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Spotlight on Alerts
by pElAgUS h. on Wed 2:53 am -- Vegan activist tours the country spreading his ‘gospel’ Gloria StamatContributing Writer For 25 years, nobody ate more meat than Gary Yourofsky. He wore leather shoes... more    
{ else } Alert: Act NOW for Horses-Reps Vote by June 30th!
by Kathy G. on Mon 1:47 pm -- The American public must be heard like never before!Please do NOT email as the only option-it is too late in time. Please call or fax, and then follow up with an email/snail mail.Help The Horses Please!The House of Representatives Leadership has assu... more    
by Past Member . on Wed 3:29 pm -- URGENT!!! HE IS IN KILL SHELTER IN GEORGIA.THIS BEAUTIFULL SWEET DOG NEEDS A HOME.WHERE IS THE ANGEL TO RESCUE HIM????RudyDogE-mail this pet PrinterFriendly Elbert County Animal ControlElberton, GA706-283-5054Cattle Dog,Shepherd MixSize: Medium... more    
Alert: Do only humans love their children?
by Vicki M. on Wed 9:44 am -- Do only humans love their children? By Mohammad Asghar, USA We humans never shy away from declaring our love for our children whenever we get the opportunity to do so. Humans are also very vocal in expressing their love for their wives and husbands. ... more    
Alert: Letter from my friend John Kelly
by Paz B. on Mon 2:16 am -- Hi to all my friends, acquaintances and anyone else who may read this:I began writing this on 12/21/05 and it\\\' s taken me this long to get this far.  After spending hours writing this and even more hours editing it, I\\\'ve finally reached the poi... more    
Alert: Sea Sheperds Victory
by Boris B. on Thu 3:12 am -- Sea Shepherd Wins Victory for the Seals in Canadian CourtOn March 31st, 11 crewmembers from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Farley Mowat were arrested for the crime of approaching a seal hunt without permission of the Canadian Minister of F... more    
{ else } Alert: Baby Seals Lose Court Challenge
by Arlene L. on Fri 5:16 pm -- Canadian Courts Rule that Profits Take Precedence Over the Rights of CitizensSea Shepherd Conservation Society lost our court challenge today against the Orwellian Canadian laws that disallow the witnessing or documentation of the killing of seals wit... more    
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