Adopters Save Shelter Dog Moments Before Euthanasia

Written by Linda Rock of Be Kind to Animals in Florida

As a volunteer for a high kill shelter, I go from cage to cage taking dogs out for a walk and assisting people who come to adopt a dog.  This shelter takes in 24,000 dogs and cats each year, euthanizing half of them due to lack of homes. The dogs have approximately one week to get adopted or rescued by a rescue group.  This is happening in shelters all over the United States and we must all come together to put an end to this horrible tragedy.

I pass by cage 7 with a large black dog and stop to look at his cage card.  The card says he has been here for about 9 days and I knew there was little hope for him.  I take him out to the yard for some ball play.  He is young, friendly, loving and beautiful.  As we spend some time together, I think about this wonderful dog being put to death through no fault of his own.  This will most likely be his last day alive.  I return him to his kennel and go on to the next.  About a half hour later, a couple walked over to me and asked where  was the dog in Cage 7.  I go back to the kennel and see he is not there.  I hurry over to an animal officer to ask where the dog was and he radios to another area of the shelter to find the dog.  We are then informed the dog was taken to the euthanization room to be put down.  His time was up.  He was already under sedation and the needle was ready to be inserted for death.  Remarkably, the shelter staff immediately stopped the procedure.

Meet the dog in Cage 7

Would It Be Too Late?

We were told it would take about a half hour to revive the dog so he could have his chance at adoption.  The potential adopters agreed to wait!  A short while later, the dog was meeting his new family.  Yes, this sweet dog’s life was spared, but most are not that lucky.

There are high kill shelters all over our country.  People have the misconception that “bad people work there,” which is not at all true.  Most shelter workers care very much about the animals and work tirelessly to ensure an animal’s time there is comfortable and as safe as possible.  Animals who end up there can succumb to disease, kennel fights, anxiety, fear and depression.  The only way to stop this horror is to stop breeding for profit, stop buying dogs from pet stores and the internet, and impose strict regulations and laws on breeding.  It is not the shelter’s fault.  At least it is a place where an animal living on the street has a warm place to sleep, can get some medical attention and have a chance at a forever home.

Princess, a severely neglected dog, is yet another who got a last minute rescue and enjoys a wonderful life thanks to Linda's rescue volunteers at Be Kind to Animals

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Valentina R.
Valentina R1 years ago

"It's not the shelter's fault"... BS! if everyone who works in shelters REFUSED to kill healthy pets, demanding the law to change, all would become no-kill shelters! if you accept the status quo and justify this horrific procedures saying that "the people who work there are not bad at all", you are a hyprocite and also lying to yourself. If you actually loved dogs, you would fight for things to change. Either ALL dogs from concentration camps (because that's what they are) are adopted, or ALL shelters become no-kill.

Valentina R.
Valentina R1 years ago

How could someone (who loves animals) volounteer at a HIGH KILL "shelter"... seeing all those beautiful, lovable creatures getting killed for no reason... give your time and love to pets who can be saved, in no-kill shelters!
American citizens: ADOPT from kill shelters, VOLOUNTEER & DONATE to no-kill shelters!

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg Kobetz2 years ago

Thank you

shell bell

Awww heartwarming

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Helga V.
.3 years ago

What a great story - thank you very much for that!

Carol M.
caroline m3 years ago

Hope there are more happy endings like this please adopt these animals instead of going to breeders you can find great dogs and cats in shelters I should know I have adopted 6 and all were great. I got many many complements on them.

Mark Donners
Mark D3 years ago

I disagree strongly hat "shelter" workers who euthanize are "not bad people". The reason they euthanize is they made that immoral choice after being hypnotized by selfish false convictions and their self centered political brainwashing. In the grand scheme of earth, humans are nothing compared to plants and animals and have no rights to murder any animals much less murder them by the billions.

Lisa B.
Lisa B.3 years ago

mandatory spay and neuter for ALL dogs including breeders. breeders should only be allowed to breed a dog a regulated number of times. then it must be s/n. mandatory. they must have a limited number of dogs. mandatory. rescues must be mandated to NOT adopt out unfixed animals. otherwise they are not RESCUES. they are just contributors to the problem.

Oh, this applies to cats as well. the cat killing rates are astronomical.

and don't give me that nonsense that we'll run out of dogs/cats. never happen.

Ilona V.
Ilona V3 years ago

Thanks. Read it with mixed feelings - lucky for the dog in cage 7 - but so sad for all the other ...