8 Cute Cats Celebrating Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah!  ’Tis the season to spin the dreidel, light the menorah and dress up your feline in festive attire. Here are 8 cute cats to get you in the holiday spirit:


Liz Kolben and Mitch Stamper give their cat Motor gifts each day of Hannukah.


Yawn… who can actually stay awake for all eight nights? (via Steve Dale’s Pet World)


Willow stares reverently at the menorah (via Chanukah Cats)


Kelly Owens is selling this stylish Hanukkah tutu on Etsy. (Photo by Nicole Geller Photography)


rjgreen444 shared a photo of pretty kitty Frisky with WBNG News


No matter what she spins, this proud pussy is certainly winning at dreidel. (Found at Hypervocal)


Pierro from TheCornishKitties can’t remember where he put his menorah. Can you help him find it?


These interfaith cats want to wish you Happy Holidays! Or, well, maybe not “happy,” but whichever mood their faces are conveying. (Found at LizMorrison.wordpress.com)


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Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra3 years ago

Thank you Kevin, for Sharing this!

Sheri D.
Sheri D.3 years ago

Cute photos! Thanks for sharing. It's a nice change from the depressing articles.

Emilia M.
Emilia M.3 years ago

These were funny! LOL!!! My favorites were 1,3 and 5. Those kitties were very cute:)

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Lynn D.
Lynn D.3 years ago

Poor things................surprised the cats tolerated this treatment!

Beth M.
Beth M.3 years ago

Love number 7!!

Celine R.
.3 years ago

*self-proclaimed cat-lover* So adorable! :3

Jessica Nielsen
Jessica Nielsen3 years ago


Kathleen Cazander

Cute pics

dalila p.
dalila p.3 years ago

i cant decide wich one is the cutest