British Police Join Protesters in Anti-Austerity March

London witnessed some of the most intense and disruptive riots in recent history last summer. Over the course of a few days, hundreds of people took to the streets, looting buildings, running through the streets, and even setting some structures on fire in the Tottenham neighborhood. The riots spread to other neighborhoods, such as Enfield, and even into other cities, such as Birmingham.

All of the disruption is often connected to the shooting of a Tottenham man, Mark Duggan, who was killed by police forces. This occurrence set a tense tone between the police forces attempting to stop the rioting and the rioters themselves. At least 200 people were arrested and rumors of police brutality bubbled to the surface over the course of these tense rioting days. Some of the rioting has been connected to the closure of community centers and resources in an attempt to implement austerity measures over the last couple of years since PM David Cameron took control of the government.

Now British police officers have joined together on the streets of London to protest government austerity measures put in place by David Cameron. Reuters has reported that prison officers, immigration officials and police officers, ranging between estimates of 100,000 to 400,000, flooded the streets on Thursday to protest the deep cuts on spending for police forces. While officials argue that the number of protesters was minimal, organizers stand firm that closer to 400,000 workers congregated to strike.

This show of solidarity illustrates how deeply austerity measures have caused rifts between the current government and public sector workers. As Reuters states:

“The sight of some 20,000 police officers in black caps marching through London will be particularly embarrassing for Cameron, whose centre-right Conservatives pride themselves on being the party of law and order.

Deep cuts to police budgets and a government-commissioned report that recommended allowing officers to be sacked, pay reductions for some and raising the pension age, have all caused disquiet.”

Cameron’s government did not fair well in local elections last week, illustrating the general discontentment with the wide range of austerity measures that have been put in place over the last few years. Unrest has been bubbling across the European Union as populations have tired of austerity measures which have crippled growth and hurt public sector workers.

France voted Socialist leader François Hollande into presidential office this past weekend, a candidate who promised to ease austerity measures. Greek populations have also been up in arms against the severity of austerity measures in the face of looming debt issues.

The march of public sector workers came on the heels of an announcement on Wednesday that the British government would overhaul public pensions. The Olympic Games are set to start on July 27 in London this summer. Strike organizers have hinted that there will be more actions this coming June and July in response to the government’s crackdown on spending, according to the Daily Star. It remains to be seen how Cameron’s team will handle the unrest of the men and women who are meant to maintain the peace during such monumental ceremonies.

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Tom Jack
Tom Jack4 years ago

Regardless whether you are a public servant or a worker in a private enterprise, when your pay check goes so far, and your taxes rise too high, and government service become too lean, something has to give. The British have a yen for inviting trouble to their door by ignoring the painfully obvious, thinking that, "We are an island nation. This kind of trouble does not concern us." Then World War and depression kills thousands of British citizens.
Cameron is an amateur. Let Mr. Clague; I believe that is his name, have a go of it. I am referring to the Deputy Prime Minister. Engage the European Community regarding the Euro and banking regs. Create an associate/adviser membership for Great Britain, and the increased trade with Europe will alleviate Britain's suffering by creating more economic opportunity for the English. Also, its time to let go of the Irish, the Welsh, and the Scots, and let those peoples chart their own democratic course!

Huber F.
Huber F4 years ago


Jim and Pat Clark
James Clark5 years ago

Steve R if you can crawl from under your stone you will notice that's exactly what the rich do with the stuff, just print some more. Thanks for making Homer Simpson look super brainy. Doh!
Cameron and his rich privileged cronies will get get away with their corruption as they are too rich to be touched by laws, just look how Hunt his getting away with his corruption as regards B sky B and Murdoch in Britain. Laws are made to control us (the 99%) not them. As has been said twice before at least on this site. "We must obey the strictest letter of the law, be easy on the rich and hard on the poor"

sheri denato
Past Member 5 years ago

thanks for share

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

Good for the police! I hope that David Cameron will see sense and not do anything to them!

Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago

Just get rid of the gop and all bad people !

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V5 years ago

Steve R., during the true boom years everyone including the rich were doing just fine and the taxes on the rich were MUCH, MUCH higher. Then the Republican Presidents gave them MORE and MORE and the rich TOOK it and ran with it, putting the very people that made them rich out into the cold.

The OLD way worked and the NEW way has failed but you want to keep repeating those mistakes and are stupid enough to expect a different result, how Pathetic!!!

It takes getting hit in YOUR pocket to see the damage being done to others and the police over there are seeing it NOW and I am glad. Maybe NOW the A-Holes in Government will be made to wake up as well.

Tom Jack
Tom Jack5 years ago

With regards to pensions and long life, whatever happened to Spock's uplifting tome, "Live long and prosper." If it can work for the Vulcans, why can't it work for humans here on planet Earth?

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W5 years ago

Oh, almost forgot - you also cannot sue for a falsely based arrest anymore nor can you sue for any injuries you may suffer as a result of imprisonment.

In other words, we have lost our right to go to court to have wrongs against us by the state redressed..
This Court is surreptitiously suspending The Bill of Rights of citizens that our nation is based upon. And the silence is Deafening!

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W5 years ago

Will, are you ABSOLUTELY SURE about that? That the police are still in the 1%'s pocket?

While I don't doubt you, I do question how many of the force are still doing their bidding. Here in the states, the leaders are attacking pretty much every single public union of workers EXCEPT the police. In NYC at the height of our protests, the Wall Street bunch gave them a gift of over a million bucks! So whose bidding do you think they're doing?

Sorry, but I think our rich are far more disgusting than you rich.
I wish they Would attack the police unions. Then maybe we might have some muscle on our side. Right now, our Supreme Court made it legal to jail protesters which means imprisonment whereby they are allowed to strip citizens naked, explore their naked cavities, scrub them down with caustic chemicals and then place them in private prisons alongside the most violent of offenders.

You still want to argue with me about whose country is worse?