2010 Ties 2005 for Hottest Year on Record

NASA and NOAA this week both released data showing that 2010 tied with 2005 as the hottest year for the planet. The record heat in 2010 is particularly notable because the second half of the year was influenced by La Nina conditions, which usually bring cooling to tropical oceans. 2010 was also the wettest year on record, measured by global average precipitation. What is most significant is not the individual ranking of years, but the fact that the long-term trend confirms the planet is warming. While there are some variations in the measurements among scientific bodies, major scientific agencies confirm that the last decade was the warmest on record.

Why should we care if the planet’s temperature rises by a few fractions of a degree a year? Recent severe weather events, such as storms, flooding and drought, are affecting millions of lives and are being attributed to the planet’s warming. “The record rise in food prices is a grave reminder that until we act on the underlying causes of hunger and climate change, we will find ourselves perpetually on the knife’s edge of disaster.” said a spokesman for OxfamAmerica.

Just this month, devastating floods in Australia, Sri Lanka and Brazil have cost hundreds of lives, displaced tens of thousands  and destroyed massive amounts of property. “If left unchecked, climate warming will continue so the things that we’re having hints of now, foretastes of now, will come stronger,” said Richard Sommerville, a climate scientist at the University of California at San Diego, “The world is warming up … It’s warming for sure and science is very confident that most of the warming is due to human causes.”

The former head of the Met office in Britain points out the connection between extreme weather, climate change, and degradation of the environment in developing countries: “In many cases, the reason why floods are worse is because in many tropical regions the forests are being destroyed, these are forests that used to mop up water. Cutting down forest in the tropics is not a good thing to do. These trees preserve soil and burning them contributes 20% of greenhouse gases.”

Can we afford to stand around waiting to see if we’re at a point of no return on global warming? Surely we can work together to reduce carbon emissions and receive, at least,  a healthier planet in return.

Photo: NASA


jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

hope so

Niculescu Bogdan
Niculescu Bogdan6 years ago

hopefully it will be

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago

noted :0

Frederico D.

Temos de divulgar a informação.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B6 years ago

Thanks for telling the world

Will L.
Past Member 6 years ago

Public action..?? Ah ya sure..just as soon as they get their heads out of the sand along the river denial..

Lisa H.
Lisa W6 years ago

and yet somehow my mother remains convinced that global warming is a political hoax.

Cory R.
Cory R6 years ago


Kalpana Dangi
Kalpana Dangi6 years ago

I am terrerizes by the fact we, human beings are the cause of global warming. It is important that all the countries around the world can definitely invest in clean energy to avoid environmental disasters. But it is important that we think about sinmple things like consuming anything less. This country connsumes more than half of the world resources. Generate billions of tons of Trash. If we make recycling more easy and effcient ,I amsure people will do it. People should be rewarded when they recycle more and make them pay if they trash more. Very few cities in U.S. have efficient recycling. All the countries should recycle everything. Investing more money for recycling will definitely generate less trash and save our natural resources. Less deforstation, less landfills more habitat and space for our forest friends. Think small first.

Pat L.
Patricia L6 years ago

It's difficult to believe that there are so many people in our country who deny that global warming exists in the face of scientific evidence. I suppose if it doesn't happen in certain greed driven peoples' lifetimes, it doesn't matter whether it is true. It drives me nuts to read about so-called Christians who think the planet was born close to yesterday and that "God" has a plan for them and the world (they must have special phones to call God and get the word straight from the top). I have a husband and a grown daughter, no grandchildren, but I care that after I leave the earth it continues to exist for the next generations, the beautiful animal species and that we leave it better than we found it. So far, the older I get, the more embarrassed I am about my generation and the slightly older one (like Bush, Cheney, and the like) who think the sun rises and sets on money, money, money. There is a price to pay for greed, for raping the earth without care or conscience. If there is a divine power, and I feel that there is, I hope it appears to these criminals in the form of the animal, human or natural resource they most took advantage of, scares the hell out of them and sends them to eternal damnation. But that's probably asking for too much.