Anti-Choice Group Traumatizes School Children

“Missionaries to the Preborn” is part of a larger “abortion free state” movement and they have their eyes set right now on North Dakota where the state and the region’s only abortion clinic and the surrounding community was inundated with out-of-state protesters.

The group lined Main Avenue and South University in Fargo, carrying large, graphic images of what they claim are aborted fetuses while children with the group ran into traffic to distribute anti-choice literature.

The protestors also targeted local businesses where, according to reports, the locals were not happy about it. The protesters were so aggressive, and their signs so graphic that a group of elementary school children were reportedly left traumatized after their school bus passed by a group of protesters on their way back from a school trip.

Brenda Dellaneva, a chaperone for the Fargo school trip, said the bus was returning the children from a celebratory lunch at the mall when she saw posters lining the road that showed bloody, mutilated fetuses.
“It was just so graphic … Oh, my lord, it was horrible,” she said. Dellaneva said it was “very, very disturbing” for the elementary students. “I was trying to explain to the kids why these people have these signs out. It was nothing but crying and wanting to go home. One little girl threw up.”

“It was wrong where they did it,” Dellaneva said, adding that there are several elementary schools and a middle school in the area.

Jason Storms, leader of the Missionaries to the Preborn, said the group wants to see the Red River Women’s Clinic shut down. “We’d like to see North Dakota be the first abortion-free state in our country,” Storms said.

Sending children darting into traffic to distribute anti-choice literature and scaring kids till they throw-up? This is a legitimate protest group?

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Susan P.
Susan P.4 years ago

Anti-Choice idiot's cause damage to everyone. Their extreme, narrow views is a constant attack against any person in our country. I agree that people need to be responsible and take birth control until they are prepared to have a baby. Today, there are so many forms of birth control that will prevent pregnancy. Even the morning after pill can be used. Anti-Choice people cause much more damage to people other than abortion. I have no respect for so called Anti-Choice. These radical people also stand in the way of medical advancement. They don't take the time to research a subject. These people have so much hate in them that they only attack. Stem Cell Research has been held back because of these blind people. I am a Christian but I have nothing in common with these damaging people. What amazes me is these so called Anti-Choice people are only chasing their own tails. I would love to know what religion is leading these clueless people forward with there quest to disrupt the lives of others. I would respect these people more if they used any logic. They obviously don't have any type of logic to express their views. Against this. Against that. Against anything that they have no knowledge of. They are so single minded, they just make me lose faith in human kind. They held up our country's advancement to help children from suffering with debilitating diseases. These people have one view in common and that view is abortion. They have no clue where stem cells

Jessica O.
Jessica O.4 years ago

another thing i am not a religious nut job. if people need to wear condoms,use pills, tie their tubes, get a vasectomy, then they should do it to avoid the need for an abortion. i am not against any kind of birth control, prior to a baby being conceived. im an not like "some" catholics that say- i dont agree with birth control-condoms, pills, iud's and abortion either. i agree with any method of birth control prior to a positive pregnancy test and the need for an abortion. so people do what you have to do to not have to kill a precious unborn child in the future. wrap it up, twice if neccesary

Jessica O.
Jessica O.4 years ago

another thing shan d- you say you protect your cat from all species that wish to harm her. i can understand that. now you know how people like myself feel about unborn babies. the same passion you have for cats, i have for babies. so if you were going to speak of animal abuse to someone, and the abuse people commit against these defenseless creatures, the way to get your point across better would be to show images, right? kind of like the ones of the spca on television, that show abused animals, that have been burnt and starved and what not. because as much as you may hear about abuse, it is a different understanding when u see it with your own eyes and say- who the fuck would do this to an innocent creature, cat, dog,ect..? well i feel the same about babies- and to deeply understand what is going on, and the reality we must like animal abuse organizations show the reality of these images. i hope you can lay of the insults against me and my unborn baby, and understand my point of view on abortion and recuing babies from death, even though you might not agree with me, but respect it. just as i respect your passion to rescue animals.

Jessica O.
Jessica O.4 years ago

you are such a speculative idiot. people usually believe wisdom comes with age. we very clearly can see, that with you this is not the case. elementary grades go up to 5th grade. here they dont specify what was the age of the students who were "so scared" of the images the saw. shit, even i start crying when i see abortion images, its really hurts to see what people do to unborn children like the one in my womb. however, what are you suggesting we do? lie? yeah, thats it. an abortion is an abortion, according to some pro-choicers, a baby is nothing but a piece of meat, a mass of cells, not human yet. so what is wrong with showing this peice of meat when you are explaining abortion, its more evidence to support a claim. and its factual. a chicken leg is not discarded, its a fetus, so therfore when speaking of abortion it is fine to show the fetus which has been aborted. another thing since you love to speculate, why dont you speculate that the children were traumatized not by the images, but rather by the act of abortion, that led to the images of these dead fetus. i bet you it must be very hard for these children, to understand why anybody would do this to a baby when babies are so cute and innocent. they probabably were thinking- what kind of monsters would do this to a baby. its a scary thought. but its reality.

Shan D.
Shan D.4 years ago

Jessica, your hateful, ignorant ranting is all the proof I need that you won't be much of a mother. You would be perfectly okay if a stranger shoved pictures of aborted fetuses in your young child's face, even though your child would be too young to understand what the pictures were and why the stranger was doing it? That seems to be what you're confirming.

Oh, and leave my cat out of it. At least I put my money and my home where my mouth is regarding adoption - the cat in my avatar was rescued and offered for adoption because the family that rescued her couldn't keep her. I was the ONLY person who came forward to give her a loving home (presumably because she was no longer a cute little kitten, but an adult cat). She's been with me for SEVEN YEARS now - healthy and happy and protected from strangers of all species that would wish to harm her.

Too bad you won't be able to say the same about your coming kid.

Jessica O.
Jessica O.4 years ago

shan d- go fuck your cat you have on yor profile picture. no wonder you are a single morbid athiest bitch. dont get mad, b/c i dont agree with your point of view. old hag thats why you are damn near 50 , alone and desperate. another thing dont talk about my child, you can talk all the shit you want about me but dont bring my baby in to this. and once more, go fuck your cat, im sure thats the only source of sex you have had for the last decade thats why you are soooo hateful.

Jessica O.
Jessica O.4 years ago

another thing-for those of you who its a womans body and its her choice to abort
1) if a woman wants to be a prostitute- let her- its her body=its her choice
2)if a person wants to commit suicide- let them-its their body=its their choice
3)if a person want to be a crackhead- let them- its their body= its their choice
4)if a person want to cut their veins-let them-its their body=its their choice
5)if a person wants to jump off a building- let them-its their body= its their choice

since there is choices, then a person should be allowed to do anything they want with it according to pro-choice including everything listed above- not only abortion- because it is their body= its their choice

Shan D.
Shan D.4 years ago

So, Jessica O., in about 6 years or so, you will be just fine when your child is in school and a bunch of zealots does this to his/her school? It's not "explaining your views" when you put graphic pictures on signs and shove those signs in the faces of children too young to understand either the content of the pictures or your reason for doing this.

I pity your future offspring. You already sound like you'll be a mother from hell.

Jessica O.
Jessica O.4 years ago

i dont see anything wrong with this. i think people also might have blown this out of proportion.
if you are going explain your view on abortion, what is wrong with showing the pictures of dead fetus. they say- a picture is worth a thousand words. i mean that is the reality, thats how a dead fetus looks, its disgusting, its horrible but its the truth. so its very simple, if you dont want to see what a dead fetus looks like, stop killing babies. a good example is sex ed class. what are you going to tell students? the birds and the bees b.s.? sugar coat it? no. you teach them this is a penis and this is a dont get anywhere lying to people. if you are going to speak the truth, speak the whole truth, i am pro-life, i deffend the right of a child in a mothers womb. i believe that a fetus is a baby. and when a fetus is disposed of, it is murdering a helpless child. everyone always wants to bring up rape victims, if you look a statistics for abortions- rape victims make up approximately 1% of abortions in the u.s.- what about the other 99% who are just having unprotected sex and then decide to murder a child b/c they were not using protection. life doesnt have an eraser. to where you just make a mistake and say- hold on, let me just erase it by murdering an innocent life, because it is a child, it has a heartbeat, it has dna, it feels. i am currently 6 1/2 months pregnant. and i am sure my baby feels, he reacts when i talk to him, he reacts when i am angry b/c he feels

Carmen n.
Carmen n.4 years ago

@LynnS: you say: "and the target person isn't of their religion?"

Are you implying that catholics have a right to have a say and impose their extreme views on another catholic? or a jew on other jews? NO ONE has a right to force their views on others, even if they are from the same religion.