a boy in highschool, before performance enhancing substances.)

Diverticulitis is caused by among other things, a lack of fiber in the diet and a Paleolithic resembling caveman neanderthal diet. (Fiber aids human digestion and the intestines. Meat diets are deficient.)

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"There was a marked association between meat consumption frequency and diverticulosis, with a trend P value of <0.01 and an odds ratio of 24.81 between the most and least frequent consumers of meat products."

"Conclusions: The prevalence of diverticulosis is strongly positively associated with meat consumption. There is no association with vegetable or fruit consumption frequency, laxative use, supplemental fiber intake, smoking, or family history." - STANFORD UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER

(Note: Plant-based diets are rich in fiber. Meat is lacking and deficient in this vital nutrient. Vegetarians rarely have this problem. Treatment and prevention is to avoid eating red meat.)


To help prevent diverticular disease:

  • Eat a high-fiber low-fat diet that contains lots of vegetables. Such a diet is also beneficial for overall health, and may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Avoid red meat.
- U of M Medical Center, 22 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

In this striking wake-up call example, Lesnar's career was nearly ended by his hunting, and ingestion of steak and pieces of meat.

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(Unlike a vegetable diet, on a LowCarb Diet putrified meat and feces pushes into pouches and pockets in the human intestine and gets stuck clogging the Rectal passage with infected polyps.)


Upon finding out that a low-fiber diet played a role in his potentially career-threatening condition, Lesnar told the media on Wednesday that he drastically altered his eating habits.

"What got me here was a total Protein diet, not enough fiber," Lesnar said. "I totally changed my diet" now says Lesnar.

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MMA athlete fighter nutrition consultant P.R. Cole, who provides dietary consulting to professional MMA fighters, says "There is a proven cause for it and it's a low fiber diet," said Cole. "A condition known as diverticulosis is very common in the Western diet. Very Low Vegetable Fiber, Meat."

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Quote from Brock Lesnar: "I felt like I was on my death bed, I really did, because I was very sick. This illness, it kills a lot of people and it’s one of these things I never knew I had."

Lesnar collapsed in November during a hunting trip.

Lesnar admitted to what put him in the hospital, unfortunately being an avid hunter, member of the NRA, erroneously eating like a "carnivore" and he admitted a lack of vegetables on his plate.

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(Lesnar says his hunting and eating meat made him sick and he is ready to change. Lesnar collaped during a hunting trip.)

Thus it is now shown that a meat diet is detrimental to performance. Athletes are particularly at risk from such a paleo meat-based diet.

NutritionMD: "High intake of total fat and red meat has been correlated with a higher risk for diverticular disease."

A Meat diet brought down a 265 pound MMA fighter and curled him up in a little ball in foetal position in pain and withered his frame close to death. And this was cooked meat, this is not even considering the germs and internal parasite risks that are being pushed by some of the now-known-debunked "Crossfit", WAPF, Eades, Robb Wolf, and "Raw Paleo" clans, which attempt to push an agenda of eating raw milk, and raw pieces of meat which may be infested with parasite eggs, ecoli or fecal bacteria.

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Lesnar now eats among other things, broccoli, and says he has changed his diet to incorporate more Vegetables and fiber, Lesnar said.

"I'm 32 years old and for something like this to happen to me, I definitely had to re-evaluate." Says Lesnar: "You realize there’s nothing more important in life".

Brock Lesnar, the heavyweight MMA Fighter was nearly killed by a meat -based diet.

And now you know.



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