Are Human Beings Natural Meat-Eaters? (VIDEO)

In this amusing and enlightening cartoon by Dan Piraro, a very proper, pipe-smoking pig explores the question “Are human beings natural meat-eaters?”

What do you think?

Photo credit: Maxine Wolf


Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a month ago

thanks for sharing.

Dale Overall

Intriguing article but in this day and age most people eat veggies, meat and a variety of things.

Everyone can eat according to their beliefs and these days with factory farms, GMO, (genetically engineered veggies and fruits) mass produced, we are certainly not eating the way Nature intended.

Many people cannot afford organically raised foods be it veggies, fruit and meat, chicken or what not these days.

Looks like some of the comment section is a live war between some people here.

Does not really matter what we used to be...who really knows whether one is supposed to eat meat or veggies-just eat what makes you feel comfortable, have a balanced diet if at all possible and people will debate endlessly about what is right, wrong, moral til some are blue in the face. I just eat a variety, including some meats, fish, poultry along with quinoa, wheat (then there is the whole gluten debate going on there), asparagus and other veggies with everything else, the less processed the better, thrown in. Almonds are good!

T.L. H.
T.L. H5 years ago

Deer aren't thought of as natural meat eaters.Everyone believes they are strictly herbivores,but the video shows that is not true.I know humans are omnivores so they aren't the same but if a deer will occasionally eat meat what other animals might too?

What is an herbivore?

What is a omnivore?

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

I think I'll trust a zoologist, biologist on this.

or are our digestive systems like a horses?

just because we lack fangs, claws, beaks, talons, speed does not mean to much. a frog eats meat, they have a "sticky tounge"

a catfish eats meat, it sucks in.

can someone tell me more what a cecum is?

Keith Kelley
Keith Kelley5 years ago

Michelle S.
Thanks for your comments.
For me it's more about necessity. i require good health. At this time, it's the best way I can achieve that.
The raw eggs i had an issue with for a while. I had to kid myself to get them down. Then one day I just told the 'child mind' to get out of the way of the body's needs. After that I was good. :-)
i have my own hens, and I only buy Organic free range eggs to top up.
I have been doing this diet for nearly 4 years, and friends of mine for up to 9 years, with no detrimental effects. Only beneficial.
There is a lot of bad information out there. Especially about animal food in it's raw state. Common sense is the manin ingredient when dealing with those issues.

Keith Kelley
Keith Kelley5 years ago

Michelle S.
Ultimately what you choose or need to sustain yourself on, comes down to where you are at in your consciousness. i thought I was ready for vegetarianism which began when I started improving my poor health and digestion.
At some stage I was told, and also realized that I did need some animal protein, so i started eating a small amount of fish and a few eggs a week. It helped, but not enough.
Enter Primal Diet. Even though I still only eat eggs and fish for protein, i now eat them raw. i have no trouble eating fish and 7-9 eggs a day. Raw v cooked is very different when comparing foods and diets. It's the best I've felt and performed in ages.
So what I am eating now is where I feel I'm at in my being. Down the road I may change, but only when I believe it's the right time.
Allow each person their evolutionary experience.

michele s.
michele s5 years ago

0Not eating meat does not make one sick. An unbalanced diet will. Down-the-road-sick like clogged arteries is the result of a diet that contains meat. It's pointless to argue the dietary benefits of a vegan diet vs flesh diet they are miles apart on every is healthy and one isn't respectively.

@TLH......what was the point of that?

Marie B.
Past Member 5 years ago

T.L H--I don't know what that has to do with what humans choose to do, or the topic of this disccussion.

This may have been posted here, but worth posting again as it is on topic:

The Comparative Anatomy of Eating

T.L. H.
T.L. H5 years ago

Watch this video.Deer Eats Baby Bird

Marilyn NO FWDS D.
5 years ago

Lee...your hormones could go off from soy...or from eating hormone-laden factory farmed meats.

I'm vegetarian 3-4 days a week, and when I ate meat everyday I didn't feel well either, but I got REALLY sick without any at all.

As it is, I found a happy medium for myself at 2-4 ounces shared with my husband (so each of us eats 1-2 ounces per serving) 3 or 4 days a week.

If you went directly from vegetarian into eating meat every day, your body had no time to adjust...just as it wouldn't for someone who ate meat daily to suddenly stop eating it.
You have to make changes gradually.