Breaking: Governor Brown Signs California Benefit Corporation Legislation

Governor Jerry Brown today signed into law Assembly Bill 361, creating a new class of corporations in California called benefit corporations. The bill had been sponsored by Assemblymember Jared Huffman. California is now the 6th state (joining New Jersey, Virginia, Hawaii, Vermont and Maryland) that officially allow benefit corporations. Benefit corporations are legally required to pursue a positive impact on society and the environment, while meeting higher standards of accountability and transparency.

“Entrepreneurs, investors and consumers are calling for this type of legislation,” said Assemblymember Huffman. “They believe this is the start of something transformational. AB 361 rolls out the welcome mat for businesses and investors ready to create high quality jobs in California and make economic and social contributions that will improve the quality of life in communities across to our state for years to come.”

More than 200 California businesses supported the bill, and over 3000 Care2 members signed the petition sent to Governor Brown.

Benefit corporation legislation is currently pending in several other states, including Michigan and New York.

Many thanks to the Care2 members who signed the petition urging Governor Brown to sign the legislation.


Ray C.
Ray C.5 years ago

Suzy F, Many thanks fo knid message, I hereby forwarded my response, below is the report which I have obtained some weeks ago, I have also given you a website to view the report yourself, you will notice the report refers to none US citizens as Illegal Immigrants.

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed into law legislation allowing illegal immigrants to receive state aid to attend college.Supporters of the California Dream Act, as it is called, say it will benefit the state economically.
However, critics argue that it condones entry into the US without proper documentation.
About 2,500 students are expected to qualify for grants under the new legislation.
Governor Brown, a Democrat, said the law would benefit the state by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and, he said, "the lives of all of us". But, in a state with a huge immigrant population, critics say the law encourages the illegal immigration by granting access to state resources previously reserved for legal residents.
Opponents of the law add that it should not have been passed without major overhaul of America's immigration rules.California's last governor, the Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, refused to sign the legislation. ( be sure to type the numbers also)

Suzy F.
Suzy F.5 years ago

Frank P, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a joke.

Suzy F.
Suzy F.5 years ago

This is a step to a better, more productive future.

Suzy F.
Suzy F.5 years ago

Ray C, you are misinformed. Governor Brown signed The Dream Act, which allows college students who have been here all their lives but are not citizens through no fault of their own to apply for college aid. This covers approximately 2,500 students throughout the state.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran5 years ago


Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

Excellent! Another step in a good direction!
"Benefit corporations are legally required to pursue a positive impact on society and the environment, while meeting higher standards of accountability and transparency."
Read more:

Robert Hardy
Robert Hardy5 years ago

Now this is a step in a positive direction!

Monica D.
M D.5 years ago

This sounds like good news - I hope it can help transform the world for the better.

sandra m.
Past Member 5 years ago


Ray C.
Ray C.5 years ago

Well I was only reading a few days ago Governor Brown has signed to open the doors to allow all illegal immigrants to stay and receive state aid to attend collage, there willl be a time soon when visitors from other countries to America will ask would the real Americans stand up so we know who our friends are.