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ACLU Sues To Block Kansas Abortion Bill

ACLU Sues To Block Kansas Abortion Bill


The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas filed suit this week in an attempt to block a Kansas law that bans private health insurance plans from covering abortions.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, eighty-seven percent of employer-based insurance policies nationwide cover abortions.  The Kansas bill forces private insurance companies to remove abortion from the list of standard procedures they cover, unless the life of the mother is at risk.  If a woman wanted insurance to cover the cost of an abortion she would have to buy a separate insurance plan known as a rider to cover that abortion, including in cases of rape or serious health risks.  Most insurance companies have said they would not offer such a rider.

Brigitte Amiri, senior staff attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project likened the measure to a making women pay a tax on abortions and is just another in a long list of initiatives designed to punish and shame women for choosing abortion.

The insurance plans covering abortion are not paid for by the state or with taxpayer money, but still proponents insist this is a reasonable regulatory presence by the state into a purely private market.  Proponents argue they are simply trying to limit the number of abortions that take place despite the evidence that only about 12 percent of abortions are paid for with private insurance.

The ACLU claims the law is unconstitutional because it discriminates based on sex (it only applies to women) and because it was passed with the intent of making it more difficult for women to obtain and pay for abortion care.

Frankly, it is getting difficult to parse through all the attacks leveled at women’s health care, but Kansas has been one of the greatest offenders. And the fact that this bill attempts to dictate a purely private transaction makes conservative claims of “limited government” ring all the more hollow. Making abortion harder to get won’t eliminate the need for abortion or protect lives.  It will do just the opposite.


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7:12AM PDT on Sep 9, 2011

Kim, simply google ACLU terrorism, and you will see a few things pop up, they go out of their way to legally represent terrorists.

6:58AM PDT on Sep 9, 2011


2:29AM PDT on Aug 22, 2011

Molly, I'm not pigeon-holing all women, I've had to say it twice that not all women, and the people I'm talking abotu are a "handful of women. i'm a woman, by your reasoning, i'm putting myself in that box also???
try reading what's ON the lines, instead of making up what you think may be hidden between them.

The women I know are actually not paying for insurance, they're paying as they go for abortions. to have it re-imbursed from insurance makes it too easy, and as simple as having a tooth removed. A once off abortion, pay for it, get on with life, but, having multiple abortions written off on medical insurance basically means someone is being neglegient, and irresponsible.
try getting drug rehab paid for on insurance time and time again, see how far it gets you.

12:10PM PDT on Aug 21, 2011

I hope everyone is doing the right thing!!!

5:29PM PDT on Aug 20, 2011

Thanks ACLU. Why do the Republicans hate women so much?

The regressive Republican Party of No is obstructionist, mean-spirited, thuggish, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, oily, anti-environment, anti-consumer, anti-choice, anti-education, union busting, Medicare and Social Security slashing, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, out-of-touch, lacking compassion, warmongering, and otherwise dangerous.

NEVER vote for Republicans.

2:17PM PDT on Aug 20, 2011

Zoe the point you are missing is, they already pay for their insurance. It is their lives, their bodies, and their medical coverage. Since these people you know pay for their insurance premiums, who are you to judge them. You are also pigeon holing all women based on a few bad seeds you happen to know. I just dont understand why people are so quick to judge when its obviously no ones business other then thepatient and the doctor. Private medical insurance is no ones business especially the governments.

12:36PM PDT on Aug 20, 2011

Marianne, I'd give you a star if I could, but I already have this week. But you are usually right on in your comments.

1:44PM PDT on Aug 19, 2011

Finishing that thought:

"Then you'll be doing something to realistically prevent abortion. Just making abortion illegal has NEVER stopped women from having abortions."

1:42PM PDT on Aug 19, 2011

Good for the ACLU!

It's high time the right was forced to accept that their ideology of tyranny, threat, and violence is an abomination in a civilized country.

"Pro-life" has long demonstrated that their interest in children ends at birth. Their campaign to enforce unwanted pregnancy upon unwilling women has NEVER been about babies or children. It has always and only been about control over women and preventing as many women as possible form being successful in education and/or career. "If you can't control them and keep them back any other way, saddling them with children they don't want will work" has been the secret pro-life mantra since 1972.

Women have rights. Eggs do not, sperm do not, embryos do not, and up to the point of viability, neither does a fetus. Even post viability, a fetus does not have the right to continue its own existence as the cost of its mother's life or health -- only the pregnant woman can make the choice to risk herself for a pregnancy.

If you want to prevent abortion, well and good: support birth control for anyone who wants it, for free. Preach consistent, proper use of birth control as a lifestyle. Support back-up methods like the "morning after" pill in the case of failure of the primary method. Demand stronger prosecution of sex offenders, and harsher punishments. Demand that schools take rape and sexual assault seriously and establish and enforce rules to protect girls, support victims, and punish offenders. Then you'll be doin

11:26AM PDT on Aug 19, 2011

William G....
The right to safe and LEGAL abortion is a LAW of this country! Don't like it? MOVE...

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