Tucson Memorial Service: Leave Your Thoughts Here

Tonight President Obama will join the people of Tucson – and the rest of the U.S.  -  in remembering those who died last Saturday and offering hope to those who remain.

What do you wish for them, and for the United States?  What would you offer to those who are recovering, those who mourn, and those who worry about the future?  Leave your messages here.

Photo by legends2k via Creative Commons


Michelle Williams

My thoughts t all suffering families. May remember that not just a congress woman was shot but several others including a nine year old girl. This act of injustice will not go unpunished! Peace be with you!

Jim Hasse
Jim Hasse6 years ago

May all beings be well and happy. May all beings be free.

beatrice pagan
beatrice pagan6 years ago

All my prayers and thoughts to families and people who are suffering

Nancy P.
Nancy P6 years ago

Wishing you healing peace and many prayers....

Katie Pope
Katie Pope6 years ago

All are in my thoughts and prayers, stay strong in your time of loss.

Dandelion G.
Dandelion G6 years ago

My condolences at your loss. May you find strength within the memories of the loved ones you have lost.

Ed G.
Ed G6 years ago

While it is an unfortunate incident. The people of Tucson have spoken and they think guns are more important that the murder of several people. Have no fear people who do not like guns will continue to stay away from such a barbarous place.