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10 Worst Myths About LGBT People

10 Worst Myths About LGBT People


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) issued a groundbreaking intelligence report [PDF] Friday October 7 looking at two of the most powerful and influential anti-gay lobbyists. It calls the Family Research Council (FRC) and the American Family Association (AFA) the “chief purveyors of lies about LGBT people.”

Last weekend, the FRC and AFA hosted all the leading Republican Party candidates for president at their “Values Voter Summit” in Washington, which was marked by strident anti-gay rhetoric.

The SPLC says:

The FRC has claimed that gay activists “work to normalize sex with boys,” seek to “abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets’ of a new sexual order,” and support anti-bullying programs solely in order to promote homosexuality.

The AFA has declared that “homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler … the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews,” suggested that gay sex be punished like heroin use, and said that the “homosexual agenda” endangers “every fundamental right” in the Constitution, including religious freedom.

Both groups have enthusiastically promoted “reparative therapy,” which claims against the bulk of the evidence that it can “cure” gay men and lesbians and make them heterosexual, but in fact has left a string of people behind who were badly hurt by the process.

Mark Potok, director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project, which compiles statistics and information on hate groups operating in the United States, told LGBTQ Nation that those Republican politicians “who know that the claims made by FRC and AFA are false, but who take no action, make these outrageous lies seem legitimate.”

Potok also pointed the finger at the media for legitimizing the groups, saying that they “have refused to point out those lies,” which consequently “validates their outlandish claims and falsehoods.”

In 2010, SPLC formally categorized both the FRC and AFA as “hate groups.”

This led to a massive reaction where the group’s supporters claimed this was because of their ‘Christian’ beliefs and values.

Potok told LGBTQ Nation:

This is not because they oppose same-sex marriage, or because they believe the Bible describes homosexuality as a sin. It is because FRC and AFA continue to spread provably false propaganda to demonize members of the LGBT community.

SPLC says that there is a link between bullying and anti-gay violence and the falsehoods spread by the FRC and AFA.

The SPLC report breaks down the ten most egregious myths that FRC and AFA utilize to demonize LGBT people.

These are:

1. Gay men molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals.

2. Same-sex parents harm children.

3. People become gay because they were sexually abused as children or there was a deficiency in sex role modeling by their parents.

4. Gay men and lesbians don’t live nearly as long as heterosexuals.

5. Gay men controlled the Nazi Party and helped to orchestrate the Holocaust.

6. Hate crime laws will lead to the jailing of pastors who criticize homosexuality and the legalization of practices like bestiality and necrophilia.

7. Allowing gay people to serve openly will damage the armed forces.

8. Gay people are more prone to be mentally ill and to abuse drugs and alcohol.

9. No one is born gay.

10. Gay people can choose to leave homosexuality.


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12:10PM PDT on Oct 12, 2012

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a good group. They care about people's rights when disregard stands on every street corner. Sits on the bench as elected or appointed judicial officials. This was an eye-opening read and I am glad that this exposure came to the forefront. Awareness is change. I agree with a statement made above by Carol R. that our children are going to meet all types of people in their lives. Just because someone does not hold up to the parents of these children standards does not make intolerance correct. Our schools need to reinforce, that tolerance, acceptance and love are the way to live one's life. After all that was Jesus' message to his followers. Bullying is a negative end to a situation and should not be tolerated by teachers, parents or anyone else involved in a youth's life. The buck stops with grown ups setting the right example. And, America is hurting due to lack of acceptable adult leadership.

7:47AM PST on Jan 7, 2012

Wow. Does anyone actually believe this nonsense? I seriously question the level of maturity of any adult who are so obsessed with something so inane and childish.

What would Jesus do, indeed. *shakes head in shame*

9:21PM PST on Dec 4, 2011

Do people really believe it? Few of them realize that among their friends there is normally at least one homosexual person. Obviously a rapist, necrophile, mentally sick alcoholic, advocating Nazi ideology and, above all, rejecting to voluntarily become heterosexual. Yeah, I'm, sure everybody knows someone like that.

11:47AM PDT on Nov 3, 2011

My comment below is, of course, in reference to the AFA and FRC! Not the SPLC which I think does a great job of calling it as they see it- and having the courage to stand up to hate groups that try to hide behind religion.

11:40AM PDT on Nov 3, 2011

The biggest lie of all is that they are Christians; I find nothing in the teachings of Christ that make it acceptable to attack and make the lives of others more difficult, or to spread lies and gossip about others. In fact, quite the contrary, they champion the cause of polluters, warmongers, bullies, and fight not only the extension of access to healthcare to more people, but have been actively fighting to take it away from families that have it now. I wonder, do even they believe that these would be Christ's top priorities if he were here now- or are they just so consumed with greed, lust for power, and above all, insecurity in their own beliefs that they just don't care, and consider anyone that doesn't subscribe to their beliefs to be a threat to their way of life?

10:53AM PDT on Oct 30, 2011

Lynne B.: I suggest you go back and actually READ the article. The list is comprised by SPLC, but the statements are made by the hategroups AFA and FRC.
As for Hitler. He was straight and a vegan. Should we therefore hate all straights and vegans?
More than 250,000 lesbians and gays were murdered by the nazis in concentration and death camps.
As for #9 and #10. You can't pray away the gay.
The rest is also a bunch of cwap, but what can you expect coming from hategroups who's only agenda is to continue to receive millions of dollars from naive and inbred donors, to kepp the leaders well fed and making a fortune?
Why don't FRC and AFA join forces with islam groups so we can categorize them as terrorists?

10:44AM PDT on Oct 22, 2011

wow, this sounds like stuff some high school bully would make up...

1:13PM PDT on Oct 18, 2011

I am just going to laugh this one off really now - such idiots to the point of nearly being demonic. Lies, lies and lies.Their day will come ...

12:44PM PDT on Oct 18, 2011

And the ignorance continues to abound...

11:06AM PDT on Oct 18, 2011

Disgusting! All of those things are so ridiculously false. I have many gay friends and they are all awesome people! If anything, the gay people I know are more open minded and accepting than most people I know (I do live in Texas though...). But seriously, it's time we stand up and make them stop spewing all this hate and misinformation! UGH, I loathe conservative Jesus freaks! Stop pushing your beliefs and hate on everybody else!

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