10-Year-Old Model’s Sexy Poses Ignites Debate on the Sexualization of Young Girls

Models pose in a variety of sexy positions:

  • Lying on a tiger in a leopard print room
  • Wearing hip-slung jeans and no top with beaded necklaces covering their chest
  • Propositioning a pillow fight topless on a bed with a young man
  • Hooking their thumb into their jeans, slinging their hip out
  • Lying back on a bed with their legs crossed in high heels

Sure, you many see any number of these poses in a fashion magazine, except this model is just 10-years-old.

Yes, you read that right. Only 10-years old, yet posing in these very adult positions with that model perfect pouty expression, make-up, high heels, and high fashion threads.

Said model is Thylane Loubry Blondeau and this little girl is causing quite the stir in the media with her grown-up modeling spreads. Many are up in arms about the sexualization of young girls which doesn’t only point a finger at Blondeau, but at many trends like pole-dancing classes for young girls and shows like Toddlers and Tiaras that call for young girls to be anything but young girls.

The Sexualization of Young Girls

Blondeau has been in the fashion industry since she was 5-years-old and walked in a Jean-Paul Gauthier runway show. Most recently, she was pictured in French Vogue and the adult-like fashion pictorials this mini-model appeared in bothered many readers.

It’s “inappropriate,” “creepy,” “explicitly sexual” – all things I have to say I agree with. Sure fashion can be “edgy,” but photographing a pre-pubescent girl topless with make-up and heels isn’t edgy. It’s wrong.

Having a young girl model isn’t the problem here. It’s that Blondeau clearly isn’t being styled as a 10-year-old girl. She is really being made up to look like an adult – a sexy, pouty, sultry adult – whose purpose is to sell some sort of product to the real adults who are flipping through the magazine.

The Damage in the Long Run

Studies have demonstrated time and time again that viewing sexualized images can have a lasting effect on young girls. The American Psychological Association found that viewing sexualized images promotes “appearance and physical attractiveness” as key values for young girls and was also linked to low self-esteem, eating disorders, and depression.

That’s for viewing sexualized images. What if you’re the subject of the sexualized images? What damaging consequences are in store for Blondeau? What message does dressing Blondeau up as a grown up send her or the other people that see the images?

Blondeau is certainly being forced to grow up far too quickly. Sure, she is a beautiful girl and sure she may enjoy modeling and want to pursue a career, but her work thus far has proved that it could do more damage than good for this little girl in the future.

What do you think? Are Blondeau’s poses too sexy for a 10-year-old girl? Is this mini-model being forced to grow up to quickly?

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Photo credit: Image by Ian MacJenzie (bravenewtraveler) used under a Creative Commons license.

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Naomi Dreyer
Naomi Dreyer27 days ago

Part of the downfall of our civilization!

Beryl Ludwig
Beryl Ludwigabout a month ago


Jordan G.
Jordan G.4 months ago

No further comments related to solutions ...

Karen H.
Karen H.5 months ago

Once again Care2 decides to force me to sign in again when I want to add a comment. :(
What's sad is that using a 10-year-old this way tells all females: once you hit 20 you're obsolete.
Children like Thylane are used and discarded. What does that do to their psyche? Look at the Disney kids. Drugs, sex, alcohol, jail, one problem after another. They did their thing for Disney and then they're out.
Thylane and others like her are the "big thing" right now, but when the modeling world finds it's newest "big thing", Thylane will be dropped like a hot potato. Like an aging millionaire, the modeling world will grab a new, younger sex symbol.

Oceane Ingram
Oceane Ingram5 months ago

That's is disgusting... :-(

Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson6 months ago

It's disgusting that we not only sexualize such young girls, but that pedophiles are loving it. Makes me wonder about the photographers of such shoots.

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen8 months ago

we made it sexy sexual. if putting your thubs in your ears, crossing your eyes, and sticking out your tounge was sexy-sexual-sexualized, then kids doing it, are going to be full of "oh lala hubba hubba"

look, I've been here and there on the 'net, "troll'n and roll'n and hyperbole'n" and have come to this conclusiion.

if a kid does this on her own time, to be fun, she is exploring her identidy and doing it for her self.

when it's her job, or a cartoon character doing it. then every thing is wrong with it.

and of course, because we say what is sexy and not.

again, if walking around acting like a chicken was sexualized. then a kid playing chicken is problematic

Carole R.
Carole R.8 months ago

What we are doing to our children is terrible. There should never be anything sexy about a 10 year old. It is so sad and I fear for the future.

Lindsay Kemp
Lindsay Kemp8 months ago

It's a very worrying trend, and I simply can't understand what parents who allow their children, or worse, encourage them, to do this are thinking of!

Jordan G.
Jordan G.8 months ago

Took a quick look at the link. One of the women wrote that she was jealous of a 10 year old. If that is a man he would have been arrested for kiddy porn ... as well he should have been. But your violence (in this form) against yiur daughters is just as bad.