4 Reasons to Boycott Kellogg’s

When Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger shouts, “They’re Grrrreat!”, you can be sure he’s not raving about his parent company, Kellogg’s. In fact, the international food corporation’s recent actions have built a reputation for being an awful company. Although Kellogg’s is a main component in many Americans’ breakfast diets, here are four reasons to keep the company out of your pantry:

1. Labor Disputes

On Tuesday, Kellogg’s locked 226 employees out of its Memphis plant after failed labor negotiations. The union alleges that they have been bargaining to secure living wages and benefits for its workers, but that Kellogg’s offers do not meet these needs, despite having ample profits to pay the workers accordingly. At the Memphis facility, several workers have recently been let go, and the company appears poised to replace this labor with temp workers to whom they can pay substandard salaries.

Around the country, other Kellogg’s plants are facing similar issues. It looks likely that similar disputes will cause strife in three other cities in the near future.

2. Harmful Food Dyes

Kellogg’s still uses food dyes to color some of its products, specifically its “fruit” (but actually fruit-less) snacks. The dyes are not only unnatural, but also have been scientifically linked to allergies, hyperactivity and bad sleep habits in children. Certain dyes, like Yellow 5 and Red 40, are considered carcinogenic. In fact, the FDA has banned Red 3 in cosmetics and medicines because of its cancer-causing properties, yet still mysteriously permits its use in food products.

Last year, a Care2 petition started by a concerned mother amassed more than 200,000 signatures. The petition asked Kellogg’s to remove the artificial food dyes from fruit snacks for the health and safety of children. Thus far, Kellogg’s has ignored the public’s pleas and continued to use dyes in its products.

3. Deforestation

The largest provider of palm oil, Wilmar, has been deemed the “least sustainable… company in the world” by Newsweek, a dubious distinction considering how many unconscionable corporations exist. Despite the fact that Wilmar obliterates Indonesian rainforest and destroys the habitats of endangered species like the Sumatran tigers, Kellogg’s has partnered with this company to obtain cheap palm oil to use in its products.

When confronted with this problematic partnership, the Kellogg’s CEO said, “It’s something that the activists should really take up with Wilmar to determine the best path forward with them.” Kellogg’s may try to absolve itself of all responsibility on the matter, but by paying Wilmar to engage in this ecological assault, Kellogg’s is complicit, as well.

Sign a petition against Kellogg’s involvement with the deforestation here.

4. Misleading Breakfast Cereals

It’s bad enough that Kellogg’s produces the unhealthiest kids’ cereal on the market. Honey Smacks has more sugar than a Twinkie and is a disgusting 56% sugar by weight. The company is dishonest when it presents its cereals as a healthy option for breakfast.

Even more egregiously, however, is when Kellogg’s radically exaggerated its cereals’ healthful qualities. Five years ago, when advertising Frosted Mini-Wheats, the company claimed that the cereal improved kids’ memory and attentiveness. Because there was no actual science behind these claims, Kellogg’s lost a $4 million class action lawsuit for its deception.

The company also faced criticism for making it seem like their products contained real blueberries when, in fact, they actually featured chemical ingredients meant to mimic blueberries. What’s with all of the trickery, Kellogg’s?


Photo credits: food dyes by Maegan, sumatra tiger by Pandusashi, Mini-Wheats by theimpulsivebuy


Jim Ven
Jim V6 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Emily Hill
Emily Hill3 years ago

I just wanted to add insight into the Kellogg's labor dispute that locked out 226 employees on Oct. 22, 2013. This dispute was not about wages - the workers did not request raises nor benefit increases. The company wanted to only hire part time workers without offering them any benefits and pay them less that the union workers at the plant were already making. The union workers felt that this move would only hurt future employees and the economy here in the USA. These union employees had been working 12 hour shifts - 28 to 29 days in a row with out time off because the company did not want to hire. The workers lost their jobs because they felt full time workers with benefits should have been hired to fill these positions. The CEO of Kellogg's North America (an Australian) received a 90% pay increase his first year as CEO and yet he calls the "Employee Of The Future" a part time worker without benefits. The locked out employees can receive their jobs back if they will agree to the part time only future workers. They refused! Boycott Kellogg's. They make Kashi, Kellogg's, Famous Amos, Cheese Its, Keebler, Pringles, Eggo and Pop Tarts. I am sure they make others also but I am not sure of all the names. These 226 workers are hardly in the news and yet they are trying to stop some of the corporate greed that is eroding the middle class.

Sarah clevenger
Sarah clevenger3 years ago

Well besides the fact that kellogs is full of sugar and gmo's ,I don't ever eat it mainly because of celiac disease . Although even if they came out with gluten-free options I care more about rainforests and my health.

Boods Foo
Walter F3 years ago

We never use Kellogs products.they are salt.sugar,laced.fat laced rubbish.There are a lot of quality breakfast cereals on the market. Try them.

Boods Foo
Walter F3 years ago

We nave used Kellogs products,They are salt, sugar, fat laced rubbish.There. are so many other good quality breakfast foods available.Check them out.

Melania Padilla
Melania P3 years ago

I care most about deforestation.... Petition signed

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill3 years ago

Today with all the unemployed we really should not be boycotting American companies.

Walter M.
Walter M.3 years ago

Today Kellogg's announced that due to reduced demand they would lay off thousands of people. I'm sure all those middle class folks who will wind up losing more than just their livelihoods, would love to visit each of the sanctimonious folks here to thank them personally for their views. Please feel free to provide your names and addresses.

Mika De Silva
Mika De Silva3 years ago

I will take note to avoid Kelloggs in the future. Thank you for the informative article.