America’s Hungry Children at Risk

It’s a mind-boggling statistic, but approximately 13 million children right here in America are at risk of hunger every day. 

Without proper nourishment, such children are in increased risk of health problems, as well as social and educational difficulties. 

September is Hunger Action Month. Please take a moment to urge Congress to pass legislation that helps feed hungry children living in America. 

The Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act authorizes all of the federal school meal and child nutrition programs, which provide funding to ensure that low-income children have access to healthy and nutritious foods through the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs; Summer Food Service Program; Child and Adult Care Food Program; Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children; and Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program.

These already existing programs are permanently authorized, but every five years Congress reviews them through the reauthorization process; the current law was signed on June 30, 2004, and is set to expire at the end of September 2009. This reauthorization gives Congress the opportunity to improve and strengthen these programs so they better meet the needs of children in our constantly changing society.

The Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill will ensure quality, healthy and safe meals to children every school day, one step toward eliminating hunger and malnutrition among America’s children. Urge Congress to support the bill and make sure all our nation’s children get three nutritious meals every day.

The children are everybody’s future. This Congress has the opportunity to make improvements in the lives of millions of school children by increasing the availability of nutritious foods and promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is an investment for their future  — and in the future of our country.

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Don’t forget to sign the petition to Congress here: September is Hunger Action Month — Fight to End Hunger!



Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W.7 years ago

Nothing but class envy and hatred. A sure road to nowhere.

Mary B.
Mary B.7 years ago

For crying out loud Jeffrey I can't believe you're still trying to sneak your parasitic little argument about "parents who refuse to take care of their own children" into a discussion on feeding hungry kids. I've read enough stuff from the upper class viewpoint to recognize a mindless response when I see one. You're talking in pure stereotype. You don't know me or how self relient I am, my values, or why I've made the choices I've made, but I will say being a stay at home mother is the most valuable thing I can think of and we get paid nothing so you can dispense with that stupid argument.And if you are in the majority, which I strongly doubt, It's only because the status quo folks have been deliberately confusing and frightening the low income elderly and working poor with half trueths and outright lies. So don't bother replying unless you can speak in your own words. I have no envy for people who hide their emptiness by hoarding wealth.I've known people who are wealthy and they do not think like your script. I also know lots of low income people and they are the most resourceful, hard working, and generous people around.But these are rural folks and I imagine life in a city is different for the working poor.What ever, you don't let people go hungry! And you don't deny them medical, eye, and dental care because your taxes might go up a bit.

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W.7 years ago

"And by the way, your attempt at humor was pathetic.Actually pretty much everything that you've written on all the different articles sound pretty scripted.I hope you end up on the bottom of the income heap and that you meet someone just like yourself who treats you with as much distain that you treat those who have made all that you enjoy possible."

You suffer from serious class envy and hatred. I hope you learn the value of self-reliance and become a huge success. There's room for everybody up here.

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W.7 years ago

"Jeffrey, you're the one who doesn't get it. This article was about feeding the children of low income people.All you're doing is spouting the same old shallow ideas that the upper classes have always comforted themselves with to justify how they have managed to end up with more than regular folks who work harder than they ever did."

Actually, I wasn't referring to regular folks at all. I was referring to those who refuse to take care of themselves and their families. It appears it is you who doesn't understand.

As for how some of us end up with more than others, that is simply because some of us create more value. It takes hard work, but hard work alone isn't enough. You have to be smarter and take risks.

"Claiming that you don't want your money to go to feed the kids of the working poor because you don't deem them worthy [is that the kids or the parents?] is an argument you will never win in a civil society."

Actually I'm winning on that point more than the left is. That's why a majority of Americans favor lower taxes and smaller government, and the left is always stomping its feet demanding more welfare.

rita b.
Rita B.7 years ago

I would like to see those who feed the poor, also teach them how to buy and prepare nutritious food cheaply. So many times I see poor people in the markets wasting their money on junk food just because it is cheap. These so called "foods" like soda pop and baloney may fill their stomachs but they are destroying their health in the process. For the same money they could buy brown rice or potatoes, dry or canned beans and have a healthy and filling meal.

Jenette Downing
Jenette D.7 years ago

I agree something has to be done to help feed the children of low income families. (And the rest of the family as well)

Perhaps if schools were mandated to offer free breakfast, lunch, and possibly "end of day snacks" to the children of low income families it would help alleviate the problem?

Brenda P.
Brenda P.7 years ago

I agreed 100% with you Marilyn L. I Couldn't had said" it better.

Taz D.
Taz D.7 years ago

last year, i read of an astonishing and disgusting USDA study that showed that ROUGHLY HALF OF ALL MEATS IN AMERICA AND ALMOST 40% OF ALL FOOD HERE IS LITERALLY THROWN INTO THE GARBAGE! now i'm not one to use lots of all-capitals or exclamation marks but this is so outrageous it just makes me want to puke on our whole depraved 'culture.' last i read there are some 7 billion chickens slaughtered a year in america alone. that means that 3.5 billion chickens, mostly raised in torment, are then killed just to fill the trash with what is then toxic waste.

so 13 million hungry children and 40 million undernoursished americans, plus a billion other poor humans go without? this is lunacy. same with the homelessness in a nation and world with plenty of houses sitting empty but some rich pig banker won't allow it.

the sufi sage rumi wrote, "you can buy the good bed but you can't buy the good sleep." now my wife and i are struggling unemployed, but we are hotly pursuing a couple of sound, detailed business plans of widely beneficial as well as prospectively profitable nature.

i could devise a sound plan for a non-profit to somehow salvage pre-trash 'excess' foods so as to alleviate some of this hunger. i already have concepts for handling some homelessness. anyone who is interested in launching such a project pls contact me

btw.. the stupid 'stimulus' program GAVE ZERO DOLLARS TO NEW STARTUP BUSINESSES. and how else is america to create 15 million new jo

Taz D.
Taz D.7 years ago

when chief sitting bull was captured after the wonderful day at little big horn when the natives gave a big, if symbolic, f**k you to the white christian genocidal invaders and the maniac custer who otherwise was going to be elected president... he was told that if he 'played along' with his captors nicely, that not all of his people would be killed... so he was paraded in washington, DC, like a dancing bear. there, he saw the streets thick with hungry homeless people of all colors and ages. his comment? "among my people, if one eats; all eat. if one has warmth and shelter; all have it. now i can see what they have planned for my people." and right he was.

a couple of years ago, i was down on 23rd street here in NYC about to enter the subway when i saw this really old woman sitting on the curb half-begging listlessly. she looked cherokee, with the high cheekbones and river-deep wrinkles. i sat down beside her; put as much money in her cup as i could afford and asked her if she would mind my asking how old she was. she told me "almost 93." i just broke down and so did she. she told me how very tired she was. if not for the fact that my wife and i live in a tiny, packed studio where walking around is a slalom; i would've invited her home with me. if i lived alone, poor or not, would've invited her anyway.

when a society lets children or elders or ANYONE AT ALL starve or be homeless; it is degenerate and skidding right into the sewer

Taz D.
Taz D.7 years ago

hey, managers, i just complained on the last page's comments about the ads that suddenly slap onto a page that is slow already from too much jazz. now on this page i get three of the firefox warnings appearing to say that a script is failing to run well and should be closed. every once in a while, i'll get one of those windows at some heavy site page on say national geographic but on care2 i get them every time i open an article. could you please do your QA, quality analysis, on the range of operating systems and browsers? if you need a good QA person, i could do it all remotely for you...