Bloodiest Massacre Yet in Syria, Say Opposition Activists


Syrian opposition activists are reporting that more than 200 residents of the village of Tremseh near Hama were massacred on Thursday in an attack by helicopter gunships, tanks and militiamen who carried out execution-style killings. If confirmed, this would be the worst atrocity in the 16-month uprising.

The BBC’s Jim Muir says that the reports have “yet to be documented by activists with the kind of gruesome images of dead women and children that shocked the world after the killings at Houla two months ago.” Videos posted on the internet have shown about 20 bodies, all of young men, said to have been killed in Tremseh. The United Nations’ monitoring mission in Syria has confirmed the use of heavy weapons including helicopters and tanks in the village and Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told Al Jazeera that the bodies of 30 people have been identified so far.

The reports of the massacre coincided with the UN discussing whether to renew the observer mission, which has not led to any cessation of violence. Western powers have also been demanding that harsher sanctions be levied against Syria under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which calls for punitive measures “against regimes considered a threat to the peace, including economic sanctions and military intervention.”

Special UN envoy Kofi Annan has said he is “shocked and appalled” at the reports of the massacre and that the Syrian government has violated his six-point peace plan. The Syrian government has blamed the killings on “terrorists,” as it has throughout the months of the uprising.

On Monday, Annan and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are to meet to discuss the crisis. Russia has stood staunchly behind Syria and vetoed earlier United Nations Security Council efforts to pass resolutions with harsher consequences on Syria if the violence continues. According to the New York Times, a Russian cargo ship, the Alaed, that was found to be carrying military helicopters and air-defense equipment to the Syria government and forced to turn back in Scotland earlier this year, is again on the move. The ship is said to be heading south off the northern coast of Norway.

While it is impossible to verify information, over 16,000 people have been killed since popular protests against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad began in March of 2011.


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Map showing Hama in Syria via Wikimedia Commons


Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Laurie Greenberg
Laurie Greenberg3 years ago

This is barbaric, horrifying, and absolutely unacceptable. I know that international affairs are a complex and intricate dance. I also know that greed for various substances is the fiddler for this dance. I have little hope that the world would be willing to pause the dance for long enough to realize that we are all human beings- same parts; same foibles- and that brutally killing other people is an act against ourselves.

Robin Rae Swanson
Robin Rae S.4 years ago

Another article to shed some light on the twisted lies in Syria. This article is from June 19th. Kristina Chew should have been aware of this information IF she actually did her research and stopped repeating the lies of the BBC and Al Jazeera!

"Armed gangs force Syrians to protest against government"

Robin Rae Swanson
Robin Rae S.4 years ago

Please read:
"Syrian Army killed armed terrorists not civilians: military"

"Syria army fought armed gangs in Hama's Treimseh"

"Syria forces seize Israel-made arms from rebels"

For more of the FACTS on Syria and all other international news, check out

Robin Rae Swanson
Robin Rae S.4 years ago

First of all ... there were not 200 people killed in Treimseh, it was just over 30. All those killed were members of rebel terrorist groups who were armed, paid, trained and sent in to Syria by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the good ole U.S.A. I have watched the video showing the bodies of those killed in Treimseh. The Syrian army ADMITS to killing these men. Since they are terrorist rebels invading their country and murdering the Syrian people, the army has the right to protect and defend themselves!!! Those killed were invaders and terrorists!!! About 150 people were killed in the neighboring city of al-Turaymisah ... all of them killed by these terrorist groups.

I have watched videotaped interviews with a couple of the terrorists who were captured that day in Treimseh. They admitted to the killing of the civilians in al-Turaymisah and gave details of the orders they were given.

Would you all want the U.S. government and military to sit back and do nothing if we are invaded by terrorists from another country? Think 911 ...

Also ... Kristina Chew can't even be consistent with her lies ... in her previous article on Syria she stated that over 25,000 Syrians lost their lives so far, but in this article she states the number as "over 16,000". So did 9000 people just become "undead"? Actually the real number of Syrian deaths is more like 9000. Of course even one is too many, but get your facts right Kristina!!!

Kasia Y.
Kasia Y.4 years ago

Apparently there are still muslims alive in Syria so it wasn't bad enough.

The UN should order a nuke dropped on Syria to end this disgraceful tyranny. Muslim dictatorships should take note of this as well and immediately relinquish power to the people.

Carl Oerke
Carl O.4 years ago

With regards to Bashar al-Assad let me quote Charles Dickens. "He would make a lovely corpse."

Troy G.
Troy Grant4 years ago

It seems like Religion and Big Business are behind every atrocity known to humankind.

Troy G.
Troy Grant4 years ago

It seems like Religion and Big Business are behind every atrocity known to humankind.

Theo Megalopolis III

Any places else they'd be known for what they are: terrorist, rebels, murderers...anything but "activists".

We should have learned our lesson from the "rebels" in Libya who were so concerned about their country, they allowed NATO to destroy it with over 8000 bombing sorties and countless numbers of their fellow citizens killed. Hardly patriotic.

Let the Syrian government deal with its terrorists in such a way that the latter wont kill other Syrians. Its not as if we dont have enough on our plate in our own country.