Another Judge Blocks Invasive Ultrasound Law, Setting Precedent For Federal Bill

Women’s reproductive rights advocates won another victory in the battle of onerous pre-abortion ultrasound requirements, as a North Carolina judge blocked a new law scheduled to go into effect.

The state’s new ultrasound law will go into effect, but doctors will no longer have to force women to view the image on the screen, nor must they describe the embryo or fetus in detail or ask the woman if she wants to hear the heartbeat.

According to the Associated Press, “North Carolina officials ‘have not articulated how the speech-and-display requirements address the stated concern in reducing compelled Abortions, and none is immediately apparent,’ the judge wrote in a preliminary injunction.”

The ruling is much similar to that of Judge Sam Sparks in Texas, who also blocked the heartbeat and fetal description portion of Texas’s ultrasound law.  The state then appealed to the Supreme Court, who refused to hear the case.

Will this second injunction stop Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her anti-choice colleagues in Congress from pushing forward on the “Heartbeat Informed Consent Act,” a federal version of the same law that was once more blocked?  Or have any effect on national anti-abortion advocates’ plans to introduced this same bill in every state in the nation this legislative session?

Probably not.  All they need is one judge to uphold the law to have the precedent they so desperately want.


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Cyan Dickirs
Cyan Dickirs3 years ago

Marg Evil is forcing others to bend to your will? What then is Obamacare? EVIL!!! What then is abortion? EVIL. RvW was decided on a lie- the ACLU lied and brought a lie to court. R was not gang raped or pregnant from rape. There was no standing to sue, and even so, SCOTUS never "required" any doctor, hospital or clinic to give abortions, yet somehow PPvCasey and PPvKansas which further limited abortions and gave states the right to limit abortions are completely ignored by the abortion absolutists.
If it is your body to control, you should oppose Obamacare mandate that forces its requirements for medical care and prepayment for others choices on you, among many, many other laws that limit your control and choices. Women have special power and special abilities; we control the birth process. It is something to celebrate and glory in, not reduce to specious sophomoric sophistry of abortion on demand.

Cyan Dickirs
Cyan Dickirs3 years ago

Just say no doesn't work, so sex is necessary for health? So we should allow/provide "comfort men and/or women and or children" to rapists, prisoners, pedophiles, people who are disabled, sick, mentally retarded, and force either steriilzation or abortion?
Over 62% of the general population is in favor of ultrasounds and not in favor of abortion absolutism. Most of the pro abortionists seem to be close to or past childbearing age. Many young men and women are not pro choice or pro abortion.
Ultrasounds go forward in the instant case, just not the requirement to describe or view. Many women have complained that they could not get the results of their ultrasound at PP, even when their insurance was paying for it and they were not getting an abortion. So much for health care and freedom of choice at PP, who has said on numerous occaisons that they oppose giving the results of ultrasounds because women might change their minds about aborting.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K.5 years ago

Ainsley C., your 73 years on earth were wasted.

Marg Wood
Marg W.5 years ago

Evil is trying to force people to bend to your will! Stay out of my business and my life.

Marg Wood
Marg W.5 years ago

Right on Barbara A.

Marg Wood
Marg W.5 years ago

You are living in the land of oz!

Ainsley Chalmers
Ainsley Chalmers5 years ago

My 73 years on earth have taught me the bible is the absolute truth. Nonetheless many treat it as a fairy tale. As a 55+years as a research scientist have come to find that evolution is a big lie as is the big bang and the long age earth (4.6billion years) myth. The Catholic church or people are not perfect but together they do a lot of good on this earth as do other Christian folk of different faiths. It is easy to sit on your bum and criticize others, look at your own life-what are you doing to improve our lot on earth? Are you praying for the "imperfect" churches?Though we may belong to a church, our focus and total trust is in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.

Barbara Amiotte
Barbara Amiotte5 years ago

The worst of the worst of the wars known in the history of man were due to religion. The Catholic church, ie: the Vatican being one of the most corrupt of the religious heirarchies known to man. Being raised a Roman Catholic, it pains me to write this, but it is the truth. The Pope continues to crank out outrageous edicts and papal laws that are in direct opposition to the ways most people really think and conduct their lives. How many cases of HIV have been passed on since Pope Benedict stated that abstanence is the only sanctioned method of birth control, and condoms should not be used. The Catholic church has held back the rights of women since it's inception. It speaks of faith, and charity, and peace, but does nothing to protect the "weaker" of the sexes. Most religions follow the same guidelines. They have only injured women by forcing them to undergo unwanted childbirths, and placing themselves below the male of the species.
I doubt this will change in my lifetime, and I am 57. But I hope as women ( exclude Bachmann please) continue to strive for powerful positions in government and religious organizations, we will be able to choose the best for our bodies without being dictated to by a government that can't even balance it's budget.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Michele and her minions all have the glazed eyed, wide eyed, crazed look of lunatics, don't they?

Joe R.
Joe R.5 years ago

Michele Bachmann and her minions are a scary group of people!