10 Seconds to Save a Cat: Story of Divine Timing

Written by Doreen Tumminia  of North Carolina

My day started out as it always does. I got on my computer and looked at the Craigslist classified listing for pets. I always feel so bad when I see all the pets that people have to rehome. My cat Mista, who I had for 17 years, recently passed away and I was looking for a cat that looked like him. I was looking and looking and looking and finally I saw a cat that was up for adoption through a rescue organization but was scheduled to be euthanized that very day.

I immediately emailed them and told them that I wanted to adopt the cat. I just had to have that cat.  She looked just like my Mista who passed away.

At this point the cat was at the pound and the rescue group said that they would call and hopefully they would not be too late. Well low and behold, the cat was on the table just about to be euthanized.  They actually took her off the table where she was about to take her last breath.

I was at work when my husband called me and said, “Your package arrived!”  The rescue group had driven the cat from the shelter in Manhattan to Staten Island, NY where I lived at the time. When I got home, I named her Destiny. She is a great cat and my heart feels so good that I helped her.

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Past Member 1 years ago

If that doesn't touch your heart, please make certain you have one

Andrea Kenyon
Andrea Kenyon1 years ago

Thank you for making my day. Best of luck to Destiny and her new family !

Kate R.
Past Member 1 years ago


Glennis Whitney
Glennis Whitney1 years ago

A very happy ending to little bit sad starting, you are in loving hands now Destiny

Glennis Whitney
Glennis Whitney1 years ago

Wonderful article, wonderful lady, wonderful Destiny, you have just made my day.

Tammy D.
Tammy D.1 years ago

Happy, but so sad. This shouldn't even be happening. When are laws going to change?
1. No one should be allowed to breed dogs or cats, outside of conservation and special groups. 2. Desexing should be mandatory. 3. No more pet shop cat, dog, bird and rabbit sales, unless they work with a rescue group. 4. Pet registration and microchipping.
It's all for the health and safety of the animals, and anyone looking to 'own' one should be onboard with that.
At least this is one happy ending, but for each one of these... Can't think about it anymore. Too upsetting.

Anteater Ants
Anteater Ants1 years ago

great story

Fi T.
Fi T.1 years ago

Saving a life doesn't cost much

Barbara Betts
Barbara Betts2 years ago

Sad poor Destiny with so much love to give and life to live was on the table to be PTS....just for being born. We are failing our companion animals. Destiny was saved by the slightest chance in time. How many are not saved? God bless Destiny's saviour....may we all try harder and be a savior for all our companion animals. Spaying and neutering, volunteeering, sponsering, and fostering is a good start for a no kill nation. We must do better!

Marcia Geiger
Marcia Geiger2 years ago

Thanks so much for the wonderful story. I needed to read it today.