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Your poll may have up to 10 questions and 20 response choices per question. There are no limits on the number of people who can respond to your poll.

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Spotlight on Polls
Poll: How do you use My Share Network?
by Care2 S. on Wed 11:20 pm -- We're trying to learn more about how people are using Care2 Share. Today's poll is specifically about My Share Network.If you have more to say about My Share Network, or how you discover Shares created by your friends, please sound off in the ... more    
{ else } Poll: Which is more important: Buy local or Buy organic?
by Randy P. on Fri 10:47 am -- While we\\\'d all probably like to buy local organic produce, it\\\'s often not available. In fact, I often find the produce at our local farmers markets is not grown organically. I\\\'m curious to hear which is the more "environmentally sustainable&qu... more    
{ else } Poll: When will the US pull troops out of Iraq?
by Donald M. on Wed 11:00 pm -- The US invaded Iraq (called "Operation Iraqi Freedom" by the US administration) in March, 2003.   On May 1, 2003, Bush announced the "end of major combat operations".  As of July, 2006, there have been 2570 US fatali... more    
Poll: Quality of Relationships & Long Distance Love
by Lalita L. on Sat 1:24 pm -- Isn\\\'t it wonderful to be in love, to fall in love, to be consumed by love?  I remember the childhood fairy tales & bed time stories filled with love, living happily ever after, always in a state of love & bliss...I\\\'ve often thought... more    
Poll: The Value Of Your Childs Life
by Bill C. on Mon 10:16 am -- Professor Steven Best, also an ALPO (animal liberation press office) Press Officer and additionally the Chairman of the Philosophy Department at the University of Texas, El Paso, nonchalantly informing an audience at the University of Iowa and again a... more    
{ else } Poll: Rumsfeld Serves Dinner?
by matthew m. on Tue 9:51 am -- Donald Rumsfeld made the news when he worked the food line at a military dinner in Iraq on Christmas Eve. more    
{ else } Poll: Death Penalty Poll
by Kicka P. on Thu 3:07 am -- I think it would be interesting to see what the ratio is here at Care2 in reguards to how many people are "for" or "against" the death Penalty. more    
Poll: What reduces your stress?
by Cait J. on Mon 10:06 am -- So many of you responded to a recent poll about the causes of stress in their lives. So how do you cope with it?Please share what you find the most helpful for reducing your stress. And may we all have a relaxing and stress-free holiday! more    
Poll: Walmart: Friend or Foe of organic products?
by Lynn G. on Mon 9:51 am -- I have a friend who is thinking of starting a line of organic cotton and hemp clothing.  This past weekend we had an interesting debate which I\\\'d like to get more input on. What are your thoughts?For the sake of debate, let\\\'s say my friend\\\'s b... more    
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