4 Mother Animals Who Adopted Babies of Different Species

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite. It was originally published on October 9. 2012. Enjoy!

Humans aren’t the only ones who adopt babies of other species — like kittens and puppies. Animals do it too.

Non-human animals aren’t usually credited with emotions like generosity or empathy, but those may be the simplest explanations for the decisions of cats, pigs, tigers and many others to adopt babies from an entirely different species.

1. Cat and baby squirrel

One example is a cat who adopted a baby squirrel into her litter of kittens. Emmy suckled and raised the squirrel, Rocky, as her own. Rocky blended right in with his siblings, even learning to purr when stroked.

2. Cat and bunny

Another cat adopted a needy rabbit.

3. Dog and tiger cubs

A golden retriever adopted three white tiger cubs in a Kansas safari park when their mother rejected them.

4. Monkey and kitten

This monkey adopted an orphaned kitten.

The examples go on and on across so many species. It’s hard to deny that these adoptive mothers are motivated by compassion — and perhaps even love. Animals deserve so much more credit than we give them.


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