10 Signs That Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You Something

Editor’s note: This Care2 favorite was originally posted on August 14, 2014. Enjoy!

Cats have been enjoying a symbiotic relationship with us for centuries, yet a lot of what they get up to still baffles us.

From looking you dead in the eye before swiping your glass of water off the end table to intentionally leaving poop uncovered in what can only be described as an act of rebellion, maybe you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that your cat is just plain weird.

Believe it or not, there is some sense of logical reasoning behind your kitty’s quirky antics:

1. Deliberately knocking things onto the floor

Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

At first it might seem funny, but when you wake up to the sound of glass shattering at 5 am and the only culprit is your kitty who is giving you a look like “yeah I just did that,” it doesn’t seem quite so cute anymore. This wicked little game is actually a cry for attention, or in other words: food.

2. Sleeping on your laptop

Photo Credit: CameliaTWU

It may seem like your kitty just wants to disrupt your communications to the outside world, but in reality they love snuggling up to something warm. Your laptop is like a tailor made electric blanket for kitties. Some cats also like the feel of the keyboards when they press the keys, so next time your cat looks as though it wants to hop on, try giving them a massage instead.

3. Cat butt presentation

Photo Credit: seantoyer

What’s up with your cat presenting his furry nether regions to your face? Cat butt presentation is a part of cat talk, and although it might not seem like it at the time, this butt sniff offer is a huge compliment usually reserved only for trusted friends.

4. Eating strange things

Photo Credit: play4smee

Cats eat all sorts of strange things that you wouldn’t expect. Leftovers are one thing, but some cats insist on eating cardboard, paper, plastic, and even electrical wires. If your cat looks at you as he begins to eat, it is an attention-seeking behavior.

5. Hiding in dark places

Photo Credit: kattebelletje

You may have noticed that your cat likes to hide in dark places and watch everything you do. This behavior is for security, allowing them to spring out and take whatever it is they have had their eye on by surprise, which in most cases is your ankle.

6. Intentionally leaving poop uncovered

Photo Credit: quinn.anya

What does it mean when you cat doesn’t bother to cover his poop? Some cats will leave their poop uncovered, or in conspicuous locations, in a self proclaimed declaration that they are the dominant member of the household.

7. Somersaulting across the room

Photo Credit: Malingering

Does your cat randomly drop to the floor and start rolling, an action which is often accompanied by head rubbing and meowing? Before you start asking where he got the catnip, try to figure out the timing and circumstances that this rolling takes place. Chances are you’ll notice a pattern. Rolling serves as a solicitation for attention, but whatever you do, don’t mistake this action as an invitation for a belly rub.

8. Incessantly crying like a baby

Photo Credit: Mingo.nl

We all know that when our cats meow they are trying to tell us something, whether that may be “I’m hungry” or “pay attention to me.” However, cats have an incredible ability to fine tune their meows to manipulate us into doing whatever they want, and are cashing in our nurturing nature by adjusting their meows to a similar frequency as a baby’s cry.

9. Using you as a climbing frame

Photo Credit: pcgn7

When a cat uses you as their own personal climbing frame, it is their way of saying they want maximum closeness. Shoulders are prime real estate for cats, especially those that want to see the world from our vantage point, but beware as once a cat declares themselves the official ambassador of your shoulder, they’ll stake a claim for the rest of their life.

10. Phone call fanatics

Photo Credit: indi.ca

Is your cat jealous of the attention you give the phone? There’s a reason your kitty comes running every time they hear the ringtone, and no it’s not jealousy. They know full well that you’re at their mercy for the duration of the call, and that could mean petting, playtime or even a refilled food bowl.

Which of the above is your kitty guilty of? Share your stories in the comments below…

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Mia G
Mia G9 hours ago

thank you

Aaron F
Aaron F15 days ago

If you can't figure this out for yourself...you probably shouldn't have a cat(s)....

Ellie M
Ellie M16 days ago

cats are poopheads

Carl R
Carl Rabout a month ago


Carl R
Carl Rabout a month ago


Melania P
Melania P2 months ago

One must be aware of one's pets; they cannot talk so behaviour changes are important to track. Thanks for sharing!

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Amanda M
Amanda M3 months ago

Our cat Raven LOVES to knock glasses off the tables, which gets pretty messy in the living room. We learned last year to keep them on the kitchen counter instead, and I had to switch to using sport bottles to keep my drinks in on my nightstand for the same reason (ever clean lemonade out of a remote control?). He also likes to hide under the comforter and quilts when they dangle over the end of the bed as well as sleeping UNDER said quilts at the foot of the bed-the other night, my husband came into the bedroom and plopped down on the foot of the bed to watch TV and accidentally sat on Raven because I didn't get to warn him fast enough. And my first cat Angel was the QUEEN of shoulder roosting! I worked as a security guard, and when I came home from a shift she would literally climb right up my uniform to perch on my shoulders (I have visual proof; one night my roommate snapped a picture of her doing just that!). She also did that whenever I was on the computer, which made for some VERY interesting typos when I was in the chatrooms! Harley, my second cat, had a thing for laps and cuddling, to the point where he HAD to have his paw on our hand when we were in bed at night. If he came onto the bed and we had our hands under the covers, he would wake us up by giving us a smack in the mouth with his paw and keep it up until we'd move our hands out for him to "hold." You just tell me that's not cute!

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Stanley S
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