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6 Reasons to Keep Cats Inside

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4. Runaways

Sometimes cats run away from home; they’re scared, they get lost and confused, they want to strike out and explore something new, or they’ve decided to start two-timing on you. (Hey, it happens.) Having a cat disappear is always heartbreaking, and even if your cat is tagged and chipped, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be reunited.

5. Theft

Even more chilling than running away: sometimes beloved pets are stolen. Cats and dogs are sometimes stolen in schemes to get reward money, or for resale if they’re exotic breeds. Some are sold to research labs, where they may be tortured in the name of scientific research. While no labs should be using animals ever, those that do are legally required to carefully vet the source of their animals…but sadly, they aren’t always very diligent.

6. Malicious individuals

Cats in particular tend to attract abuse from humans. Your cat may be tortured or killed by people who think it’s fun to hurt animals, and that’s something you definitely don’t want to happen. This sadly is even more common for black cats; the poor creatures are still regarded with superstition and hatred, especially in October (if you learn nothing else from this article, please keep your black cats indoors in October). Cruel people don’t care that a cat is a living being with feelings and emotions, and they definitely don’t care that they’re hurting another human being by harming a beloved member of the family.

I think these are pretty convincing reasons to keep your furry friend inside, don’t you?

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1:23AM PST on Dec 11, 2013

Thank you :)

5:56PM PST on Dec 10, 2013

Yes, I agree that the "ideal" is to keep a cat indoors ..... easy if you've had the cat from a kitten and it is content to do what it thinks is normal. But if, like me, you have rescued cats who have previously been "outdoor" cats (or ferals) it is not that simple !! Luckily I live in the country - so traffic is not much of a problem - but I still keep my 2 in as much as possible. The solution I have found is to feed them their main meal in the evening ....... that way I can let them out around lunch time the following day, safe in the knowledge their "tummies" will tell them when it's time to come home (usually less than an hour later - even less if the weather is not very nice). They'll get a small "snack" as soon as they come in and are then quite happy to "stay put" until their normal mealtime ...... after which it's a quick wash, a bit of playtime and a long sleep usually !!

5:43PM PST on Dec 10, 2013

Jessica L ........ 7:24AM PDT on Oct 21, 2013 ..............

"Please do not release unwanted pets into the neighborhood or forest preserve just take them to a shelter even if it is to be euthanized." ............

WOW ..... not that is what I call "caring" NOT !!! There are numerous other options to try BEFORE surrendering a pet to a shelter ...... trying to find it another home would be first !! Maybe your comment was just unfortunately worded ? It sound like you're SUGGESTING the easiest way out is to just give up on them and "pass the buck" !!

5:29PM PST on Dec 10, 2013

Thanks for the info.

4:21PM PST on Nov 29, 2013

Good info. Thanks.

6:49PM PST on Nov 21, 2013


4:52AM PST on Nov 21, 2013

I also believe in keeping cats inside. Thanks for your reasons.

6:26AM PST on Nov 20, 2013

I don't care what you say! My cat is an outdoor cat, never uses her litterbox, has all her claws, hangs out with the cat next door and definitely is 2 timing me. BUT she is healthy and loves me very much. I couldn't dream of keeping my cat inside. But that's just me.

4:24AM PST on Nov 20, 2013

Living in the same place near 30 years, I've experienced -
*One neighbor having to take their cat for surgery several times to the vet for surgery and infections due to their cat being attacked.
*Another neighbors cat stricken with feline leukemia - which is contagious. The cat died in the yard and it was some time before they found it. Subsequent cats fell ill. The disease can stay present for many years in the ground!
*Another was packing for vacation and loading the car when their bird managed to fly out the door and was scooped up an killed by a neighbors cat right in front of them. Nice way to begin a vacation having your bird killed.
*Fleas cause disease. We have no fleas with our cats who remain in the house.
Tip: Give indoor cats plenty to keep them busy - activity towers, other places they will be comfortable to perch, toys, scratch pads, etc. Indoor cats are much healthier (but don't over feed them)

9:06PM PST on Nov 19, 2013

Good info.

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