Anti-Tethering Ordinance Passes in Florida: A Care2 Member Success!

After gathering a tremendous amount of support for her petition in favor of a new tethering ordinance, one Care2 member is celebrating a victory for her community — thanks to her dedication and Care2 petition! The petition gathered over 700 signatures, which were taken to the Sarasota County Administration Building on September 15, the date commissioners passed the revised ordinance.

The recently passed Sarasota ordinance provides provisions that are in the best interest of all dogs’ safety and health, including leash length restrictions to ensure the animal is in range of food, water and shelter.

Several counties do not have laws protecting dogs from being tied to short chains for extended periods of time, under harsh conditions — but many are fighting for laws in favor of more humane animal care and safer communities. Just a few weeks ago, a women chained herself to a dog house in order to take a stand against tethering in Pennsylvania.

With all the attention concerning the issue, Sarasota residents proved community involvement can make a difference. The petition creator, Caroline, was kind enough to share her secrets to a successful petition with me:

1. What motivated you to create this petition?

It came to my attention that a woman associated with DDB (Dogs Deserve Better) here in Sarasota started a quest to have the current ordinance changed. I got involved and decided to create a petition as this was something she had not done.

2. How did you promote this petition?

Sent out emails to my animal rescue cross post list and personal contacts.

3. Why do you think this petition became a success?

Chaining dogs is just so wrong and a lot of people agree and feel strongly about it. I noticed that a lot of the signatures came from Europe though and I wish more Americans had as much sense as them.

4. Is the new, revised ordinance all that you hoped it would be?

Exactly! But just having the ordinance revised to ban tethering of dogs will not do much unless we can get law enforcement to act. I just found out yesterday that one of my friends who is a Sarasota Police Officer did not even know about it. We need to spread the word.

5. Is there anything else you would like Care2 members to know about this news?

Care2 petitions are a great way to bring awareness of injustices and show that you care.

We encourage all Care2 members to create petitions for causes they are passionate about. You can start here!

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Colleen W.
Colleen W2 years ago

Good grief!!!

Carole R.
Carole R2 years ago

Such good news.

Krista Slavin
Krista Slavin2 years ago

If you are going to chain a dog up then you don't deserve to have a dog. A dog should be treated as a family member.

Diana C.
Diana C4 years ago

And this stupid petition, presented to the commissioners on the day they were adopting the ordinance and signed by people in Eurpe and Australia, had NOTHING TO DO with our county getting the ordinance. The commissioners had already made their decision because of all the months I had been working with them, and Belen's help.

Diana C.
Diana C4 years ago

This stupid petition, presented to the comissiones on the day they were adopting the ordinance, and signed by people in Europe and Australia had NOTHING TO DO with the commissioners' decision. They had already made their decision because of the months I had been working with them.

Diana C.
Diana C4 years ago

And the woman who chained herself to a tree is Tami the founder of Dog Deserve Better. Not difficult to find her name and give her the credit she deserves for all she has done and is doing for dogs to get them out of chains. She does that every year.

Diana C.
Diana C4 years ago

Correction to first comment
Caroline was not AT ALL instrumental in bringing this petition to Sarasota

Should have said "ordinance" not petition.

Diana C.
Diana C4 years ago

By the way, Caroline..there was no ordinance to be revised. The ordinance to ban the unsupervised tethering of dogs was totally stand alone and INTRODUCED to the commissioners. Belen (DDB) gave the commissioners the language at my request. I (not DDB) thought of bringing the ordinance to the county, searched the internet to find someone with a language, contacted Belen after months of communicating with the commissioners, and informed the community asking for support. But you don't see me tooting my own horn, much less wanting to appear like I did something I did not. And you know my name and Belen's name, so don't refer to me as "a woman".

Diana C.
Diana C4 years ago

Belen and I were the ones who brought this ordinance to Sarasota county. It was MY idea and MY work to bring this ordinance to Sarasota county. Caroline was not AT ALL instrumental in bringing this petition to Sarasota county. She would have never thought of doing it. If it were up to her the dogs would still be chained. But some people like to get all the glory for the hard work of others. And it was pretty tacky to have people from around the world sign for a very local petition.

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Zarafonetis4 years ago

This is wonderful! Now if the rest of USA could unchain the doggies of our country!