4 Groups Trying to End Corporate Personhood – and How You Can Help

Corporate personhood – as absurd as a concept as it is, it’s really no laughing matter. In fact, it might be one of the most critical political issues of our time. As helpless as many of us feel in being unable to change this country’s strong corporate rule, the good news is that there are notable efforts around the United States actively pushing for change:

1. Move to Amend

What is it?

Five years ago, Move to Amend formed to tackle the corporate takeover of American democracy. The group’s call to action is to pass a constitutional amendment that restricts inalienable rights to actual humans and specifies that unlimited campaign contributions are not a form of speech protected under the First Amendment.

How can you participate?

Move to Amend welcomes new volunteers to join their grassroots efforts to make an amendment a reality. Learn more about their various Action Campaigns to decide where you might best fit in and be able to contribute to the local chapters throughout the country.

2. Democracy Is for People

What is it?

Founded by the decades-old group Public Citizen, Democracy Is for People is a subgroup that champions the rights of American citizens over corporate interests. Though the organization has several goals, the most prominent is to undo the effects of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, specifically by promoting a constitutional amendment.

How can you participate?

The site’s “Ways to Get Involved” page is rich in resources, including:

  • How to contact and discuss this topic with elected officials
  • How to organize members on a campus to create an effective student resistance group
  • How to have your town or city pass a resolution against corporate personhood

3. United States Congress

What is it?

No, really, support from the notoriously inactive United States Congress is quickly gaining traction, even if it doesn’t quite have a majority yet. Forty-eight Senators have jointly sponsored a corporate personhood amendment, which will reach the floor this autumn. Earlier this month, more than 100 U.S. Representatives introduced a comparable proposal in the House. More impressively, political support does not fall along party lines, showing that elected officials are starting to listen to the unequivocal nonpartisan support from the American public.

How can you participate?

Run for Congress? Assuming that’s not a practical option, however, start writing letters and emails to your Senators and Congressperson urging them to support efforts to create an amendment that tackles corporate personhood once and for all. Encourage your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to do the same so that legislators know that their constituents are paying attention to where they stand on this issue.

4. The Stamp Stampede

What is it?

Two years ago, Ben Cohen, known better to ice cream-loving Americans as half of Ben & Jerry’s, originated a stamping campaign where concerned citizens can stamp U.S. currency with slogans that raise awareness. Available stamps include “Not to be used for bribing politicians,” “Corporations are not people,” “Stamp money out of politics,” and “The system isn’t broken, it’s fixed.”

How can you participate?

Buy a stamp from the Stamp Stampede’s shop and get defacing. As dollar bills continue to change hands, these messages that oppose corporate personhood and the financial stranglehold that corporations have over democracy will receive more attention.


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