New Law Would Ban Eating Cats and Dogs in China (VIDEO)

The controversial, centuries-old Chinese custom of eating cats and dogs has the nation divided. Animal welfare activists and the increasingly pet-adoring middle class find the pratice outdated and disturbing, while more old-fashioned citizens think it’s a tradition worth preserving. However, the practice has gained global attention throughout the years, causing social tension for the still-developing country.

Due to this, there’s been legislation introduced to ban this cruel culinary practice that’s going through the works of the Chinese government since earlier this year. This law, the first of its kind in the country’s history, would punish anyone caught eating this meat with a fine of RMB 5,000 (USD 732) and possibly up to 15 days in jail. Businesses could face a fine between RMB 10,000 (USD 1,464) and 500,000 (USD 73,239). Unfortunately, even if the Anti-Animal Abuse Law is passed, it wouldn’t go into effect for years.

A Hong Kong-based animal welfare charity, Animals Asia Foundation, states over 14 million dogs and cats are slaughtered in the country ever year. In keeping with the cultural belief that “torture equals taste” these animals are often killed in a slow, cruel manner. Butchers have even admitted there’s no way to guarantee the creature under their knife isn’t someone’s pet.

Many Americans assume this practice to be a myth, but for the animals of China it is all too real. These horrors are not a far cry from the pigs, cows and chickens who are slaughtered in this country every minute of the day. These animals feel just as much pain, are capable of the same joyful life and deserve the same respect and consideration we give to our companion animals. If you find the Chinese practice of consuming cats and dogs distasteful, extend that compassion to all animals and go vegan today!

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Dan B.
Dan Brook6 years ago

The best way to honor and protect animals EVERYDAY is to not eat them.

Fight cruelty with your fork; have compassion on your plate; increase social justice with every meal.

For more info about the *many* benefits of vegetarianism (and the many problems with the production and consumption of meat), please visit (and share) Eco-Eating at

Edeltraud 'Tama F.


Helene B.
Helene B6 years ago

China is like a giant horror chamber for all animals, a large cemetery where soulless whores are allowed to breathe the same air as the good people of China.

Christine Lim
Christine Lim6 years ago

REAL DISGUSTING. china will never evolve with these cruel dishes passing around the table. don't ask others why we don't want to visit china. the reason is obvious

Donna J.
Donna J6 years ago

Many Buddhists in China (and in the rest of Asia--I've been all over, I checked) are not vegetarian, when in practice, specifically in regards to "ahimsa" the value of non-harm, they should be.

I went to a Chinese Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver and they had "fake sea food" which was basically fish that tasted like shrimp. The manager wanted to kick me out because I kept asking which dishes in their menu had no meat or seafood at all. I should have started meowing to see if the cats would come out!

Ada W.
Ada W.6 years ago

I just want to add not all Chinese people are like that. I'm Chinese (Taiwanese really) and love and adore cats (I own two cats) I'm glad there is a new law banning the old practice of eating cats and dogs. The sad fact of the Chinese government is, not only are they cruel to animals but to their own people as well.

Yvonne S.
Yvonne S6 years ago

I could only watch a few seconds of the video before I had to stop it. That human beings can treat animals in such a terrible way is completely beyond me and I will live in hope that a ban will go ahead and cats and dogs will never be eaten again.

Sonja P.
Sonja P6 years ago

Unfortunately China is a underdeveloped state and as long people kept stupid like this nothing would change the situation. This is a reason for me never to travel to China. This is not a country for me to visit to hear all the helpless animals crying into the streets. The same situation can you find in Vietnam.

carol w.
carol watson6 years ago

I also couldn't watch the video I dont want to see cats and dogs being thrown alive into boiling water because if they go in alive the strength of the animal goes to the person who throws it in.( Have you ever heard of such a load of old codswallop in all your life, it beggars belief.I feel that my head is fit to burst with anger.I cannot believe that human beings can do such disgusting cruelty to innocent animals and not know in their hearts that it is not acceptable to treat animals in this way.Would they like this to be done to them. I don't think so.I don't think the Chinese will ever change how they treat animals and I don't want to watch any video of what they do to them when I already have nightmares about it just reading the petitions.

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

I will not buy any products from China and as far as supporting them by purchasing in their shops - they can go to hell. Every animal lover should take a stand and boikot them. They are ruthless and uncaring "people". I will sign any petition that requests action against the inhumane Chinese that commit these horrific acts of cruelty to satisfy their lust and hunger.