11 Baby Opossums Saved From Walls of House

Opossums have a tough time in residential neighborhoods and sometimes there just isn’t anywhere for them to go. So what does a mama opossum do when she’s ready to give birth?  Well, this one found her way into the walls of a house in Braintree, Massachusetts.

When the homeowners began hearing scratching sounds inside the wall, they knew they had a visitor and were eager to undertake a gentle rescue. They brought mama and three babies to the New England Wildlife Center in South Weymouth and happily said their goodbyes, wishing the little family well.

“Mom opossum was thin and frightened when she arrived and her babies were very hungry,”said Katrina Bergman, the Center’s Executive Director.

Just the Beginning

But that turned out to be just the beginning of this wild rescue.

“Apparently, the nursing opossum had gotten stuck and her babies were scattered everywhere,” Katrina explains. “The following day 5 more babies were admitted!”

So now mama opossum was fast at work nursing eight babies in the wildlife center. She was eating well and the babies were stable.  But again and again, the homeowners returned to the center with more little ones in cardboard boxes.

“Opossum babies continued to trickle in to the hospital every day, until, finally, all 11 were safe and sound with their mom,” Katrina said.

Turns out that locating a 2 inch critter inside a fully constructed house is a treasure hunt for only the most determined. And while many homeowners would have simply let it go, this family continued to search and scour, with unplanned ‘renovations’ to make sure that every last baby had been rescued.

“Today is the best kind of day at New England Wildlife Center,” Katrina said as the opossum mama and her babies were released into an expansive natural habitat.  Visit the Wildlife Center’s website to see more photos of their work and a webcam of the rescued raccoons.

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Joanna W.
Joanna W.2 years ago


Carole R.
Carole R.3 years ago

Cute pic! Glad they're safe.

Cristy Murray
Cristy Murray3 years ago

Nice to know someone cared enough to rescue these poor little vilified critters. I once woke at 3 AM to discover a young opossum in my bedroom window - on the inside. He had evidently come in through the doggy door, wandered all through my house and eventually ended up trying to get out through my screened window with 5 dogs sleeping in the room! I had to lower the window to keep him from going back in the house, the go outside and remove the screen. I must say, it was quite the shock to discover the little guy inside my house. I was really glad I was able to get him out safely.

Kathy Crews
Kathy Crews3 years ago

A perfect story....thanks so much for sharing!!

Jo Ana Tucker
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Shin Takahashi
Shin Takahashi3 years ago

I believe that any rescue are good for both animal and human.cheers

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch3 years ago

I love people that can get past their own ignorance with animals, and save a creature in need of rescue.

This shows how truly wonderful ALL living beings are, even sometimes humans. ;o)

Diane L.
Diane L.3 years ago

By what wild stretch of the imagination, Ness, does my comment to Erica B have to do with some crazy fear of goats that you have no conjured up? Just what is it that you drink? I'd like to order a case of it. Sounds like some pretty good stuff to have around at a party.

Sheri D.
Sheri D.3 years ago

Great rescue!

Ness Watson
Kezia W.3 years ago

Point in example, your whole post here is full to the brim of venom. Makes me wonder if you are scared of goats... like the three billy goats gruff as they took down an evil troll:
Diane L said
"Erica, I didn't address YOU, either, nor did I POUNCE on anyone. My point should have been obvious to anyone except those who sit around waiting for SOMETHING to "pounce on". Give it a rest, please! I didn't mention your name at all, but you saw fit to bring mine into your response not once, but twice. The intent is pretty obvious. Why do I have to "have a bad day" to disagree with anyone? It's my right to find the story a bit "other than" you do. Go get your Kleenex or whatever and move on to the next "rescue" story if that's all you want to do, but don't address me, by name, simply because I have another viewpoint"