83% of U.S. Voters Negatively View Corporations that Outsource to China


Written by Tula Connell, AFL-CIO

U.S. voters across the political spectrum overwhelming have negative views of companies that outsource jobs to China and strongly support Buy America provisions, according to a poll released today by the Alliance for American Manufacturing. Voters also say strengthening manufacturing in the United States is a top economic priority and they back the creation of a national manufacturing strategy to better compete with foreign nations that already have them in place.

Some 83 percent surveyed say they have an unfavorable view of companies that outsource jobs to China, and the vast majority—87 percent of Republicans, 87 percent of Independents and 91 percent of Democrats—support strong Buy America preferences for public works, according to the poll, taken by a bipartisan team of prominent Republican and Democratic pollsters. Voters maintain extremely favorable views of goods manufactured in the United States (97 percent favorable).

When asked if large infrastructure projects paid for by taxpayers should be made in the United States versus given to the lowest bidder, 81 percent say it’s more important that bridges, roads and more are U.S. made. In fact, pollsters report that voters in the focus groups were stunned to learn that steel production for the center span of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge had been outsourced to China.

Says Alliance for American Manufacturing Executive Director Scott Paul:

This election will turn on who voters believe will go to bat for them to create and vigorously defend manufacturing jobs.

Some 61 percent back the Obama administration’s move to support the American auto industry. In addition, 57 percent of those surveyed think the quality of cars produced by the U.S. auto industry has improved.

More than two-thirds of respondents also say China’s violations of international trade rules are costing U.S. jobs, and nearly as many (62 percent) said Washington needs to get tougher on China’s cheating. Voters of all affiliations overwhelmingly support getting tough with China, even when posed with the argument that getting tougher on China’s trade violations could “start a trade war.”

In other findings:

  • By 60 percent to 36 percent, voters believe the government should focus on job creation over reducing the federal deficit.
  • A majority of voters (56 percent) no longer see the United States as having the world’s strongest economy.
  • Fewer than 25 percent think anyone in Washington is doing a great deal to help enforce a level playing field for U.S. manufacturers.
  • 88 percent of voters believe that it’s possible for America to have the strongest economy, and 92 percent believe that it is important for the United States to regain that position.

The bipartisan survey of 1,200 likely general election voters was conducted between June 28 and July 2 by the Mellman Group and North Star Opinion Research, firms that poll for Democratic and Republican candidates, respectively. The findings include results from six focus groups held in Columbus, Ohio; Orlando, Fla.; and Phoenix, as well as two dial tests in St. Louis and Vienna, Va., of manufacturing messages frequently presented to voters by the national media.

This post was originally published by the AFL-CIO.


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Robert H.
Robert Hamm4 years ago

Yes MIchael

Michael M.
Michael M.4 years ago

Of course, should the corporations try to manufacture here in the US, the products would be more expensive...

Would YOU be willing to pay for it?

Dr Clue
Dr Clue4 years ago

@Noreen N. [Keep these articles coming. People need to be aware of how buying made in China is hurting us and contributing to the economic problems we face now. I know for many it is difficult to buy an item that was made in America for $1.20 when they can buy the one made in China for $1.00.]

Wholehearted agreement is to be had here.

Even if one's finances cannot currently, in totality, support a pure "MADE IN AMERICA" diet of consumption, even taking but one item you regularly consume that is made off-shore and replacing it with one MADE IN AMERICA will contribute to recovering our economy.

Noreen Niamath
Noreen Niamath4 years ago

Keep these articles coming. People need to be aware of how buying made in China is hurting us and contributing to the economic problems we face now. I know for many it is difficult to buy an item that was made in America for $1.20 when they can buy the one made in China for $1.00. The truth is the one made in China will cost more because it will not last as long and will have to be replaced very soon. You have now spent .80 cents more than if you had bought the American made product. This is just one side of the issue. Another point is that for ever $1 you spend on made in China goods you are helping their economy and hurting ours. And if that does not move you think about the fact that you are contributing to child labor and horrendous working conditions, very much like slavery that allows the made in China product to be produced cheaply.

Dr Clue
Dr Clue4 years ago

@Toby S. [I support a second currency to eleminate the FED debt based currency monopoly...a US Treasury Dollar]

Changing the picture on the money , or even tying a new currency to something be it gold or the kilowatt still leaves us with both the outstanding debt and a problem of "separation of greed and state".

Unless mechanisms can be put in place that return us to government by the people for the people instead of by the corporations for the corporations (which as they are did not even exist when the country was founded) , there is no rule or other means they cannot game.

Dr Clue
Dr Clue4 years ago

@Dorothy N. Wow , you certainly had a LOT to get off your chest, and there is a lot of value to be had in the commentary.

Even with your compliments directed here, as always in these cases the same suggestion is made , just make one or two posts at a time so that folks can digest them and respond.
Care2 will not run out of electrons to paint more posts later :)

Toby Seiler
Toby S.4 years ago

The posts on this story are very good...well thought out and articulated.

Can we, the people that occupy this republic, control of our government corruption and make office holders give their honest services?

I support a second currency to eleminate the FED debt based currency monopoly...a US Treasury Dollar. It's time that the money system of the country changes to accomidate growth of the US money supply, that is not debt.

Toby Seiler
Toby S.4 years ago

Isn't this why we need a low level tariff. Go 5-10%, based on balance of trade (current account) and reinvest in US production entrepreneurs. Seek out good stewardship industrial practices and seed entrepreneurs, making equity investments in Main Street.

Yvette T.
Past Member 4 years ago

China OUT OF TIBET, OUT OF AFRICA, End Abuse and poaching now!

Dr Clue
Dr Clue4 years ago

With some of the lowest taxes in recent US history, healthy corporate profits in no small part derived from off-shoring jobs , high unemployment rates (at least for American jobs), the answer we are given is....

Give corporations and millionaires benefiting from off-shoring , fewer taxes, less regulation and other gift bags.

Penalize the American work force whose jobs have been off-shored by letting but their taxes go up , and those not able to find a replacement job by eliminating the social safety net.

Giving the justification that those in the upper class deserve something for being "job creators " holds no water nor justification for reward when those crated jobs are over seas.