35,000 People Demand Government Action to Prevent Contraception Crisis in the UK

Following revelations of worrying gaps in contraceptive services, the sexual health charity FPA handed in a Care2 petition signed by over 35,000 people in the UK to Chancellor Philip Hammond MP, calling on him to take action to avoid a contraception crisis that could cost the UK billions of pounds.

Paula Sherriff MP commented in support of the petition, saying:

Itís shocking to see that £800m in Tory cuts has meant that many women are now left without full access to contraception. Contraception needs to be accessible to all and the Tories need to take responsibility for what their cuts will mean for women. Iím joining 35,000 others in calling on the government to stop these cuts.

Last week, it was revealed by the expert Advisory Group on Contraception (AGC) that more than one in three of the 152 councils in England have closed services delivering contraceptive care since 2015, and a YouGov survey found that many women are struggling to access contraception.

A report commissioned by FPA in 2015 found that continued cutbacks to contraceptive services could cost the UK over £2 billion by 2020.

The survey, commissioned by FPA, asked 1,625 women aged 16-45 about their experiences with contraceptive services, and found shocking gaps in access:

  • Almost a fifth of women (16 percent) have had to wait over two weeks for a contraception appointment
  • Almost a fifth of women (17 percent) said they found it difficult or very difficult to schedule a contraception appointment
  • Only around a quarter of women said that a healthcare professional had discussed long-acting reversible contraceptive methods with them such as the implant (24 percent) and IUD (26 percent)
  • Over a quarter of women (27 percent) said they felt they didnít have enough time to discuss all their contraceptive options during their consultation
  • A quarter of women have never had a consultation with a healthcare professional to specifically talk about their contraceptive options

One young woman based in London told FPA: ďOnce I was waiting until 4.30pm (I arrived at 8.45am) for a contraceptive implant.Ē

Rebecca, one of the 35,000 UK residents who signed the petition calling to end cuts to contraception said she signed it because:

I was recently at a sexual health centre to get my contraceptive injection as normal. I was waiting for almost 3 hours in the waiting room, a good hour and a half past closing time. Despite this, the nurse who saw me was extremely friendly and enthusiastic, despite the fact that she should have finished work over an hour earlier. She apologised for the wait and when I told her not to worry as it wasn’t her fault, she told me that the centre had been facing 10 percent†cuts every year for the last 5 years, and this year this had increased to a 40 percent†cut. This meant that there were only two nurses on in a very busy clinic with more patients than they could possibly face. And still, the nurse was apologetic, kind and friendly. Sexual health staff do not deserve this kind of strain on their jobs, and women not deserve the strain on our bodies when our access to vital sexual health services are limited.

Laura Russell, FPAís Policy Manager, commented that:

From our conversations with women, it was clear that they really value their contraceptive services and the healthcare professionals that provide them. Unfortunately, despite a growing body of evidence that action is needed, the government is not currently placing the same value on them.

Every pound spent on contraception saves over £11 in costs to the NHS, and yet we have seen repeated cuts to the public health funding which provides contraception services. This public health funding was slashed by £200 million in 2015/16, by chancellor George Osborne, followed by a Spending Review that set out a 3.9 percent year-on-year budget cut across public health from April 2016 until April 2021, totalling at least £600 million.

We hope that Philip Hammond will show he recognises that cuts to contraceptive services are a false economy, and act now to save the UK billions of pounds by reversing these cuts in his upcoming budget.

Dr Jayne Kavanagh, Medical Director for the Campaign for Contraception, added:

In the year weíre celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Family Planning Act, itís shocking that womenís hard-won access to contraception is under threat in the UK.

The government must take action now before the devastating cuts to contraceptive services become impossible to reverse.

About FPA

The sexual health charity FPA gives straightforward information and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK.

FPA educates, informs and supports people through our specialist sexual health programmes and counselling service, our websites and publications, our training for professionals and our public awareness campaigns.


Sarah-Jane S
Sarah-Jane S18 hours ago

It doesn't surprise me

ANA MARIJA Ryesterday

Petition signed... with hope
Thank you!

Janis K
Janis K2 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

Nicole H

If women ALL agree that Governments ALL OVER THE WORLD should be more "humane" with us, and leave us the FREE choice of contraception, without having to count your coins on the table by the end of the month, we could organize a SEX-FREE day !! May be then men would listen more to us !!

Nicole H

So sad to see that women AGAIN have to pay the bill. Are we turning back the clock to the 1950's or so ?? There should be no cuts in the contraception clinics. For young girls and many women, it is the ONLY place where they can safely get a decent information and a reliable contraceptive method. Also in Belgium, the pill is not refunded, and has to be paid in full. And you need a prescription from your doctor. So, add these costs together and ... many women stay in the cold. Result : unwanted pregnancies, abortions - if affordable - or an unwanted baby. And what will that cost to the Government ?? MUCH MUCH more than a sufficient number of contraception clinics. Politicians just think about their balance for this and next year, but they never look as far as 5 or 10 years. Are they ALL really that stupid ?? Or what is wrong with them ??

Clare O
Clare O4 days ago

I'm reading a book about Fairtrade farmers in many countries. Very often I read the farmer shares a hut he built himself with five of his nine children and his wife. The women have absolutely no chance to improve their lives and the family has no chance to be better off. Even a fairtrade co-op is only at the stage of bringing clean water or buying a roof for a one room school. Too many children equals poverty and backwardness.

S M5 days ago

And this in one of the wealthy countries in the world! And with a sophisticated, public funded Health Service!

John W
John W6 days ago

Hopefully, upon finally gaining full Brexit there will be more money for the NHS

Carl R
Carl R7 days ago