British Royal Wedding Set For April 29

The wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton will take place on Friday, April 29, 2011, at London’s Westminster Abbey, reports The Guardian. (As I wrote here last week, they announced their engagement on November 16.)

This will surely not be a small event, but the royal family and the Middletons have agreed to cover the cost of the ceremony, the reception and the honeymoon, leaving the British taxpayer responsible for the cost of security and cleaning streets only.

A Day Off Work

British workers may also be happy for another reason: the day will be a national holiday, known as a bank holiday in the U.K.

“The wedding of Kate and William will be a happy and momentous occasion,” announced Prime Minister David Cameron. “We want to mark the day as one of national celebration, a public holiday will ensure the most people possible will have a chance to celebrate on the day.”

Two Four-Day Weekends In Succession

This will mean two four-day weekends in a row for many people, since the previous week is the Easter break, and the Monday after the wedding is the first May bank holiday.

An April wedding was also the choice of Prince Charles, William’s father, whose second marriage, to Camilla Parker-Bowles was on April 9, 2005, in Windsor.

His first marriage, to William’s mother, Princess Diana, took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981, which is probably why this wedding will be celebrated at Westminster Abbey, a place rich in 1,000 years of royal history.

“Nauseating Tosh” Says An Anglican Bishop

Meanwhile, an Anglican bishop has been removed from his post after making disparaging remarks about the royal engagement. The Reverend Pete Broadbent, of Willesden, made a series of posts on Facebook saying the marriage would last seven years and describing the wedding day as being surrounded by “nauseating tosh.”

It’s very possible that others agree with him, but the bishop of London, Right Reverend Richard Chartres, said he was “appalled” by these remarks, and suspended Broadbent indefinitely.

Knock-Off Of Kate’s Dress – $25

On a lighter note, on November 23, launched a replica of the blue dress that Kate Middleton wore to announce her engagement to Prince William and one hour later, there was no stock left. Tesco had it on sale for 16 pounds, about $25. I’m guessing the original was a little more pricey!

And now we can wait to see if the royal couple will have a green wedding, as Prince Charles would probably like, or a vegan wedding, following  Chelsea Clinton’s example.

Whatever they choose, the event will undoubtedly be good for the sagging British economy.

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Borg Drone
Past Member 5 years ago

I hope the building falls down on royalty. WTF is royal about these a-holes anyway ??

Shirley E.
Shirley E.5 years ago

People love this stuff!

julie phillips
julie phillips5 years ago

no way should the UK tax payers have to pay for thier wedding.
esp' with all the cuts we're having to deal with.

Jacquie B.
Jacqueline B.6 years ago

I bought the first round of BS when Charles and his brothers I could care less.

Neville Grundy
Neville Grundy6 years ago

Joy Mcronald: you're wrong - many of us British do object paying for this. I've yet to come across anyone who is interested, despite the best efforts of our press to whip up enthusiasm. As they'll probably be divorced in a few years, like nearly all royals, why should we pay for anything?

Andrea Oefinger: you've hit the nail on the head.