Candidates Play to the Most Extreme Right At Personhood Forum

Texas Governor Rick Perry may have had a conversion moment at the recent anti-choice debate sponsored by Personhood USA, but he wasn’t the only candidate playing hard to the zealous anti-abortion crowd.  Along with Perry, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and former Senator Rick Santorum all showed how far to the right they can go to eliminate a woman’s right to choose.

“As President of the United States, I won’t just talk this talk,” said Bachmann. “I won’t relegate pro-lifers to the corner and pat them on the head. I will actually do something about it.”

But while the social conservative candidates are busy pandering to a small faction of the anti-choice brigade, even the more well-known anti-abortion activists are publicly proclaiming that Personhood laws are just going too far.  The spokesperson for Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life argued, “Just like the people of South Dakota, Mississippi and Colorado have found, pro-life citizens can’t compete with well-financed purveyors of pro-abortion deception. Planned Parenthood spent millions of dollars in dishonest messaging and scare tactics to successfully defeat constitutional amendments to ban abortion in those states. Even if it were to pass, such an amendment would be ruled unconstitutional by the courts (after costly litigation drained scarce funds from the pro-life movement).”

So how do these out of the mainstream extremist views resonate with regular voters?  Women Are Watching asked female voters what sort of questions they have for the social conservatives who value a fertilized egg above the rights of women.

“Please explain to me how you can be for the ‘personhood’ amendment, which requires very, very, very BIG government intervention in women’s lives and yet still say you’re for small government?” — Darlene

“I’d ask ‘Why do you believe that women are not fully human beings with full human rights to their own bodies and the control thereof?’” — Mari Marilyn

“I would ask: Why would you outlaw birth control and abortion? Doesn’t that seem a little contradictory?” — Joanna

Why does a right to privacy and a desire to decrease government intrusion in daily life suddenly not matter once women’s bodies are involved?  It’s a question that all GOP candidates are going to have to figure out how to respond to, regardless of who wins the nomination.

Photo credit: wikimedia commons

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Diane F.
Diane F.3 years ago

Marianne, you now have a "virtual" star.

You cannot currently send a star to Marianne because you have done so within the last week.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K.3 years ago

Dan L, you might want to pop over to your profile and change the sex designation from woman.

We don't claim you.

Diane F.
Diane F.3 years ago

Sharon H. I meant to include you as well as you also offer the plausibility that women are superior to men.

Diane F.
Diane F.3 years ago

Dan L., Marianne C.'s and Deborah H.'s arguments win. Women are superior to men. They made their points along with so many others here supporting pro-choice and I couldn't have said it better.

Diane F.
Diane F.3 years ago

William E. is right in what he said about liberty. To his statement I add that the right wing republicans believe in liberty for everyone except for the female half of the population!

Dan L.
Dan L.3 years ago

Deborah L.,

Believing the 'women are above men' makes you just as much of a sexist as someone who believes that men are above women.

How does that feel?

Dan L.
Dan L.3 years ago

Deborah L.,

Artificial eggs can be made too. So women are almost obsolete.

Why did you choose not to mention this in your post?

Of course, the point is that if men were to describe women as obsolete, we would be attacked, while women can get away with it.

Dan L.
Dan L.3 years ago

Sharon H.,

I can answer "no" on all counts. In fact, every man I am acquainted with would answer the same.

If those are the sort of men you surround yourself with, that says quite a bit about you.

Oh, and all men don't try to control the lives of women.

Thank you, for proving many of the points I make about misandrous, irrational, idiots.

Frances C.
Frances C.3 years ago

All the arguments that the religious radical right tea party Republicans use to control women mean nothing. What matters, and the only important thing is the decision of the woman about her own reproduction rights.

Vote Democratic!

Nancy L.
Nancy L.3 years ago

All Republican candidates have to pose that they're anti-choice when running for president, regardless of their true feelings. They need the votes of the religious right.