Bachmann Demands “Insurrection” Over Health Care Reform Appeal

It seems the extreme, revolutionary rhetoric didn’t end with the election.  Now Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is demanding an “insurrection” if Republicans don’t follow through on their campaign pledge to completely repeal health care reform.

Via Huffington Post:

Never one to shy away from inflammatory rhetoric, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called for an “insurrection” against the Republican party if the new class of GOP leadership — from which she is notably absent — doesn’t successfully advance a “complete and utter” repeal of health care reform.

“If they don’t, I think there needs to be an insurrection here in Washington, D.C, against our own leadership — because that is the message that’s come loud and clear out of this election: a full-scale repudiation and rejection of the federal government takeover of private industry,” Bachmann said in a recent interview with CNSNews. “This is completely antithetical to American history to have the federal government take over, and run, and control and direct, and own private businesses. Our economy can not turn around if we turn away from the model of free enterprise.”

The “revolution” language is a staple of the Tea Party movement, who has even thrown out rhetoric like “second amendment remedies” when it comes to not getting the political results they desire.

Now that the talk is being turned back on the GOP, we’ll see if the party is as fond of if as they were before November 2nd.

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

Her glassy blue eyes always make me think she's on drugs (legal ones, of course -- ha ha). Actually the people who keep voting her in, are the ones on drugs -- hope they're getting pleasure from them, because the rest of us, aren't.

Sara G.
Sara G6 years ago

I was really hoping for my "socialized" government to provide a much better option but you have to start somewhere.... (sigh)

Kimberly Kimball
Kimberly Kimball6 years ago

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Kimberly Kimball
Kimberly Kimball6 years ago

Demands Insurrection Over Health Care Reform Appeal
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Doug D.
Doug D6 years ago

She's a coward afraid of positive change.

Walter G.
Walter G6 years ago

This lady needs serious inpatient attention in her neighborhood Cuckoo's nest! She belongs with Sarah Palin, if they could find a suitable place in an insane asylum for dingbats.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Not surprise

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D6 years ago

Again; one more Republican nay sayer who is totally out of mainstream America. These idiots have not a clue what middle class Americans want because they simply have not been willing to listen. They simply plod along with there agenda to undermine the middle class and elevate the corporate powers and the wealthiest 2% to positions of even greater power than we've already witnessed. We have Robert's and Alito appointments to thank for our "corporate welfare" and allowing their enormous contributions to further corrupt a political system that seems to know no bounds when it comes to propriety. The most outspoken and corrupt politicians in Washington have decided they need not answer to "we, the people".

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Eco Warriors SOS Rainfore

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