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by Patti M. on Mon 3:43 am --  Breakfast at McDonald's .Please, look beyond the Golden Arches, and the fact that the story takes place in McDonald's.  I happen to like McDonald's.  If this upsets you and you can't get passed the Golden Arch... more    
{ else } Message: History in Pictures - with MUSIC!
by RC d. on Thu 4:19 am -- Please click this and enjoy the marvelous collection of history - I promise you will enjoy it!You can click on the lower right where it says "lyrics" and it will display a caption and the year!START THE FIRE more    
Message: four candles
by Past Member . on Thu 2:05 am -- This was forwarded to me and it\\\'s such a great message I want to share with everyone!To All of My Friends on Care2...I ask and pray that each of you will consider the message in this short video. If only we could all realize that people are good all ... more    
{ else } Message: If GoogleEarth can spot UN Observers, Can't Israel Too?
by Ned H. on Wed 10:48 am -- If you can see where the UN observers are with Google Earth, then can\\\'t Israeli forces see exactly where they are so there would not be any accidental bombing of UN personnel? And if, it was not the Israeli\\\'s who did the bombing, then won\\\'t they ha... more    
{ else } Message: Christopher Hogwood
by Roy M. on Sat 2:11 pm -- Sy Montgomery with Chris as a young adult resting on the Pig Plateau and enjoying a belly rub. (Photo: Ian Redmund)Living on Earth’s commentator, Sy Montgomery’s famous pig, Christopher Hogwood, has passed on. But he left his owner with en... more    
Message: Confessions from a former seafood restaurant worker; Opinions wanted
by Billye T. on Sat 6:11 am -- This is from a person who worked in a restaurant, read below (warning - graphic descriptions):I was hostessing in a restaurant famous for seafood.  At the time I was a well-intentioned, but ignorant, vegetarian.  I had gone into th... more    
Message: ~I AM METH~
by Past Member . on Fri 11:33 am --                                  "I AM METH" (This was written by a young Indian ... more    
{ else } Message: All I am saying... is give P!NK a Chance......
by Past Member . on Wed 12:19 pm -- P!NK Rawks! *rocker*PLEASE JOIN!!!!!! This new album - IM NOT DEAD - is going to be HUGE!!! P!nk Performs Stupid Girls on The Today Show*wow* Pink- Dear Mr President - Live*candle* *wow* *wow* *rocker* *wow* *rocker*You are invited~!*l... more    
by Eva C. on Sun 9:29 am -- ROVE INDICTMENT COMING SOON!!!!!  Another CONCRETE REASON TO IMPEACH.  So ALL THE KING\\\'S MEN ARE GUILTY, BUT THE KING HIMSELF ISN\\\'T HUH? Fitzgerald to Seek Indictment of Rove : Despite vehement denials by his attorney, who said this w... more    
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