11 of the Coolest Birds You Have Ever Seen

Isn’t nature awesome?

Formosan Magpie (wagtail/flickr)


Golden Pheasant (TANAKA Juuyoh/flickr)


Green Jay (lgooch/flickr)


Kingfisher (Sergey Yeliseev/flickr)


Lady Amherst’s Pheasant (Loren Sztajer/flickr)


Bleeding Heart Pigeon (asterix611/flickr)


Nicobar Pigeon (Ed Gaillard/flickr)


Quetzal (daniele paccaloni/flickr)


Peacock (Erik K Veland/flickr)


Polish Chicken (Meryl CA/flickr)


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Top photo: Himalayan Monal byTambako the Jaguar/flickr


Alice Almeida
Alice Almeida2 years ago

They're beautiful!

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson3 years ago

:o so darn pretty

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Elisa Faulkner- Uriarte
Elisa F.3 years ago

So Lovely...Thank You!

stacey t.
Stacey Toda3 years ago

Definitely very cool birds.

Nancy Black
Nancy Black3 years ago

Amazing, Attractive, Awesome, Beautiful, Brilliant, Breathtaking, Captivating, Cute, and Cool.From A to Z, Zenith, these photos and birds are Dynamite and Enchanting. Kudos to the photographers and the writer. Loved the article.

Heather Holland
Heather Holland3 years ago


Jane H.
Jane H.3 years ago

wow, wonderful!

Lynn C.
Lynn C.3 years ago

Beautiful photos of fabulous birds. Thank you.

Hugh W.
.3 years ago

Beautiful and amazing!!!!