Catholic Food Shelf Rejects Food From Planned Parenthood

A Green Bay, Wisconsin Catholic food pantry would rather see people go hungry than accept 50 lbs of donated food from Planned Parenthood.

As part of its Martin Luther Kind food drive, Planned Parenthood collected the food to donate to Paul’s Pantry, a Catholic food shelf whose entire mission is to feed the hungry. Lisa Boyce, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin said, What was told to me was that they simply said we do not want any food donations from you period.”

Planned Parenthood donated the food to the Salvation Army instead and will do so in the future. “We provide non judgmental care to everyone regardless of our patients, regardless of their personal, political or personal viewpoints and would hope that is the same for our other community partners including Paul’s food Pantry,” said Boyce.

Paul’s Pantry has declined to comment.

So we can add feeding the poor to providing emergency care and finding orphan children homes to the list of services the Catholic church will no longer provide without political concession.

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Photo from guisse95 via flickr.


Julie H.
Julie Hoffman4 years ago

Almost every horrible thing iv read on here is caused by religous people

Julie H.
Julie Hoffman4 years ago

Almost every horrible thing iv read on here is caused by religous people

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

A thing most people don't know, is Rick Santorum's close connections with the extreme and cult-like Catholic group, Opus Dei. {Yes, like in the Da Vinci Code - which was based on true factual research into controversial Opus Dei.}
The organization Opus Dei paid for a trip to Rome while Santorum was a Senator {as part of his "official duties"}; Senator Santorum was accompanied on this trip by an Opus Dei priest; and the occasion for the trip was the canonization {raising to Sainthood} of the founder of Opus Dei. Santorum even gave a speech at that event -- the transcript of Santorum's speech is public and available -- in which Santorum declared that his entire life and Political Agenda were inspired by Opus Dei's founder. Opus Dei, by the way, has had close ties with many Fascist dictators -- this can be researched -- and is one of the reasons it is so controversial.

Another thing to say here, is, that money people give to the Church DOES NOT GO TO CHARITY; but to the Church's Political Agenda, at this time an ENORMOUS amount going into fighting Marriage Equality for Gays. And, of course, money given to pay off victims of abuse for their silence; and much, much money for the best sneaky slandering lawyers that money can seduce. Money for Catholic Charities actually comes from money the U.S. Government GIVES to the Catholic Church for its "social programs". OUR taxpayers' money! Please, Catholics, stop giving ANY of your money to the Catholic Church. They are LYING.

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe4 years ago

It sounds to me like the people who run Paul’s Pantry are not very smart. What difference does it make where donated food comes from if you need to feed people?

Winner - Salvation Army!!! Loser - Paul’s Pantry.

Sarah M.
Sarah M4 years ago

That's the institution of religion for you. Disgusting.

William G.
William G4 years ago

Is this Darryll G. or his brother Darryll G.? In the normal rhythm of planetary cycles, the near future is one of the times when many disruptions may occur on earth. The wars and worldwide suffering we are witnessing now is caused by the big 3 western religions; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. They are making their own predictions (prophecies) come true. Add to that some serious planetary changes and significant chaos will abound. Your God is not in your church or in your scriptures, he is within you. You are part of God. Follow the Golden Rule (s) and find God within yourself before it is to late. He is ever waiting for your enlightenment.

Darryll Green
Darryll Green4 years ago

William G, and the rest of you. Don't have a clue as to what is really going on do you. the bible tells us that as we get closer to the end times, we will here of wars and rumors of war and there will be earthquakes and floods and famine and draught, brother will rise against brother, father against daughter and mother against son, evil will walk this land and one mans hand will be lifted up against another, sound familier, just read the paper

William G.
William G4 years ago

Diane L - I want the Christian leaders to practice what they preach and honor the democratic society that has been so good to them. I want the Christian congregations to quit giving their leaders money and force them to live by the Golden Rule (s). The rigid hatred and prejudice of the Christian beliefs has filtered completely through our governmental system and even effects the way the Christians treat the poor and hungry. I do not consider the Planned Parenthood relationship with Paul’s Pantry an isolated incident, but rather the inevitable consequences of corrupt, treacherous, greedy, war mongering, church leadership.

Diane L.
Diane L4 years ago

No, William, my statement is not the one "misleading" at all. I pointed out that politics has nothing to do with this, nor what percentage of children are molested at home vs. by Catholic priests. Defend Catholicism all you wish. Go pay your "dues" and do whatever you wish to support them. I do hope you, personally,never need them to come to your aid. Of COURSE the Catholic Church operates tax does the other recognized religions........Mormon, Baptist, etc. What does that have to do with a Catholic run food bank refusing donated FOOD from PP?