Bachmann: “I’m The Only Consistent Candidate” [VIDEO]

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may have fallen so far off the polling charts that some groups aren’t even bothering to include her anymore.  But that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on her run for the presidency.  In a new, hard-hitting web ad, Bachmann positions herself as the only choice for true conservatives, because she’s the only one who’s policy positions have never changed.

Watch the ad below:

Photo credit: Youtube screen capture


Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons4 years ago

Because she is consistent in her inconsistency.

Steve P.
Steve P.4 years ago

She's consistent all right. Consistently clueless, consistently stupid and consistently repulsive. And BTW...I don't find her attractive at all. Like Sarah Palin her ignorance and the pure evil in her heart blot out any physical attractiveness she might have.

Anne P.
Anne P.4 years ago

I love the smell of Republican desperation in the morning!

David Menard
David Menard4 years ago

Bachman is completely consistent. Consistently a insane christian Reich fanatic troglidyte and whack job.

Barbara Whitney
Barbara W.4 years ago

This female child never knows when to keep her mouth shut, she comes from a state where the Pagan is huge, they get along with most other forms of spirituality (by whatever name you call it), they are a consistent component when there is someone or some specialty store having trouble, they stand tall for everyone no matter their ethnicity, spirituality, sexuality, or mental capability, and they treat others with the same amount of respect as they wish to receive. Bachmann is not well liked there except within her own neighborhood, which is very rich and exclusive, probably why she resides there as well. She consistently lost campaigns she ran to change laws and basically to make everyone like her. She won her seat in Congress for exactly the reasons stated above - the evangelical churches backing her explicitly. Most people living in large cities across the nation are more well-read, informed, and aware of the conditions within and outside this country. We see it is important to stand with all those who're being dominated by just a few, who think they have control. Can they hurt us, sure, however, many of us are already versed in drama, so the threat of being freed from the body is far more alluring than they can handle. And why? Because then we are free to play with those who think to dominate the world and its inhabitants. They've forgotten that the Mother has Her own ways of making life easy - or NOT! :)

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer4 years ago

If Bachman knew what she was saying she would become flustered.

It is fun to watch the cast of characters though, isn't it?

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer4 years ago

You are so sexist.

Are you sure your are a female or is really Jeffrey in disguise?

annelies j.
annelies j.4 years ago

David, I so agree with you! More green stars to you!!!

David Monroe
David Monroe4 years ago

Our country's founders were men of science and reason. If they saw us now, with large numbers of people being against science, I have to think they'd be pretty disappointed.

annelies j.
annelies j.4 years ago

Having a self-assured manner.
Having a graceful and elegant bearing

Anyone can be self-assured. It doesn't take much intelligence.
As for graceful and elegant, anyone with money can dress graceful and elegant.
What does any of this have anything to do with her making a good President?