Blue Valentine NC-17 Rating Overturned

The NC-17 rating on the controversial movie “Blue Valentine” was overturned earlier this week, giving the film an R rating instead. The Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) recently announced that the rating was lowered after members reviewed the film and heard arguments from Harvey Weinstein, whose Weinstein Co. is releasing the film.

After the MPAA gave “Blue Valentine” an NC-17 Rating on October 8th, 2010, many — including stars of the film Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams — were quick to appeal. The dramatic film depicts a couple’s crumbling marriage and although some scenes are thought to be graphic, many who felt an R rating is perfectly suitable were able to convince MPAA.

Although it rarely happens, the support of thousands of people helped encourage the MPAA to change to their rating to R, allowing more people access to the film. In just a short amount of time, more than 3,000 Care2 members signed the petition to appeal the movie’s rating.

Set to hit theatres December 31, the movie has already received several great reviews and sparked interest as a potential Academy Award nominee.

Thank you to all who supported the Weinstein Co. in their efforts to appeal the MPAA’s rating of Blue Valentine.

Photo credit: Weinstein Co.


patricia l.
patricia l5 years ago

Hey you sad judgemental out of touch people who think sex..smut etc should not be in films...That is what the G...Family rating is save you from buying a ticket and learning about the real world! Stick with Disney and Grimms fairy tales (OOOOPE...some are violent)

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

I'm totally tired of the ratings system.

Keith J.
Keith J.6 years ago

LOL The MPAA doesn't know what it's doing! Here in the UK the film only received a 15 certificate, uncut, with no eyebrows raised!

Terry B.
Terry B6 years ago

Kenneth is right.

Quit wasting our time on Care2 with this crap about movie ratings.

Go save a polar bear.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Susan T., I love you. All should read the common sense of this 70 yo woman in the "comments" section.

Cristi Sturgill
Cristi Sturgill6 years ago

Censorship has no place in films.

Susan T.
Susan T6 years ago

I don't have a clue what Alan is talking about. My problem! I just know in my 70 years as a "free", law abiding citizen of the USA, I have watched our "freedoms" slipping away little by little. Not a happy thought this time of year, but I feel I must as is my duty. Majority rules, but we need to voice our differences. We also need to pay attention to those rights slipping away, and to not be complacent. I do agree to vote for people who should be capable of running the country, but we need not go along without paying attention and keeping what rights we still have. I agree with Matthew! You don't have to buy a ticket, you can change the TV program, etc.. And, where are the parents who are supposed to tell their kids "NO" when they don't want them to see a movie? Is the rating industry your baby sitter, do you not know what your kids are doing? And while you are at it, turn off the 24 hour news channels where you kids cannot see sex but every day they can see people shooting other people, people bashing the elderly, and the boob of Janet was yanked off the Super Bowl and immediately rerun by all the news channels at all times of the day and night.

Take a look at yourselves, are we turning into a violence addicted country? And turn our backs and disavow love as in "don't ask don't tell and same sex marriage"? At this time of year, I feel the need to say, "what would Jesus say?" Art has always been controversial and always will be. That is what art is! It's a

Matthew M.
Matthew M6 years ago

In response to Joseph McEnvoy who wrote:"smut and violence both donot belong in films”.Change this to "I do not belong in the ticket line of a movie that I consider smutty and violent" Don't think that because you think something is smutty or violent that it should not be allowed to exist. It's a dangerous way of thinking about art. You don't HAVE to see a "smutty or violent" film. You're free to simply NOT buy a ticket. Should smut and violence not belong in books as well? How many great works of literature would you take out of the library? How many great films would you put in a vault because YOU deem them inappropriate. Here's a thought - it should all be allowed to exist & I have the right to see & read what I want, if you don't like it, then vote - here's how: shut the radio/TV OFF or change the channel, don't buy the movie ticket, don't buy or check the book out of the library.It's your CHOICE.BUT don't say that it shouldn't exist for others. Don't think that you should be the police of what others watch and read or what gets made in this country. So crazy. "...donot belong in films". People with this kind of attitude clearly do not care about freedom of expression -this line of thinking is truly unAmerican. And Dawn e. I could write a dissertation on your comment and its foolishness. I don't mean to insult you but, you're scary."THE RIGHT TO" goesa bit overboard."?Wow, did you just say that about movies? Please educate yourself on the ramifications of th

Frederick Rhodes
Frederick Rhodes6 years ago

So what kind of sex scene was sencured? Did they show an intact erect penis? Don't want kids to see circumcision isn't necessary?

Jake A.
Jakob A6 years ago

Matthew M. is right on tack, and those of you who don't think this is as important as other issues obviously have enough time to sit down and read this page, and then take the time to write how unimportant you think this issue is. Now that is a waste of time, when you could be doing something about an issue you deem important.

If you think that censorship is unimportant, or if you think that it is unimportant how incredibly backwards and hypocritical our society can sometimes be, then you really do need to educate yourself...and open your eyes and mind a bit more to the ridiculousness that goes on in this supposed "great nation". We have the potential to be great, and there have been many moments where we have shown greatness, but that does not mean we are perfect or that we don't make mistakes (and a lot of about every war we have involved ourselves in since WWII?!).

The main thing that makes our country great is that there are people who still strongly believe in the morals our founding fathers put forth (though one could argue they never fully attained any of these lofty ideals), and that we are willing to love this country enough to speak out when it is going in the wrong direction...despite all the naysayers who believe we should simply "love it or leave it".

Grow up and understand the deeper ramifications of a petition like this...or if it is a waste of time, ignore it and spend your time on issues for which you feel are worth fighting.

My 2 c